Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom

Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom

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This phone, by far, has a no-nonsense camera with optical zoom; not "continuous optical zoom" nor "fake optical zoom" nor "multi-camera zoom."

It simply has optical zoom.

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    • Anonymous
    • rUF
    • 22 Sep 2023

    wendy, 11 Nov 2020Mine does not ON, even if I charge it, it is not respondin... moreI mean after 7 years you should have gotten something new!

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      • KingAdrock
      • r$B
      • 19 Apr 2022

      I had one of these and I loved it. The pictures were at least on par with your average point and click digital camera, and the 10x zoom on a phone was just great. It was essentially what I had always joked I wanted: a digital camera with a phone, rather than a phone with a camera. One common complaint was about how the lens stuck out and made the phone bulky. I didn't mind, and even found it made holding the phone easier as the lens would rest on top on your fingers. Ironically today, people add those big phone knobs for exactly that reason.

        AJ, 28 Nov 2018My lenses stopped zooming, can anyone advise?get a hammer

          LMAO when samsung it's forced to design something all by theirselfs

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            • Anonymous
            • K1F
            • 14 Dec 2021

            I watched Mrwhosetheboss video about this phone (despite his video thumbnail about LG Flex smartphone) and he claimed that this phone didn't catch on because of the Eureka moment called 'triple camera'. Lol please, that so-called 'Eureka moment' is still a complete rubbish! Digital hybrid zooming NEVER surpass physical motorized zooming. Triple camera only give flexibility on a certain focal length. Most of the time, it relies on digital hybrid zooming and it's a complete crap. Not even Xiaomi can get it right despite the Mi 11 Ultra's camera.

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              • Radoslav
              • gxK
              • 17 Dec 2020

              In need for a phone & having in the same time no money for a good camera with manual controls I took this phone from my phone company in 2015. It fulfilled at max what was promised untill Jan 2020 when it started to switch off by itself. First once in a week, then once in a 2 - 3 days, then once in a day ... etc. Around end of the March it finally slept never to wake up again. In the repair store they told me it is processor and in the middle of all that Corona Circus it was impossible to get the new one. So it is still resting in peace, for now. However I have no complains about S4 ZOOM and recommend it. Specially because of removable battery which allowed me to replace drained one with full one quickly when necessary.

                my sister used this phone until 2019 and she loved it the camera is good the display is good
                but the battery kinda sucks LoL Now She is using Pixel 4 xl

                  wendy, 11 Nov 2020Mine does not ON, even if I charge it, it is not respondin... moreThe phone got bricked and the OS is broken download flash tool and stock rom and flash it to the device

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                    • wendy
                    • xv5
                    • 11 Nov 2020

                    sapis, 22 Dec 2019Son of ALTEL A14 LEO and father of k zoom.. Any how can buy... moreMine does not ON, even if I charge it, it is not responding, I'm very stressed. Please help what can I do? But the battery is still ok

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                      • sapis
                      • tu6
                      • 22 Dec 2019

                      Son of ALTEL A14 LEO and father of k zoom.. Any how can buy ALTEL for only rm88 new one.. Just for collection

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                        • Omar
                        • fmn
                        • 15 Aug 2019

                        Did mainboard of model c105 4g fit to c101 3g

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                          • AJ
                          • AY6
                          • 28 Nov 2018

                          My lenses stopped zooming, can anyone advise?

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                            • mhl
                            • xhm
                            • 08 Nov 2018

                            samsung mhl feature not simple connections, 2 steps micro usb models and not stable to connect hdmi mode. Xperia mhl have simple connection, stable and automatic lanscape screen mode in mhl mode.

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                              • s4zoom
                              • tx0
                              • 12 Sep 2018

                              On specification have mhl tv out, but realization this mhl not work on s4 zoom C101.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • 6uh
                                • 02 Feb 2018

                                AnonD-635840, 27 Apr 2017Hi, I did not not use for few times and now can not charge... moreHi,
                                My zoom stopped charging, and I can't find out what's the problem with it. Actually it's stopped working at all.


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                                  • Amaru
                                  • fss
                                  • 17 Oct 2017

                                  What is wrong when the phone when it switch it self off while you are talking even when you are busy on it galaxy s4 zoom sm- c101

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                                    • bibek
                                    • ttw
                                    • 30 Sep 2017

                                    my samsung s4zoom doesn't support google play services.I buy it from china and I am in Nepal now..please help me it doesn't support play store too.

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                                      • Amin
                                      • RIF
                                      • 19 May 2017

                                      Ronelle, 08 May 2017I also would like to know what is wrong with my Samsung Gal... moreI had similar issue and sent to samsung for checking. I do not exactly remember which part is damaged but it has something to do with the cip in the phone. I was charged about RM600 for it but they did ask me to proceed or not before doing it. It works fine after that.

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                                        • Ronelle
                                        • NHX
                                        • 08 May 2017

                                        I also would like to know what is wrong with my Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom SM C101
                                        it also put itself off after 2 sec and the battery is fully charged

                                        What can I do where can I buy a new battery or what is the problem? please let me Know.

                                        Thanks Kind Regards

                                        Ronelle Jordaan