Samsung Galaxy S20 gets tons of bug fixes with the latest One UI 3.0 beta

Sagar, 10 November 2020

Samsung has released a new One UI 3.0 beta update for the Galaxy S20 that squashes a lot of bugs and updates One UI Home and Samsung Internet. You can check out the screenshot below for a list of all the bugs that have been fixed.

One UI 3.0 beta for Galaxy S20
One UI 3.0 beta for Galaxy S20

The new beta firmware sports version number G98xxKSU1ZTK7 and is the third beta build for the S20 in the UK, fourth in South Korea, and fifth in Germany.

If you are enrolled in the beta program, you will receive an OTA on your Galaxy S20 soon.

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  • Anonymous

im from nz, done the ui 3.0 update yesterday on my s20, and now the whole screen is disfunctional 😢

So... After a ton of bug fixes and nearly a year later... Samsung finally made the S20 worth of it's Launch date?

...I'm just trying to imagine my actual S20+5 with SD, without tons of in house bloatware and trash app store...

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