Samsung Galaxy S7 active

Samsung Galaxy S7 active

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  • Mark_S

Still have mine going strong after 4 years.
Android Oreo OS more compatible with apps than Android Q.

  • Kingpin

my big bro uses this phone, and its the second time hes using this in particular, Upon all the falls and breakages, the phone is as active as it name states, and with a really strong battery, big ups Samsung

  • Anonymous

It's a great phone with a great performance, the battery life makes me love it more. Am looking forward for it dual sim .

  • Anonymous

Loks, 02 Feb 2020Been using this phone for 4 years. Got it for $360 CAD. People... moreI have one and love mine. I've had them all, S5 Active, S6 Active and now this S7 Active... I'd really love an S8 Active but have other priorities that come first. Heaven forbid this ever stops working on me and I have to buy something new... it may be an S8 Active and then I'd probably be happy forever, with my phone. But there's companies out there now who have Flagship phone specs but not Flagship phone price. Xaomi, ZTE Oneplus to name a few. I don't like the bloatware loaded on most devices and would really like one I could ROOT. With rooting you can do so much to your phone. Shut off clocks and timers to apps that peek and check at certain intervals and apps that run in the background. They use up data and RAM.

  • Loks

Been using this phone for 4 years. Got it for $360 CAD.
People always complain about older phones losing performance but this one is still keeping up. I can play all the latest games and browse seamlessly on youtube and and other apps. I feel like its more than payed for itself and I wouldn't be disappointed if it broke or cracked soon. Which will be hard, I've put this thing through the ringer and it wont crack or break. Ive been in -30 c weather to +40 c weather; This phone doesn't care.

A big discrepancy others have is the bad battery life. Which is 100% true; I have to keep it on 720p/battery saver mode to keep it running for a day on medium use.

All my friends make fun of me for having such an archaic looking phone, but as long as it runs as is, I wont bother upgrading.

  • Rioting Matrix

Stated battery life on this particular model of phone is almost tantamount to false advertising

Android System Nougat is riddled with bugs which start draining the Battery at seemingly random times. Once the battery drain bug hits in a given session, no amount of task killing is going to fix the issue. You Must restart the phone to arrest any battery drain otherwise Android OS and Android System Gobbles it all up in half a day doing goodness knows what.

  • AnEes Saggitarious

K. Brat, 29 May 2019I've had this phone since September 2016. My previous phone had ... moreI say wow...
Upgrade to s8 active... Its just awesome

  • Patrone2012

Well no luck for me with this phone. I have put an extra glass protector on it. Under this protector (the protector itself is not broken) the gorilla glass got some shatters on 2 places - 1 at the top near the sensors and one starting from the back button (up to the middle). I now know that this seems to happen often. The phone did not fall down or anything. It must be a design flaw. I used an S5 active for many (outdoor) years with no problems. This was my last active phone from Samsung.

  • Anonymous

Dicksk8er, 06 Aug 2018Can you tell me how to replace battery s7 active ? i don't think so you want to change battery without help from technician, since you must heat the middle frame and working from middle frame, for more info just search for iFixit, it is harder than S7 standard

  • K. Brat

I've had this phone since September 2016. My previous phone had been ... the Active 4 or 5? I forget, but it came on blue. I had loved that phone so much, and we went on a lot of adventures together - from the hot and humid salt and sand of South Florida up to Quebec, a road trip across southern Norway, multiple flights yo American cities in all sorts of weather...cycling in the rain, kayaking (you get the idea?). Unfortunately, that one just wasn't the same after Europe (the charging port became very ... finicky).

When I finally, a bit reluctantly, upgraded to the s7 active (the newest at the time ... might as well get the newest version of what I already loved), I was a little disappointed by the colour options at first, and the placement of the buttons (I took a lot of accidental selfies the first week or so). But I was impressed by it otherwise - the way it fit in my hand, the weight of it, how my pictures were turning out (even the accidental ones), the videos, the speed ... all just like newer, faster versions of my old phone. I was ready to put it to a lot of use ... until a wave leaped up and knocked it out of my hands at the beach. I had out a case on it to make it pretty. Unfortunately, that case was gold and white and about impossible to see in the churning shoreline. I was able to get someone to agree to call it so I could hear it while underwater, but they lacked commitment to the idea of helping a stranger...they only called it once. After an hour of searching, I went home to see if I could find it on the GPS. Yes! But my laptop didn't have Wi-Fi, so whike I could map where it was, I couldn't take it with me to pinpoint it. I checked on that phone for three days ... both online and at the beach, until it finally died ☹ I replaced it with the exact same thing, and it's been like an appendage.

