Samsung Galaxy S7 sales hit 55 million

Himanshu, 01 May 2017

Samsung has managed to sell more than 55 million units of its Galaxy S7/S7 edge flagship smartphones till date. This was revealed by market research firm Strategy Analytics in a new report.

The first quarter of the ongoing year saw the South Korean tech giant selling 7.2 million Galaxy S7/S7 edge units, the report noted.

In total, Samsung sold 92.8 million handsets in the January-March period, of which 80 million were smartphones. With this, the company managed to capture 23% share of the global smartphone market.

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Reader comments

I only used it that much because I own several devices. My daily driver is an iPhone 7 Plus. I bought the S8+ because it's the best hardware available right now. But yeah my S7 edge lags a lot. Not lying, who lies about this s*** seriously

  • AnonD-666047

I don't like Android, period. What is up with you? Other people's choices are none of your business. So what if that is my reason why I don't like Android? Don't forcefully stuff things you like down on other people's throats.

  • NichtsGemacht

well these sale numbers are impressive for a phone of that price range as many already said other not so big companies can only dream of selling that much units. the phone industry is evolving really fast and the competition is fierce. all in all gr...

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