Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

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  • SouthernYankee

I like the phone, it is my outdoor on the bike phone. I use it for navigation, text message. I like that you can change the battery easily.

I do not use the camera. The USB port failed after about two years. Not bad for a 5 year old phone.

  • Tharsan

I won't it Samsung Galaxy S5 active .
How can I bring this phone

  • jim

camera is bad.
battery is bad.
ram is bad.
so much bad.
it might be durable but you need to buy extra parts.
the screen is amoled. not always good except at night.

  • Anonymous

Bravo, 12 Dec 2019Ss5 active is a nice phone, inernet conections are very fas... moreWorst phone ever. Since I owned this phone, the back has never fit properly. So much for being water proof. Just a terrible phone. Never buy.

  • Bravo

Ss5 active is a nice phone, inernet conections are very fast...... Even the camara is very strong both at night and day..... But my own camara does not have a good quality camara, i dont know if that how the phone is or it just mine

  • Jean

Best phone ever by Samsung phone

  • Zika

I have the phone 3 years and the phone work perfect until now!!! No scraches no deffects and nothinhg on it! the phone fell done maybe 1000times and still work great! some times the phone fell down like 4meters on flight and on screen there was nothing even a small scrach! the phone is great!!!

Samsung hater, 02 Apr 2019S5 active is trash, I'm using it right now to type this rev... moreHello there! I'm really sorry about your Samsung Galaxy S5 Active issues, I must insist on telling you that an issue like this is very internal and only a few models would have such an issue. A problem like this could possibly be resolved in hard resetting your device. Please understand that throughout your Actives life spam, if you bought it pre-owned, you have no idea what the previous owner could have put the phone through. However, if brand new, anything that may have happened with you like an accidental drop or submerge in water could be to blame fully!

  • Loppa

New firmware update today!!!

  • Samsung hater

S5 active is trash, I'm using it right now to type this review. After a year of owning this thing the led in the screen stopped flashing yellow, naturally this led me to believe already that my phone had the precursor to Samsung aids, Samsung hiv. After another year the issue finally resolved itself, but now my cpu acts like its trying to swim through molasses. Snap chat constantly crashes my phone, that being the only app the now works. Anything else just freezes on that screen and the phone needs a good hurling to fix it. This unconventional method was, in fact, suggested en masse among the solutions to combat this problem. This phone is durable for a reason.

  • mauroepr

Abulonxy , 20 Feb 2018My Samsung galaxy s5 active battery runs down even when I a... morethat was a defective battery, the great thing is that it is removable and it's cheap to buy it

  • Nordic 870F

Removable battery. My first one lasted 3 years until it bloated. New one cost 30e.
Physical buttons.
Waterproof. (up to 1m for 30min)
Software. UI. I have ms launcher installed makes modern. Might some day get custom ROM. I had to put play store auto update to manual cos 2GB of RAM gets filled by samsungs updating bloat.
3.5mm jack.

Heats up during demanding tasks. Probably most phones do this so not that bad.
2GB of RAM. Has to reload apps/webpages if multiple apps open.
USB micro B port not c. Not a problem really cos usb c is not on most devices/pcs.
Android 5. No issues but might be a con for many.
Amoled 16m colors new IPS displays rival it with no burn in or other amoled problems. No amoleds for me in the future if IPS is longer lasting and more reliable.

I haven't had any problems with durability. Back cover. Charging port area. Plastic feels alot better than glass screen or glass back and does not break/shatter so easily.
Might replace in the future for something that atleast has the same properties but with more RAM, energy efficient CPU, more pc windows like capabilities. During release one of the best phones. Now still cos if compared to other phones with removable batteries. This phone has custom ROMs, no competition. Buying something that lacks features and has diminishing returns means being played by abusers. Supporting bad practises will lead to a slippery sloap that is bad for consumers and good for execs.

