Samsung Galaxy S22+ disassembled on video

Enrique, 14 February 2022

A new video posted by PBKreviews shows the process of the Galaxy S22+ being disassembled on video. The same YouTuber recently posted a durability test as well, showing the phone’s scratch and burn tests.

After freeing the rear panel from its adhesive, the camera hump and lenses come out together with the back plate as a single assembly, though they are removable if you take the time to heat up and separate the adhesive.

After removing 19 screws, and then the NFC and wireless charging coils, we can begin to see the phone’s innards. After disconnecting the battery cables, the mainboard can be removed and inspected. Looking at the camera assemblies, only the wide and telephoto cameras are optically stabilized, the ultrawide camera doesn’t have this feature.

The top and bottom speaker assemblies are removed and inspected. The YouTuber notes that the lower speaker assembly contains the vibrate motor component built inside. The speaker assembly must be taken apart to get to the haptic motor.

After removing the daughterboards, the battery is removed using isopropyl alcohol to loosen the adhesive since there are no pull-tabs. From here, a couple of auxiliary antennas are now visible. These antennas are equipped on smartphone models compatible with mmWave 5G signals.

Finally, the process to disassemble the screen is easier than previous generations. After applying heat to the perimeter of the display, a plastic pry tool frees the AMOLED panel from the frame. There is no flex cable from the display to the frame, the display connector sits director on the receiving connection, so the connection must click in as it’s being installed.

Source: YouTube


Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 15 Feb 2022
  • PWD

It’s just a phone. Yes heatpipes can dissipate heat, but there’s not a lot of space to dissipate the heat anyway and it has a glass back which insulates some heat.

  • Anonymous
  • 15 Feb 2022
  • KgZ

Regardless of whether it has heatpipes or not until phones move away from the popular glass-sandwich setup all phones will heatup and overheat fast. Given how it absorbs and disperses heat slower than metals, that's why its always the metal f...

  • Anonymous
  • 15 Feb 2022
  • p4K

Looks great. Can’t wait for mine.

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