Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562

Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562

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  • agsanir

I am thinking to buy s duos i want to know something. Is this true that applications can not transferred to SD card ? Is this phone comes with 4 GB memory? I heared that samusung say that 4GB memory but actually 1.78 GB is useful for applications.

  • Anonymous

For Samsung smart phones and may be all smart phones, select 2g networks in settings and reduce brightness to increase battery life from about one day to 4 or 5 days.

  • jacky

I am a good fan of samsung but in galaxy s duos I think phone is not much good in touchscreen it is slow than samsung galaxy y

  • Anonymous

Sarfraz, 13 Oct 2012I purchased this set almost a month ago and I also make a review... moreHei, have a look at this link below, you'll find all the answers you are looking for. You can root your phone and have all the GB you want, plus, somebody you'll help you to understand your phone, kiddo:­=1912654

  • RBabu

Have not started using a Smart phone yet, But would like to know in general how the battery backup for all Smart phones are? I hear any phone with normal usage like 1 or 2 hours of call, minimal browsing, minimal application usage you will have to charge every day or alternate days, Can you someone who used Smart phones earlier comment on this?

  • Anonymous

Nice one :)

  • dev

what is actual internal memory of this phone 2GB OR 4GB ? phone shows only 1.78 GB left.....

  • Adi

AnonD-75680, 13 Oct 2012tell right suggetion... s7562 model are good or bad.. frankly ... moreit's a good fone buddy go for it.

  • Chathu

I bought Galaxy S Duos it is excellent phone,but i have one question anyone can tell me how can i download games.(give me the sits)

  • Anonymous

snm, 13 Oct 2012can anyone tell me about the sims, whether it can work with 3G o... moreIt is a full-on 3g fone....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2012I think you should learn how to use android in the first place. ... moreAgreed...

U need 2 lrn to deal wid ur 'solvable' problms...

U cnt rush to consumr court evrytym....


Galaxy S Duos is a big Disappointment but S3 Mini looks a bit better with some shortcomings removed. The Dual Sim Mobile Users are always treated as Step Customers by SAMSUNG.They always get less than the Single Sim Users. Why not Galaxy S & Galaxy S Duos have the same Specs and Features with latest OS.Just Charge more for another Sim Slot.

Please, Samsung, Stop ill-treating the Dual Sim Mobile Users.

  • bunny

can anyone tell that rooting for this model is possible by the process shown in this ...4&page=5
After completing the process can anyone able to move apps from phone memory to sdcard plz rply correctly
awaiting for solution.

  • Anonymous

Sarfraz, 13 Oct 2012I purchased this set almost a month ago and I also make a review... moreI think you should learn how to use android in the first place. If you don't "kill" the applications by using the task manager, they will be running in the background consuming your battery and RAM of course. You need to close all the background apps and you'll see how fast it'll get. If you don't succeed, just turn the phone off or hard reset it (press together vol+, vol-, home button and on/off key), that should do it.

  • snm

can anyone tell me about the sims, whether it can work with 3G or it is limited only to 2G.

  • nik

one of the best phone no hanging prob, camera is excellent, touch is excellent, all apps cn run successfully, easy to grip battery backup is also last long as well and all apps and games runs perfectly without any hanging prob......... i love this phone

  • Aman

Luk this fone myt hv a few problms bt u ol shud also keep in mynd that it's a fone wrth 17000... Its nt an iphone 5 or galaxy s3 worth twice more dan dis....

Certainly if u cmpare it 2 galaxy s3 mini­one2=4883
U'll c dt dere r nly a few specs where duos suffr
Besides it is a dual sim fone...
And costs almst 7000 lesser...

I suggst....
GO FR IT....

  • AnonD-21740

No i am taking my word back. music is lagging/ distorted randomly.

  • Sarfraz

I purchased this set almost a month ago and I also make a review before too. All I will explain what I have experienced with this phone. The fone has Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) version 4.0.4 that never allows any application to move to the SD card as it does not have the option enabled, or not the option even available. Using an app to move apps to SD is simply waste of time even I did android programming suit that does not supporting SD memory a primary storage. Available space of mere 2 GB to install apps is unfair.

The RAM of the very new set shows available 646MB and always filled 400+MB and I installed 17 apps that makes the memory filled to 500 to 550MB any time even there is no activated application, that makes the touch and navigation very laggy and the set works very slowly when the memory touches by 600MB ..... irritating. The memory must be 1G for this type of set and there is no tool by default available with ICS (or may be I couldn't find) that will show the detail who is taking this so much memory.

I did not find any set functionality that allows both the SIMs activated at the same time. I experienced and disappointed that one SIM go offair when another is active on a call either it is SIM 1 or SIM 2. I enabled the option to use both SIMs at the same time but the set surprisingly seek to enable the options of call waiting and call forwarding. This function is not supported by the hardware of the fone, the GSM provider also taking part in this. Please be clear.

Battery time is satisfactory, not very high not too low. Display and the shape of the set is excellent. This fone is officially listed for the up gradation to Jelly Bean by the end of this December and I hope the lag would be removed when it will be upgraded on Jelly Bean. The set is expensive and is not a good value for money but on the other hand you don't have any other option except HTC Desire V but that has its own drawbacks.

  • immy

awesome phone im using s duos no hanging problems good gaming and lightning fast