AnonD-361430, 07 May 2015Please tell me : Should I buy the g5 active or else ??? Tha... moreif you wanna a war tank thake this phone...reasons are anti fall damage...water resistant idk...
good batery aprox 13h of use wifi conections better than galaxy s7..and great camera..

i have agalaxy s5 active from ATT and i come from cuba where the 3g in this device didnt work
and the cuban gprs its super bad..the camera takes good pictures and ist very fall resistant .
the battery are in 25% from 100% when i have 5h playing games whithout spopping...and the menu buttom was broken..that fix this promblem with [simple control apk].ist a grat wifi conections and bluetood...the a-gps its working on my country....i reallly love this phone but comparing the battery life whit samsung galaxy light t399n that already have too wins the galaxy light..i suppose that wins by sorry for my english letters..but im still studiyng english languaje...good day.. :3

  • vic

i have on this..great 16mpx of camera..get great videos come from cuba the cuban 3g doesnt support and the gprs its very slow...really sloww..batery 30% after 5h playing games continuosly..and its very strong celllphone..only the options buttom had broken..

  • Anonymous

I really love this phone but mine got drop and the video card stop workign and every time I turn my phone on the picture of the phone will move up and down like a carrousel

  • BR2600

I'm really surprised at the negative reviews on this phone. With a factory fresh battery, the phone could actually make it through the day even using the Google Maps app with display always on and GPS active for a three hour drive. Now that the original battery has gone through over 200 cycles, it can no longer do that, but no problem! Just swap in a freshly charged battery. The RF performance is as good as my prior phone. The camera is great outdoors, mediocre indoors, but still good enough to take photos of electronic equipment being disassembled to aid in reassembly once repairs are complete. The phone "went for a swim" once and has been dropped four feet onto concrete with no damage at all with no protective case. Audio quality on calls is acceptable. I like this phone so much that I bought another one on Ebay to have as a spare should this one ever fail. Needless to say, I'm keeping it until the GSM/HSPA/LTE4 technology is no longer supported by any carrier.

  • AnonD-740170

This is a decent mid-range phone. I've really had no problems with it other than defective battery which was replaced for free under warranty. People complaining that it's not water-proof. It's not waterproof-it's water RESISTANT. The charger seal works great, I have no idea what these other people complaining about the seal "falling apart" are doing to their phone to cause this, as I can figure that nothing short of carelessness or abuse would cause it to magically come apart. With a cheap silicone headphone-jack seaI/plug added for extra security, my Active has survived enough liquid-relate mishaps to warrant it's worth in my opinion. I've acidentally tipped over a glass of water on mine, had it fall in the sink with the spigot running, and it shrugged it all off with apparently no harm at all. The water got between the silicone case and the phone, but didn't breach the phone itself. The only complaints I might have with my S5Active are, that it does seem to go through battery power too quickly, and after one single OS update, there has not been another in almost a year, while newer models are getting their update attention. Samsung has apparently decided to abandon any future updates for the S5Active, which rather upsets me, as the phone itself will apparently long outlast it's own software.

  • Abulonxy

My Samsung galaxy s5 active battery runs down even when I am not using it. Please why.

  • Ruth

This is by far the worst phone I've ever had. I'm so annoyed that I will likely not buy any Samsung ever again.
I've had this phone for a year now. After only 3 weeks of normal usage, the rubber sealing on the charger inlet was broken down enough that one of the selling arguments, water resistance, was likely down the drain (literally, haven't tested it though). One of the worst components is the battery though. After about 2 months, I kept the phone in energy saving mode all the time to make the battery last for half a day, even when not using it too much. When I use google maps in my car, even when I charge it through USB, the battery drops 1% points every 2 minutes (!). Not to mention the load of bloatware that my version came with. A week ago, the phone went dead for no reason in the middle of the night (even though it was charging), causing me to oversleep because I relied on it for my alarm. And the worst part is, since 3 days ago, I cannot even make it run for more than a few seconds because it just keeps switching off - after only one year. Plus, the phone is much uglier than it looks like on the net, but that's just my personal opinion.

To be complete, there is one positive thing to mention, which was one of the reasons why I bought it in the first place: The screen is still intact, even though I dropped it a few times. Possibly partly because of the H9 screen protection that I put on, and the rear cover was not equally fall resistant, unfortunately.

I've had much, much better phones for much less money. The S5 Active was a total waste of money, I don't understand the generally positive reviews at all (maybe not tested for long enough?), and I don't recommend it to anyone.