I didn't bother with a case on the replacement. The corners are scuffed and the edges are scraped a little, but the screen is still perfect. This phone has fallen on a wide variety of surfaces from every height under 5ft, and it barely shows. The forst real problem I've ever had with it has been recently, 2019, where the volume keeps going wonky. It's not the speakers anything, just the volume key maybe something got in behind the button and is hitting the volume down side. It'll be fine for a while, then suddenly, randomly, turn the volume all the way down. Sometimes it's even quite insistent about it, and we have a little battle over what the volume will be (it's fought me about four times just while typing this, as if the volume will change what I have to say). I could probably fix the problem, or find a professional to do, get in there and clean out the space behind the button ... but three years is a pretty good run, right? Now, phones have 16-24mp cameras, and I love a convenient camera!

And that's what brought me here tonight ... as I decide whether to fix this great phone, or upgrade. The new phones are pretty, and fast, and at least double the memory, but the Active series could handle so much world, and so much... me, without being chunky beasts.

  • Roger

Anonymous, 01 Feb 2019The screen isn't plastic, it has gorilla glass 4 but comes with ... moreYou rock!

I was trying to figure out how I could fix my S7 active's scratched screen and was pissed that Gorilla Glass 4 would scratch so easily.

I read your post and explored the edge with a thin craft blade and the damaged screen protector peeled off fairly easily and makes my phone look almost new again.

  • Anonymous

The screen isn't plastic, it has gorilla glass 4 but comes with a preinstalled plastic screen protector that you can remove with a small pen knife or your fingernail if you heat it with a hair dryer. The plastic screen protector scratches but the glass underneath doesn't.

  • AYO Tech

It called Active has it for people that work on the Go Bulders, Personal trainers or just clumsy people if you're looking for designs Samsung has many alternative options.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2018Its so uglyIt's not ugly, it's just 'quality free' (or without quality).

  • Anonymous

Is it rugged, but isn't resistant. It has a PLASTIC SCREEN. JerryRigEverything tested it and it scratches at level 3. The worst rugged phone. Ever.

  • Tac

I've had this phone for 6 months now... I love it so much- I actually LIKE the design of the galaxy and have dropped it many times- no issues, it has FM radio, great camera,powerful processor and excellent screen to boot.

strangely the battery life on mine is also the pits... thats because I'm running a custom rom... but it seems to be an S7 issue... really lousy! such a nice phone hindered by lousy software and poor battery life! and being ATT only locks it out for being a great phone, you can buy unlocked for around 300 bucks today and run but there were a lot of issues with early models water failing and pink lines so be careful. Lame, almost prefect but not quite

  • xelexer

I bought this phone because I was on vacation and my old BLU phone got sightly wet and gave up the ghost. I went to an AT&T reseller and was told "Waterproof", "Rugged". I reluctantly paid about $800. I was happy with the phone at first; however, I soon began to dislike all the AT&T and Samsung bloatware and mandatory warez, e.g. "Samsung Pay" which could not be eradicated. I also learned after about two months, this model was tested and was determined to fail if exposed to water. The S7, and S7 Edge were water resistant. After six to eight months the phone developed a pink line on the right side. I was sent a refurbished phone and I returned the original. After about another six months went by the new phone too began with the pink line, and I'm not alone this is a well documented problem. Samsung blames the user for dropping this "Rugged" phone and refuses to help. The long and short of this? I will NEVER purchase a Samsung smart phone ever again. These are the most expensive and lowest quality phones I have ever had to deal with. Save your money, buy your phone from a non carrier source.

  • Dicksk8er

Can you tell me how to replace battery s7 active ?

  • knight

Anonymous, 03 Jul 2018Im on Oreo 8.0 official Samsung just relase this official update... morecan you help me

  • Anonymous

Akhlaq, 25 Feb 2018Hi Let me know samsung S7 active will be update in nougat??? A... moreIm on Oreo 8.0 official Samsung just relase this official update that you can search on xda forum and update yor phone