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Samsung Galaxy S7

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  • Kamal

This is the worst phone i have used. I purchased an s7 edge from usa 3 weeks back. It slipped from my hand at a height of 1 foot and fell down. The screen cracked. I have been told that waranty does not cover it. This is the most btittle phone i have used. Not recommended at all.

  • Anox

Should i upgrade to s7 from note 4? is it worth it?

  • Anonymous

i purchased xperia x . i think it is better than my retired s7 but still i love s7

AnonD-218710, 29 Jun 2016From day one, it was trailing behind, just becuz it's flat scree... more6months is long enough time for tech to evolved. Note7, remember. That will be completely different from S7.

  • Anonymous

Ramna, 03 Jul 2016Is the fast charging feature related to mobile or charger? i mea... moreYou must use a Quick Charge2.0 charger to fast-charge your S7 edge. If you use normal charger your S7 will charge, but slowly.

  • coc1

I just bought an S7 and returned it once and preparing to return the 2nd. calls dropping, GPS dropping. Had a Note that I loved but this is not usable so far.

  • joshyslo

front camera works blurry images. yet anyone has a problem

  • khris

I simply love it. Samsung Galaxy S7 really looks awesome and mind blowing. I am Samsung Galaxy S7 fan. Yes to Samsung Galaxy S7

  • Nick

Mustafa, 01 Jul 2016Dude, too be honest. How do you break phones so often. Samsung G... moreThats what Mustafa... I really wonder why my phone's motherboard died so many times. I lost very important data that was on internal memory, and you know how painful that is... And yes Nokia is infact very realiable, I have a 1320 and 925 both which have never failed. It is a bit sluggish yes but very realiable. Camera of the 925 is quite outstanding. But its windows and I dont really like the UI of windows phones. I was going to buy a Samsung Galaxy S7, but now Im thinking of not buying it and going for Iphone 6S Plus instead. Has anyone else encounter any problems with galaxy devices like this? Let me know.

  • AnonD-401178

Samsung Co Ltd, 05 Jul 2016Oh my beloved devotee...i hear your prayers...i shall make the L... moreLol..:D your comment made my day..can't control my laugh..:D

  • AnonD-557045

Card slot: microSD, up to 256 GB (dedicated slot) - single-SIM model
microSD, up to 256 GB (uses SIM 2 slot) - dual-SIM model

Did you read too fast?

  • Samsung Co Ltd

watarious, 03 Jul 2016Please Almighty samsung, Every android user wants to use sansung... moreOh my beloved devotee...i hear your prayers...i shall make the Lite version soon.
Continue your prayers!

  • rrozema

Nice feature set, but why a glass outside, no sd card slot and non replaceable battery? All of these are individually deal breakers for me. Looking on for the perfect phone.

  • Rudmaster

Don, 01 Jul 2016Most disappointed that S7 does not have an FM Radio or IR blaste... moreI feel the same. If they bring those features I will buy it.

  • Rudmaster

All good but won't buy till they bring IR port back.

  • Anonymous

Nick, 30 Jun 2016I am done with SAMSUNG phones forever! I had a Samsung Galaxy SI... morenice story bro....Disney have some good vacancies up your alley.

  • AnonD-284786

the most fragile smartphone EVER

watarious, 03 Jul 2016Please Almighty samsung, Every android user wants to use sansung... moreThat's right👍👍

  • watarious

Please Almighty samsung, Every android user wants to use sansung phone. I've read that your galaxy s8 will be the greatest phone ever on earth and I trust that. Please can u make the lite version of it so that millions around the would can buy them. Those who can not afford can buy the lite version of the phone. Even lite version of s7 will be nice.

  • Ramna

Is the fast charging feature related to mobile or charger? i mean if i cn use normal charger in place of charger dat comes with s7, for normal charging? or phone will always charge fast irrespective of charger? and if its related to charger then wat ll happen if i charge my normal phone (not having fast charge option) with a fast charger? any techie plz reply..