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  • Lee97

s6 edge in year 2019? tbh the camera is pretty good for 2019, social media app performance is pretty good, gaming? I can feel lag (not bad though) when playing PUBG mobile with lowest graphics settings, well the OLED screen is pretty good with 2560*1440p which is better than most cheap phones but as you know, OLED is prone to burn-in so if you want to buy used phone, better look at the screen first.

  • TomislavHR

Compact, quality, sound, screen, phone ever

  • que

ArIeN, 28 May 2019how is perforamnce & battery life after Nougat upgrade?its so disappointing

how is perforamnce & battery life after Nougat upgrade?

  • Sam

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2019please is this phone still usable in 2019 It depends on what kind of user you are. If you use a lot of social media apps, forget it...the batery wont last half a day.

If you, like me, are a person who uses the phone to play music, text and call once in a while, it will last you one day...

Amazing camera tho.

Best regards

Anonymous, 28 Mar 2019This phone is really amazing.Especially the display and the came... moreperhaps it could be the battery that is getting aged, try getting a powerbank case for the phone. Then it shouldn't be a problem

  • S6 edge user

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2019please is this phone still usable in 2019 Yes it is, recommend buying a power bank to boost battery life if purchasing the phone second hand.

  • Anonymous

please is this phone still usable in 2019

  • Anonymous

Bought one from a second hand shop, a 64gb in black/blue. Had it for just over a year before selling it back. loved it until the final mouth when the phone started slowing down because of android 7.0,
overall would recommend as a great budget phone as long as you keep it from installing android 7.0

  • Ananymous

Yenila, 01 Feb 2019I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge since 2015 and I never had a pro... morePlease, I found it defaults to on my Samsung s6 edge flash light what could be the problem?

  • Anonymous

This phone is really amazing.Especially the display and the camera. The only downside is the battery.The battery goes down very fast and when it's not on fast charging, you will charge it for 5 to 6 hours to get it up to 100, which can be very frustrating

  • S6E (2015)

Used To Have 128GB Local Set Then Sell & After Few Months Brought 64GB Local Set Then Sell Again & Recently Brought 32GB Local Set Mainly Use For Social Not Gaming As I Have Other Better HP For Gaming. S6E You Just Attracted Me To Buy You Once Again, Not Because Of The Low Battery Life Is Because Of The Build Quality & Cheap Definitely!

Brahman, 31 Oct 2018Hello to u all.... My Samsung s6edge charges slowly.... Will plu... moreMake sure you use the correct cable and a charger that can supply the required power before blaming the phone.
Not all cables are equal. I have 4 that charge at different rates across 3 different phones from S3 - S4 and S6E. Use the cable and charger designed for the phone.

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2018Change your charger You are probably not using the correct cable with the correct charger. Charger needs to be capable of supplying the voltage and current but only does so with the right cable.
I have 4 different cables and they all charge at different rates.
PLUS dont always do a fast charge - it will kill the battery.
OK once in a while but you have to sleep sometime so try a slower charge during those hours to save the life of your battery.

Dave, 30 Nov 2018Have had mine for 3 years, battery died, replaced with an OEM ba... moreThen you have an issue with the phone itself. Also dont always do a fast charge.
THAT will kill the battery faster than a normal charge due to inefficiencies caused by heat.
My phone is 4 years old and still going strong no battery issues and i have shut down and/or disabled apps i dont use. Then installed others and done a virus check.

Ford-Lynx, 21 Jan 2019I'm still using this phone and its performing quite good for its... moreYou may need to consider actually shutting down apps when you are finished with them. Use the lower left button then bring up a window that lists everything you have had open.
Also try using the section for the battery under setting and shut down apps you dont need.
You dont need everything running 24/7.

star, 22 Jan 2019Battery is shit and if it wasn't for that it's a very good phone... moreYou need to remember to hit the bottom left button then shut down apps after use EVERYTIME.
You probably also have WIFI and Data on all the time too. Maybe GPS also.
There are a bunch of features that can be shut down to increase battery life and there is another app under (battery) that gives 3 options for increasing battery and phone efficiency.

Anonymous, 19 Dec 2018Is samsung s6 good after 3 years ? I heard a lot that android p... moreWell I`ve been given a 2nd hand (S6 Edge) phone with a cracked screen and after doing a factory reset I havent had any issues what so ever BUT it took me over 2 days to go through the EULAs installed and I suggest everyone do the same.
It`s a matter of privacy and a bunch of items you may not want enabled to also save further power.

  • Kc

Can anybody tell me how much it's battery costs ???

  • Eldho

Unfortunately system ui stop working pop up when split on marshmallow