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Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

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  • Charles Bigelow

4 years later still going strong.
Ended with Android P UI 1.0
AT&T variant. No FM radio, AT&T bloatware can be uninstalled or disabled with Samsung package disabler. No root needed.

  • MarkS

Other than the occasional frame stutter, 4 years later this phone is still going strong. Shame that it stopped at Android P.

  • Marky Mark

Slippery like a bar of soap, why did they put rubber bumpers only on top and button and not on the sides ?
Otherwise excellent phone with good screen, camera and GPS reception - it locates me 1 meter from the window.

YUKI93, 09 Jun 2021I do hope that we can see the Galaxy Active lineup making a... moreExactly. I'm still enjoying my S8 Active and I use lot of features it has - barometer, iris scanner for unlocking and ANT+ support for connecting heart rate meter when running. It's a perfect phone and sadly no other company does this type of phone. I'm just wondering why? Having a flagship with rugged body for outdoor activities is something that many people will enjoy.

I do hope that we can see the Galaxy Active lineup making a comeback. Sure that there is the XCover lineup, but the Galaxy Active still has the same flagship specs and performance as the standard premium models with the added rugged dependability. If we can have a new Galaxy Active based on the S20 FE, that would be great.

  • anon

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2021I had this phone and the S7 Active before it. Both phones o... moreI have an S8 Active and after owning it for about 1.5 years it crashes when it gets too warm. It works fine unless the phone gets over (about) 85 degrees then it just crashes. I need to put in it the refrigerator to cool it down so it will reboot

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2021I had this phone and the S7 Active before it. Both phones o... moreBull. You are just pushing iPhones. I have had an S8 Active for over 3 years and even exposing it to direct sunlight, nothing of the sort has happened.

  • JaheadNZ

I was looking for a rugged phone, something that would handle my carelessness and abuse especially at work so I brought the s8 active to try out as my previous phone's would last between 5 days to 6 months max..
I've had phone just over 12 months now and I must have dropped it 100 times already in all different terrains and locations especially on the farm. Just last week I was counting bales of hay whilst it was in my hand with a couple other small items, I then turned and jumped into the tractor and away I went to feed some cattle down the track.. I realized my phone wasn't with me an hour later and wondered where the hell I could have dropped it so I back tracked everywhere I had been until I ended up back in the hay bale paddock were I thought I must have dropped it.... and yeap sure enough there it was face down next to a hay bale, long story short lol I had actually run it over with the tractor (maybe 3.5 -4 tons ..! Thinking it was bugged as I go to pick it up and wouldn't you know the phone was good as gold, apart from adding a couple more cracks to the screen as expected it still in fine working order!! A decent tough phone for the working agriculture industry.

  • Anonymous

I had this phone and the S7 Active before it. Both phones overheated and exploded. I now have an iPhone 11

  • voidxor

Obviously the G892A is for AT&T and has their logo and bloatware, whereas the G892U is unlocked. I get that. But is there actually a hardware difference between the two models (e.g. what frequencies bands the radios support)? I'm wondering if I can use a G892U on AT&T and thus reduce bloatware, or if doing so will eliminate some bands of coverage.

Eddie , 20 Mar 2021Please are you sure this phone has radio cos most of the s ... moreIt does not have a built-in radioFM app.

  • Eddie

jstrachan100, 20 Dec 2020The S8 Active does have FM need to have a 3.5mm... morePlease are you sure this phone has radio cos most of the s active I have seen does not any radio.
If it does where can it be seen.

walid, 26 Nov 2020why no FM ?The S8 Active does have FM need to have a 3.5mm headphone jack plugged in to act as an antennae and a fm radio application installed on the phone.

  • OfferZ

Anonymous, 10 Jun 2020Please firmware link please Sorry all for the late response, You need android 9 firmware. Go to ATT website search the phone website up and search the baseband (firmware on google and you should get a link)

Any chance we get Android 10 update for this? It's still a great phone. I would pay for the upgrade. I'm still wondering why aren't there paid OS for phones anyway. You want it, buy it. Why free, but only 2-3 years? These phones can work 5+ years, no problem. At least for me. I believe one day it will be that way.

  • walid

why no FM ?

  • Active S8

The specs state that is no built-in fm radio, and that is wrong. My S8 Active does have an FM radio built in. You use the headphones as an antenna.

Anonymous, 16 Apr 2020Sorry but Samsung stopped updating their S8 Actives it's on... moreI tend to agree..That's why I went from a note 4 to to an Xcover pro plus two more android update for that new phone. I skipped over buying an S8+ / S8 Active or S10+ for more security aspects.

Such an amazing phone! You get all the perfect features possible just like the regular s8, but on top of all that you finally have an ostensibly gigantic battery to match the powerful hardware and, as a result, it becomes a flawless phone

  • Anonymous

OfferZ, 02 Nov 2019To upgrade it to android pie you need to download the firmw... morePlease firmware link please