Samsung Galaxy S6 edge survives over 20 minutes under water

30 March, 2015

Samsung didnít waterproof the new Galaxy S6 and S6 edge like it did with their predecessor. So, what happens if you drop your Galaxy S6 edge in water? TechSmartt decided to find out and dunked the an S6 edge into a bowl of water with the stopwatch running.

The phone lasted over 20 minutes before powering off. That's a lot more than can be expected from a phone with no official water resistance rating, but it was not without taking some damage.

After some drying and charging the Galaxy S6 edge came back to life, though there was still water in the device (visible in the front-facing camera. The phone also tended to reboot or even not boot at all after the experiment.

So, definitely donít go put your Galaxy S6/S6 edge in water on purpose, though it looks like it has a good chance of surviving an accidental drop if you pull it out quickly and dry it properly. Note that depths plays a part, an IPX7 rating for example specifies up to 1m of water.

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