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  • AnonD-692005

Kotse3115, 06 Sep 2017Which is better S7 or S7 edge?S7 edge. Bigger battery and edge screen on both sides. Very useful. But you can get regular S7 if you want smaller screen. 3000mAh battery more than enough for 5.1" nowadays.

  • Kotse3115

Which is better S7 or S7 edge?

  • tin

s7 edge user here all over I'm satisfied except for the front cam. I've been using it for 1 year still not laggy bought it at Greenhills for 17k xD. Battery still working fine playing online I think it last 4-5hrs hrs straight.

  • mala

Which phone have best with camera front n back note 5 apple 6s Samsung edge 7s apple 7???

  • AnonD-692005

[deleted post]That's why Sony make a mistake. Like they did on Xperia Z5. It uses 5.1.1 and then up to 6.0 and then 7.0 and then 7.1.1. Too much update and messed up the phone. That's why Samsung doesn't give update it more times. Samsung just waiting for Android O. Just wait, Samsung will upgrade it. (Sorry for my bad english)

  • Bedscenez

Got this phone for one year i have the Snapdragon Version..when i was
on marshmallow i have like 1% battery drain per 8 minutes on web browsing. While
doing skype for 1 hour i only lost 10-15% of battery for 12 hours idle and standby i only
lost 5-7% of battery. Now that i upgraded to Nougat my phone cant even last 12 hours.
Did skype for 1 hour and i lost 25% of my battery. Left the phone on sleep and standby
and i lost 15% battery. Plus wifi signal disconnects even if i already set my wifi to be always
on. Life after Nougat is Miserable.

AnonD-692005, 04 Sep 2017There's any big difference between 7.0 with 7.1.1? I have Xperia... moreThe difference between 7.0 and 7.1.1 may be incremental but a change is a change nonetheless and for me an update is still very important albeit under the hood or minor refinements here & there. Sony has already committed to Oreo on all of its 2017 and majority of the 2016 phones and yet Samsung is still stuck in 7.0n limbo and if ever the S7 phones will be updated only God knows when it will get updated as no reports out there.

  • AnonD-692005

Gino76, 03 Sep 2017I think the S7 is fine for me. But I still can't shake the fact ... moreThere's any big difference between 7.0 with 7.1.1? I have Xperia X which I used right now. Android M doesn't have any problem which is their factory version but after updating to Android N, it starts having problems on networks which is very very annoying. Don't mind about Nougat version but at least S7 edge will get Android O.

AnonD-257122, 03 Sep 2017That's true but I really don't care about the updates as long as... moreThat's very true it is my money. So i decided to go for the Xperia XZ instead of the S7. Mainly because of the great waterproofing (like the S7), more than decent battery life & camera (like the S7) but mainly coz of quicker updates. I think for me updates matter because it makes your device "up to speed" with the latest bug fixes, various enhancements here & there and most importantly security updates (unlike the S7). I did have the the XZ 4 months (w/ Nougat 7.0) ago and I can tell you so far the bugs I encountered then is non-existent now with 7.1.1.

  • AnonD-257122

Gino76, 03 Sep 2017I think the S7 is fine for me. But I still can't shake the fact ... moreThat's true but I really don't care about the updates as long as my phone is working fine. To be honest I've the Xperia X which is running on 7.1.1 (still struggles with the camera really mediocre even after the latest android version) and the S7 but the S7 is much better than the X in terms of battery life, screen resolution, speaker and of course the kick a$$ camera which is the best I've ever come across in a smartphone. Rest is up to you after all its your choice and money :-)

AnonD-257122, 01 Sep 2017Get the regular S7, its a complete phone with great battery life... moreI think the S7 is fine for me. But I still can't shake the fact that being an older flagship it is still stuck with 7.0 whilst the other comparable phones (in it's price category and quite similar specs) like the Xperia XZ (and the older Xperia X) are all running 7.1.1 right now.

  • Jsjs

AnonD-692966, 01 Sep 2017Sorry for my ignorance but what it is exynos varient duos on the... moreIt has dual slot sim and micro sd

  • AnonD-108232

Pedro, 24 Aug 2017I'm going to buy a Samsung galaxy s7 edge but I fear of those p... morePeople who suffers are very unlucky one, most of my friend uses without an issue.

  • AnonD-108232

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2017This is an outdated device !It will recieve oreo update, how can it be outdated

  • AnonD-108232

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2017Poor wifi connection. Anyone know how to fix it. Please change your router

  • Anonymous

Poor wifi connection. Anyone know how to fix it.

  • User

Pink vertical lines on the scree.
What should I do?

  • Raz

Got this phone in june last year amazing fone but after a few months a pink faint line appeared on the screen got bigger and brighter and multiple lines appeared so was very upset took back to Samsung as Vodafone cant do anything and they fixed it within 2 hrs was to do with screen no issues so far so happy for now lets see how long it lasts :(

  • AnonD-257122

Gino76, 31 Aug 2017This phone price (£449) is now similar to the Google Pixel... moreGet the regular S7, its a complete phone with great battery life with fast charging, dust/water proof, loud speaker, superb camera quality in fact the best on any smartphone and cheaper than the S7 edge.

  • fln

Hi im planning to be buy S7edge, i need user openion how good is that phone, dos it worth?