Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562

Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562

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  • Anonymous

yasser, 18 Sep 2012when it will come to Egypt .... anyone know???end of October / 1st of November

  • AnonD-72266

one thing is more samsung charging speed is very slow if u put on the charge for 30 min and seeing as no chagred battry after much time.this is also not good.once again nokia is the best in my opinion

  • AKS

According to Samsung India official page it is as 1GHz CPU, 4GB ROM + 6GB RAM.

  • AKS

Prashannjit, 18 Sep 2012hi neeraj thanks for your replay ..pls confirm ones again bcoz a... moreGo to Samsung India official site.

  • AKS

Arindom, 18 Sep 2012 Looks a Great Featured Phone in a very reasonable price from ... moreYes, you can do video calling using 3G.

  • rajesh

Everything is super, and i expect black color in market so waiting for my black piece.

  • Saurav

No Gorrila Glass on such high End Phone is very disappointing. Why can't they make a real quality dual sim smart phone. I guess they intentionally leave one or two basic features away from all their phones. This phone deserved a Glass screen.

My Dream Phone (Still waiting for it):

Screen Size: 3.5 - 4.o inch
Resolution: 800 x 480 or above
Dust, Water, Scratch proof (like motorola defy and some sony phones)
Gorilla Glass Screen
1+ ghz dual core processer
Dual Sim (preferably dual active)
5.0-8.0 MP Camera with Flash

  • AnonD-72237

The price is too heigh. Rs 15000 would be fine.

  • cpg

One, 17 Sep 2012Bought this phone a week ago. I agree with most people here: it'... morecan you tell me will it have 768 RAM or 512 MB RAM

  • Arindom

Looks a Great Featured Phone in a very reasonable price from Samsung inc.
But could any one tell me, whether it is capable for video telephony (not video chatting)by its front camera or not. I amnot talking about video chatting.
Please reply me in as I am not a regular viewer of this site.

  • Prashannjit

neeraj, 18 Sep 2012768 mb ram hi neeraj thanks for your replay ..pls confirm ones again bcoz as per phonearean RAM is 512mb

  • heijer

Hi all ... when this great phone will be in indonesian ....

  • Hassan

talk time of s7562?

  • AnonD-71891

Now it is available in india via snapdeal online store.

  • Dlaiya

egypt please ... when .. and how much (almost)???

  • yasser

when it will come to Egypt .... anyone know???

  • Anonymous

AnonD-63703, 17 Sep 2012With two sims on board , 1Ghz processor, High reso screen will t... moreS7562 seems to have better specs than the LG L5.
Better screeen resolution, secondary camera, more memory, ...

  • One

RAM: 768
Battery life: With intensive usage 2 days

  • neeraj

Prashannjit Choudhar, 17 Sep 2012Can anybody confirm about s duos RAM 512 or 768?768 mb ram

  • mir

Secondary camera is vga i think samsung must have to look on it...coz its price is too high and features are like micromax