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  • jan

I hve used samsung s5 since 2015 i hve bought it in 42000 INR now it becomes to hot after usage of 1 or 2 hours battery breakup is becoming worst day by day it have hanging problem also after that i have used vivo v5 and iphone se also but i am not satisfied with this set now i want to buy an another smartphone which one should i buy plz help me my budget is under 40k...

  • AnonD-699540

I wanna know docomo s7 edge will get a updates outside Japan or not?
Any cons buying docomo version?

  • AnonD-235727

Before this im in dilemma which one should i choose between S7 Edge and Honor 8 Pro. Before this, I use Galaxy S3 and Huawei P9 Lite. Galaxy S3 worse experience for me and Huawei P9 Lite very good experience. So at the end, I chose S7 Edge over Honor 8 Pro and I am very happy with my decision. I like S8 ui and dont like S7 edge ui so I use Arrow Launcher with S8 icon pack. It is very beautiful. No lag, everything smooth, camera also very good, impressed with video 1080p 60fps, waterproof and sound also not bad. I am very happy with my purchase.

The cons are white balance a little bit warmer for my like and it is very hard to find screen protector with casing friendly.

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2017J5,J7 get new s8 UI(8.1ux) but flagship s7,S7 edge still 8.0 ux.... moreDon't worry the s7 edge will have android 8 ...

Michael, 25 Sep 2017Hello guys which device is better S7 edge or Honor 9?S7 edge

  • Anonymous

J5,J7 get new s8 UI(8.1ux) but flagship s7,S7 edge still 8.0 ux.Why samsung?I'll never buy samsung again.

Hi any one face any battery drain or
Heating after noughat update ... the solution is
Samble just turn on normal power saving mode
And enjoy with this beast

  • zaib

Michael, 25 Sep 2017Hello guys which device is better S7 edge or Honor 9?s7 edge bro

Michael, 25 Sep 2017Hello guys which device is better S7 edge or Honor 9?Better Device is Huawey Honor 9

  • Michael

Hello guys which device is better S7 edge or Honor 9?

  • bedscenez

holy moly, 14 Sep 2017is it still normal that I'm losing 1% of battery for every 5-6... morewhat i mean is i also have friends using S7 Edge Exynos version and i have been observing
their usage also and like i notice it takes 10-12 minutes before their battery discharge 1%. And
that's with other features on like Location and sync. Plus brightness is 50-60%. While im
here with no other features on but WiFi and brightness at 30% and still lost 1% per 5 minutes.

  • A.b.d.

nv, 21 Sep 2017Note 5 or s7edgeIf S pen is your priority ....then go for note series (note 5, note8.etc) otherwise note 7 edge is best option ....

  • Johny

Dear all, I just need to know whether this phone's touch screen edge opens and. Closes apps and services if palm sides touches. S8 is having some new feature which prevents this.

  • AshCatchEm

Dear S7 edge users,

I hereby would like to inform all of you that in my opinion this is the best phone Samsung ever created I'm so happy with how professional this device is set up from the amazing absolutely amazing camera to the awesome 128GB internal storage not to mention the super cool HD screen I'm super happy with everything the battery last me whole day sometime I only charge it the next day as 50% is more than enough to help you through your day.

I think your money will see its worth with this amazing device.

  • AnonD-219742

nv, 21 Sep 2017Note 5 or s7edgeIf s pen is your prority gor for note5.other than that you dont have any other reasons for note 5. S7 has expandabe storage, good low light camera with fast auto focus, good battery life, fast cpu.only thing to consider is edge display. Check out how it feel in your hand before buy it. Never go for mi, 1+, oppo,vivo you will regret cause they don't have a second hand value if you plan to resell the phone to buy a new one. And they are no way near samsung.


nv, 21 Sep 2017Note 5 or s7edgeGo for xiaomi mi6

  • Arturenzo

The battery after update turned into worse than it was,now it is draining so fast...

  • AnonD-540286

android 8 next year :)

  • praxemous

AnonD-219742, 21 Sep 2017At least 10% try to charge it. As i heard empty battery has to ... moretnx bro :)

  • S

AnonD-405106, 21 Sep 2017my battery draining too fast, before the 51mb update it drains 1... moreFactory reset the phone