Samsung Galaxy S22 undergoes durability tests, gets disassembled on video

Michail, 11 February 2022

Just two days after its grand announcement Samsung’s shiny new Galaxy S22 is subject to a pair of durability and disassembly tests. These are courtesy of PBKreviews and show the smallest S22 member fared more than well on both assessments.

The durability test starts off with a one-minute water submersion test which does not compromise the IP-68 rated device. The screen scratch test reveals deep marks at level eight on Mohs hardness scale which is the norm for glass screens even if this one is the latest Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+ type. The back is also made from the same glass material as the screen and scratches at the same level eight.

The frame, buttons, camera island and sim tray are all made from aluminum which adds to the solid structural integrity. Bending the phone from either side yields no flex or damage which earns the S22 a 10/10 durability score.

Moving on to the teardown which starts by removing the glass backplate. The glass back is attached to the metal camera frame which is held on by adhesive. A total of nineteen screws need to be further removed to get to the wireless charging coil and NFC antenna.

Prying off the battery flex cables and top plastic cover frees up the mainboard which houses key components like the chipset, RAM, storage and triple rear cameras. The main 50MP sensor and the 10MP telephoto modules both come with OIS which is shown on video. Next up is removing the top and bottom speakers.

Replacing the screen requires you to gut the phone form its key components and heat up the front to loosen up the adhesive. The 3,700 mAh battery does not come with pull tabs and requires the hosts to use rubbing alcohol and a pick to pry it off. This earns the Galaxy S22 a 7.5/10 reparability score.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 16 Feb 2022
  • LhP

It is integrated into the bottom speaker assembly

That's right. It's just a choice you make. Cooler phone or hotter phone. But one thing you can't deny that last year only Samsung was able to put SD888 in a better way, everyone else fuc**d up. Usually Oneplus puts the SD SoC the best ...

Looks like your history book is short and can't go before 2017...🤣

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