Samsung Galaxy S7 active

Samsung Galaxy S7 active

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  • Anonymous

the s7 active is better than the s7 and im not sure what the water residence diffrence is between them

  • Johnny tbone

I hear everyone crying about water problems. I was drunk or would not of did this but i literally threw it in my pool 4got i did it 3 hours later got it out worked fine. Hands down best phone ive ever had most my phone last 6 months ive had this 5 years its a beast

  • nimblehuman

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2021Did yours have a pink line on screen can u tell me what to doYou can try putting pressure on the bezel just past the top end of the pink line and the line will go away for a while, but will ultimately return. I think mine started doing this because I carried it in my back pocked a lot even when driving, and probably warped the edge of the display, causing the line to appear. No such issue with my current S8 + Supcase.

  • Dano

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2021Did yours have a pink line on screen can u tell me what to doOh yeah they all get the pink lines. Mine from july 2016 has many pink lines and even green lines. Unfortunately there is no fix time to get new phone after 4 and a half years this phone has lost its buttons, cracked screen, back of phone burst open, still kinda works

  • Lily

Element, 27 Sep 2020This phone has supposedly the largest battery capacity I�... moreHi, I have this phone model. I figured out if you go into the app store you can disable Facebook. :P

  • Anonymous

Tomatillo, 27 Jun 2020On Aug 1/19 I bought a new Samsung Galaxy S7 Active SM-G981... moreDid yours have a pink line on screen can u tell me what to do

  • Dannyboy

Could you please to tell me how to switch 2G to 4G on my Samsung Galaxy S7 active, am so tired to do this but still on 2g, anyone can help me to fix it?

  • Anonymous

Mark_S, 27 Apr 2020Still have mine going strong after 4 years. Android Oreo O... moreHow did you upgrade to oreo?

  • Element

This phone has supposedly the largest battery capacity I've had at 4000mAh claimed. However, this phone also has by far the shortest battery life in day to day use compared to any android phone I've had. Can only leave it for a day on idle (not even opening up to check messages) and it's down to 40% consistently. This happens even when the phone has been freshly reset to factory settings.

Other makes including Huawei, Sony, Xiaomi can last 4-5 days under light usage conditions (occasionally checking and responding to any messages) with a smaller 2200mAh battery. The reported battery use statistics on the S7 Active are clearly bogus with usage meter only showing up 2 items... 5% phone idle and 3% Android System throughout the observation period, yet the phone has managed to discharge from 100% to 40%. Which process(es) were using the other 52%?

Samsung batteries at least up to S7 also seem to have a real tendency to deteriorate quickly (lose battery capacity/health), much more quickly than other phone makes.

That aside, this phone has a camera image quality that far exceeds even many dedicated point and shoot cameras. This is probably the biggest plus point of this phone, together with the water resistance.

Phone performance is passable, however really struggles with the likes of Google Maps. Unusably slow.

Also unhappy with being unable to remove Facebook spyware from my phone. How much did Facebook pay to make this a system app? I'm surprised that this arrangement is even deemed legal.

Overall, phone is OK. Camera is the best thing about this phone along with it's water resistance. Other aspects pretty mediocre.

  • dl

Anonymous, 15 Jun 2020What is the minimum width of samsung galaxy S7 active? does the samsung Galaxy s7 Active has a dual SIM version?

  • Tomatillo

On Aug 1/19 I bought a new Samsung Galaxy S7 Active SM-G981A $ 251.99, at bestphone4u_2016 through ebay and received it in my country Ecuador. After two months the screen was inhibited, I took it to a Samsung authorized workshop and they recommended to buy a replacement screen. In another workshop they connected it to a mouse to reset the factory program. They almost managed to activate it but ended up giving up. When I got home, I tried to activate it by repeatedly and randomly pressing the buttons and suddenly the screen was reset and I got my phone back.
A month later the battery was depleted, it turned off and the problem was repeated again. After repeating the previous operation several times, always at random, I managed to activate it again. Every time it goes off afterwards I can't activate it. In total it has happened 4 times and I have been very lucky, repeating the mentioned operation, which does not have a pattern but is done randomly. Today after having used it for 45 minutes, it got a little overheated and suddenly it turned off, I thought the battery was depleted, I put it to recharge but the screen indicated it had 50% charge, then it was inhibited for the 5th time and I am repeating the same process to reactivate it but still have not succeeded.
I think that if I have managed to reactivate the screen 4 times and it is always in perfect condition, perhaps the damage is not in it but elsewhere. Does anyone have an idea where to guide the search for a solution?
Ignoring this problem the phone is excellent, this is the reason to reactivate it for the 5th time.

  • Anonymous

What is the minimum width of samsung galaxy S7 active?

  • NattiemicD

i love it, it is awesome

  • Mark_S

Still have mine going strong after 4 years.
Android Oreo OS more compatible with apps than Android Q.

  • Kingpin

my big bro uses this phone, and its the second time hes using this in particular, Upon all the falls and breakages, the phone is as active as it name states, and with a really strong battery, big ups Samsung

  • Anonymous

It's a great phone with a great performance, the battery life makes me love it more. Am looking forward for it dual sim .

  • Anonymous

Loks, 02 Feb 2020Been using this phone for 4 years. Got it for $360 CAD. P... moreI have one and love mine. I've had them all, S5 Active, S6 Active and now this S7 Active... I'd really love an S8 Active but have other priorities that come first. Heaven forbid this ever stops working on me and I have to buy something new... it may be an S8 Active and then I'd probably be happy forever, with my phone. But there's companies out there now who have Flagship phone specs but not Flagship phone price. Xaomi, ZTE Oneplus to name a few. I don't like the bloatware loaded on most devices and would really like one I could ROOT. With rooting you can do so much to your phone. Shut off clocks and timers to apps that peek and check at certain intervals and apps that run in the background. They use up data and RAM.

  • Loks

Been using this phone for 4 years. Got it for $360 CAD.
People always complain about older phones losing performance but this one is still keeping up. I can play all the latest games and browse seamlessly on youtube and and other apps. I feel like its more than payed for itself and I wouldn't be disappointed if it broke or cracked soon. Which will be hard, I've put this thing through the ringer and it wont crack or break. Ive been in -30 c weather to +40 c weather; This phone doesn't care.

A big discrepancy others have is the bad battery life. Which is 100% true; I have to keep it on 720p/battery saver mode to keep it running for a day on medium use.

All my friends make fun of me for having such an archaic looking phone, but as long as it runs as is, I wont bother upgrading.

  • Rioting Matrix

Stated battery life on this particular model of phone is almost tantamount to false advertising

Android System Nougat is riddled with bugs which start draining the Battery at seemingly random times. Once the battery drain bug hits in a given session, no amount of task killing is going to fix the issue. You Must restart the phone to arrest any battery drain otherwise Android OS and Android System Gobbles it all up in half a day doing goodness knows what.

  • AnEes Saggitarious

K. Brat, 29 May 2019I've had this phone since September 2016. My previous phone... moreI say wow...
Upgrade to s8 active... Its just awesome