Samsung Galaxy S6 active

Samsung Galaxy S6 active

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  • Anonymous

This phone has been dropped in buckets of tractor oil, coolant, and water troughs. been run over by tractors and combines, been thrown from my pocket off my horse. The past 2 years it hasn't had a case on it and it barely has a scratch on it, despite all the times it has fallen out of my truck and skid across concrete and tile. I've had it almost 6 years and it has just now started having problems charging. I'll miss it and hope my next phone is even close to how hardy this one was. Why'd they stop making these

  • JumpinJ

I've had my s6 Active for 5 years and it's just begun to lose battery charge after only a few hours. It's been the best phone I've ever owned. It's been dropped too many times to count and I've been swimming and canoeing with it on several occasions. It's time to get a new galaxy, but I don't know what's the comparative and the sales people are clueless about the s6 Active. They think it's just another phone, but until you've owned one, you have no idea. Anyone else replaced theirs with something similar? - please let me know.

One if the best android phone I've ever used and I still love it. This phone is durable and also good looking too

  • Brandan

AT&T has let this phone update to Android 7.0 before they cut support, I think this should be updated?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-788419, 18 Sep 2018Whatever happened to the Loudspeaker test? It is one of the... morePhonearena has done a loudspeaker test and has around 83dB

I got one of these recently, it looks great but needs a new battery. Wish that wasn't such a hard fix

  • IH Tech

This thin is hard to fix.
Just had to do a battery replacement

  • billy

JM, 13 Sep 2019No problems with this Samsung Galaxy S6 Active phone since ... morewhy???

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2019Need to see the price.....i bout mine for about 150 € ebay

  • Anonymous

Need to see the price.....

  • JM

No problems with this Samsung Galaxy S6 Active phone since I purchased it a few years back! HOWEVER~ The phone locked up at the end of August. I sent it back to Samsung for repairs and today, I get an email: repairs exceeded $668 US Dollars to fix it. Something about the mother board and the crystal face. It froze up on the black and white screen. I couldn't get it to reboot. It had a color screen show up but would not let me toggle through the menu! For that kind of money, it's time for a new one! I think it's CrAzY what they want to repair it!

  • Alex

This phone was lost on a kayaking trip and spent 13 days at the bottom of a river, was eventually recovered, and found to be in complete working order.

  • Blu

I've had this phone since 2015. True that without a case it's pretty rugged, but with my current SUPCASE and the Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector.
Well, let's just say if someone asked me to throw my phone across the room(which I've done BTW), I'm not worried in the least and it's simply a monster.

Unfortunately now, it's showing its age. The hardware can't keep up well with the latest software demands and the battery is starting to lose its charge suddenly. After 4 years of use I suppose I shouldn't complain all that much.

Wish Samsung would continue to make the 'Active' variant.

  • Vader

Ruggedman, 01 Feb 2019I purchased an s6 active in 2015. I have taken videos under... moreRun over by a forklift??? You expect "smart" phone users to believe that

  • Ruggedman

I purchased an s6 active in 2015. I have taken videos under water while snorkeling. I have dropped it while stand, on several occasions,, and it works perfectly. I even ran my active over with a forklift, and the phone still worked as the screen slowly blacked out. After having it repaired I am still satisfied with its endurance and performance. Why does Smsung not continue with same durability on the newer active phones?

  • Marty

Keyboard default did not work. Phone suddenly became locked when loading smartwatch software. Fell out pocket from chair height, cracks started on screen. Cracks continued to become worse until black screen within a week. For robustness score is zero yet it was the primary reason for its purchase. Phone lasted less than 3 months.

  • AnonD-788419

Whatever happened to the Loudspeaker test? It is one of the most crucial aspects of performance. It is very odd that GSM Arena has not bothered to publish it. Would it be identical to the vanilla S6? If so, why did they not mention it?

  • AnonD-745634

AnonD-728694, 09 Jan 2018Can Any one tell me how to update this phone outside USA ? ... moreYes you need dowloand the firmware and install Whit odin and then the updates by adb the instruction and link to download are there I upgraded my phone to nougat whiteout problem the only thinks the phone get factory reset you need backup first

It is a great device I love it, but the only things that I don't like are the lack of an SD card slot low, storage options and that they don't receive updates,other than that this is just marvelous!!!

  • Cata

I have on my notification bar mobile data turned off when is deactivated.
Can anybodi tel me how to remove ?
Is anoing...