Samsung Galaxy S5 tipped for March release in London

12 January, 2014

Yet another tip regarding the potential launch date of the Samsung Galaxy S5 made the rounds on Twitter. According to an Italian journalist citing “reliable source”, the next Samsung Galaxy flagship will launch in mid-March at an event in London.

At a quick glance, the alleged timeframe makes sense, as the Samsung Galaxy S4 got unveiled in March 2013 in New York. Previously rumored launch dates for the Samsung Galaxy S5 included this month, as well as during MWC 2014.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumored to take the design language of the range in a new direction. The handset is expected to feature a metal body and 2K display.

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"is it worth it to spend money on the first few flxible display out there?" Are you sure Flexible displays are available in market yet? Name a phone please. Its obvious that you know nothing about what i posted. Improve your under...

  • Anonymous

The difference is iphone is the only high end one to be madebof many other parts. And is the only one that could not even create a name or design without steeling them. As well copying, buying, and stealing many parts, ideas, and details. Til recent...

  • Anonymous

LooksLlike someboday does not understand technology and advancement. Since when is yhe first release of anything generally perdect? And if they did not make and release the high tech stuff where would we be? With low tech stuff. Specs are every bi...