Samsung Galaxy S4 Activ certified by Bluetooth SIG, UA profile leaks

13 May, 2013

The water-resistant S4 valiant dubbed Samsung I9295 Galaxy S4 Activ was just certified by the Bluetooth SIG and its user agent profile showed up on Samsung's site. The Bluetooth certification doesn’t give us much, not even a confirmation on the Activ name (which is a little too easy to confuse with the Windows-based Ativ line).

The user agent profile is slightly more interesting – it shows that the screen will have 1080p resolution, just like the regular Galaxy S4. That's important since both the Galaxy S4 mini and S4 Zoom are rumored to have lower-res screens, despite proudly bearing the S4 name.

The Galaxy S4 Activ is supposed to launch in mid-July in a bright Metallic Orange color.

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Reader comments

The benchmark is kinda of a let down even if its still preliminary. Buut if it does feature those new tech that doesnt use ports like SONY's maybe its gonna be preety good but i think it wouldnt last 1 meter 30 minutes

  • AnonD-73765

Best comment! And that in essence sums up Samsung's success! The avg. Joe doesn't care who's gettn "inspired" by whom! Frm a buyer's perspective, most of us want the best package full of all the best features at a competitive price. Samsung...

  • QA

Your example doesn’t fit in this scenario dude… a better example and proper one would be,”if your car fell into the ocean, it would turn into a submarine.”