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Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

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  • tom

hairdryer to the USB port for 30 seconds fixed the "moisture in port " can't charge issue...for me

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2019Dont buy it! Durable. great phone but defective. Moisture warnin... moreyou can charge by cable, turn the phone on as soon as it comes to life plug the charger in, you can bypass the moisture error this way

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2019Dont buy it! Durable. great phone but defective. Moisture warnin... moreI brought a used Galaxy S8 active in ebay, no issues with that, but i also from the same seller got an S7 active, and that one does have that issue, so i would just suggest to buy an brand new one from Samsung or a retailer and then get warranty in case that you get that issue.

  • Anonymous

Dont buy it! Durable. great phone but defective. Moisture warning will trigger even though device has had no contact with moisture. Device can then only be charged wirelessly. Seems to be a bad update or glitch. Most likely to make sure customers need to buy a new phone.

ener, 23 May 2019All my research on the web shows that galaxy s8 in north america... moreHow are you doing today

  • Whovian77

ahmed hamdy, 25 Jun 2019i am from Egypt i need back cover .i didn't find any thing in Eg... moreTry ebay. That's where I usually go to find hard to find parts.

  • ahmed hamdy

i am from Egypt i need back cover .i didn't find any thing in Egypt .haw i can get spare prates to this phone

All my research on the web shows that galaxy s8 in north american has a snapdragon processor which allows fm radio use through the nextradio app. but when I tried to install the app I received message that the device does not have access to fm radio. Has anyone else had this problem?

  • Joseph

Hello; May please tell me how to recod a call? Thank

  • OfferZ

Arsi26, 26 Apr 2019How the heck did you install a custom Rom on galaxy s8 active, a... moreLook at XDA forums. there are little roms for s8 active.
there are no roms at this moment for s6 and s7 active.

rusty, 02 Apr 2019best phone I've EVER had. I've just slamdunked it onto a stone f... moreHow the heck did you install a custom Rom on galaxy s8 active, and if so is there a custom Rom for the galaxy s6 active as well!?

  • rusty

best phone I've EVER had. I've just slamdunked it onto a stone floor (reflex move after it slipped from hand), NO DAMAGE. Phone is awesome after custom rom+root.

Can anybody send me a link where to buy a camo blue galaxy s8 active!?

  • Jzjz

yuzz, 24 Nov 2018hi...i'm from indonesia...and all samsung galaxy active series s... moreI dont care about yur country lol , why indonesian just hi im from indonesia , weird

  • Anonymous

AJ Styles, 13 Oct 2018I love my little iPhone 5S. Tough little trooper. Gave me many y... moreI have the samsung galaxy s8 active and my experience with it has been mostly positive. I find it to be a very rugged phone. I do not have a case on it and have dropped it pretty bad a few times and its still in good shape. I do have a tempered glass screen protector on it to protect the screen because they are designed to shatter before the screen and so far that as proven to be the case. However i did have a major issue for about a month where my phone decided to say my charging port was wet and would not charge my phone. What a pain in the ass that was. I figured out how to get it to charge somehow and now have not seen that again since. Not sure if it was a system bug or not because my phone has never been wet, plus this phone is supposed to be water resistant. Apparently up to 3 meters for up to 30 mins but i call bullshit based on that little problem i had. Phone runs good but i recommend being careful with what you download and do regular maintenance to it. Good quality video and pretty fast processor. I give it a 7 out of 10 overall. Afterall it is technology and technology is not full proof. Hope this helps. I do recommend getting a wireless charger and have it on hand if and when you get that pesky moisture detected in charging port fault. It will be a lifesavor if it happens to you.

  • RIAZ

Shahzad Kaleem, 22 Sep 2018Best device ever used workung perfect with all carrier in pakist... moreHow is ur experience with s8 active its worth it can o bye it

  • Anonymous

This phone is NOT shockproof and NOT waterproof. Phone dropped flat on hardwood floor and screen cracked. This is just the same screen as their other phones. They did not use the shatterproof screen like the S7 Active. A rainy day can make the screen fog up and the charge port fail. What a total waste of money. I should have gotten a Pixel and added a good waterproof case.

  • yuzz

Grant, 29 May 2018Howdy guys, would anyone know if Samsung s8 active will work in ... morehi...i'm from indonesia...and all samsung galaxy active series since S6 active works perfectly in any carrier in indonesia....without tricks or mod at all...

active series are not officially sold in indonesia but few importer sold active series (used condition) in here....

I am torn between choosing the OnePlus 6T or the Samsung S8 Active. I currently have a S6 active and it still looks and works like it did on day 1. I like the durability of the active models, but the 6T just looks like a superior phone tech-wise. So I'd like to hear opinions for and against to help me choose. Active has an SD Card slot capable of 512GB but 2GB less ram, Active has larger battery but what looks to be slower and older OS/chipset/CPU/GPU. Price is not a deciding factor.
In a nutshell, I am a family man who mainly uses his phone as, well, a phone. Never watched any movies on it, have watched a handful of youtube videos when really bored, have a handful of small simple games (like puzzles) to pass time periodically (nothing too complex) take pictures of my family and pets periodically as well, never really take any videos, I don't have social media so selfies and such never take place.

Looking forward to your thoughts!!

  • Rayomalo

phone design to last for a year
I got this phone for it advertising on being extra resistant and to have extended life battery, well after a year of using it the battery life reduce to 2 - 3 hours, in regular use, i still have active warranty so i sent it back for repair, after a couple of days they came back to me to tell me i have to pay 500 for the repair because it has scratches in the back cover. they refused to service my phone under warranty.
worst part of the story, i had the Samsung galaxy active 7, same issue, but this one last around 14 months, so when i try to go for warranty, it was already out, that's why i really think they are design to last for a year.
For me samsung is over, i will go to OnePlus now.