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Samsung Galaxy S8

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  • Anonymous

Andrew, 29 Nov 2016When lunching in singapore please bring in the set with snapdrag... moreThe latest snapdragon chipset is SD835. If Samsung wants to go all out they should use that instead of SD830, even though SD830 is unreleased yet.

  • AnonD-320312

rumors said 5.5" display not 5.1

  • Dutchy

LOL, 29 Nov 2016and 2200mah batteryI think it would be more like a 3500mah battery instead of your guess.

  • samsung

What is the usb? I need usb HOST!

  • LOL

AnonD-355264, 29 Nov 201616 Megapixel camera; 4k video ;576 ppi resolution; display 5.5and 2200mah battery

  • Anonymous


  • XYZ

Anonymous, 28 Nov 2016gr8 divisedevice!!!

  • Andrew

When lunching in singapore please bring in the set with snapdragon 830 processor version

  • AnonD-615112

I'll wait for the note 8

  • AnonD-355264

AnonD-355264, 29 Nov 2016Internal memory 256 gb; Ram 6 Gb ; Dual cam 16 gb; protection g... more16 Megapixel camera; 4k video ;576 ppi resolution; display 5.5

  • AnonD-355264

AnonD-355264, 29 Nov 2016Am looking foreward to own itInternal memory 256 gb; Ram 6 Gb ; Dual cam 16 gb; protection glorilla glass 5; Best build-in programms; water durst proof.
That is all i need for galaxy s8

  • AnonD-355264

Am looking foreward to own it

  • Anonymous

I wanna buy 5 of it!! for my whole family..

  • Anonymous

gr8 divise

  • AnonD-312515

The beast has been awakened! Now all it needs is a beefy battery (3200+) and it'll be another hot seller for SamKing!

  • Anonymous

awasome feature if there is built in projecter

  • Anonymous

4000+ battery
Removable battery
256gb expandable storage
128gb internal storage
6gb ram
Latest chip
Latest camera

  • Anonymous

3 months more

  • s3

samsung should bring to us therse features or i wont change my beloved s3

6gb ram

better camera quality especially at low light ( i dont care about uselees migapixels)

50% more effecient cpu and gpu . i prefer exynos and mali

true 4k display not as before just laupghing at prople

4000+ MAH battery at leats ..

i dont care about super screen inches but samsung should make 5 inch screen that fits s series users not 5.7 and 6 !!!!

off course removable battery

memory not less than 256 gb

sd card supported 256gb and more

reduced bloatwares

i never cared about design its not too important to me .. alienware is the more ugliest pc and the more powerfull

i dont care about software updates whenever my rom is stable

including some apps so we arnt need to download 3rd party apps to use it

  • AnonD-312515

Beast in the making! And I believe it'll have a 835 not 830.