Samsung Galaxy S9+ takes a fall: drop test against the iPhone X

Peter, 19 March 2018

This isnít for the faint of heart Ė PhoneBuff did a drop test on the Samsung Galaxy S9+, the phone fell again and again and again. It got through surprisingly well, though not without major cosmetic damage.

For the S9, Samsung made some design changes to make the phone more durable Ė it used thicker glass and stronger aluminum to protect that glass. Well, the front glass is thicker, the back glass is the first thing to go, watch:

Itís cool to see that the variable aperture survived this ordeal, even if the selfie camera did not. Still, you may want to slap a case on your Galaxy S9+ for piece of mind. Hereís a quick video of S9ís cases:



Reader comments

I am curious why the S9+ drop test the front screen doesn't crack easier but the back cover is very easy to crack with fallen? Is it the volume of glass back cover no enough compared to the front glass?

  • Kangal

Glass is... glass. It's scratch-proof, but very brittle. And Ceramic is very glass-like, its even more scratch-proof but unfortunately very very brittle. They both absorb shocks nicely, protecting the insides from too much damage, but crack themselve...

  • AnonD-425791

First of all, I expected the different drop tests to be performed on different phones, i.e. Back Drop - S1 vs i1, Corner Drop - S2 vs i2, Front Drop - S3 vs i3... as the 2nd and 3rd tests proved irrelevant after different damages on them in the 1st d...