Samsung Galaxy S IV I9502 video surfaces, reveals more secrets

12 March, 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S III was a master-class in secret keeping by Samsung, but its successor seems much harder to keep under wraps. Yesterday we saw the first live photos of the alleged dual-SIM version of the Galaxy S IV for China Unicom and now we get to see a prototype unit on video.

Given the similarities between the leaked smartphone and the official image that Samsung teased earlier today, it's quite possible that this is, in fact, the real deal. Let's have a look at the video first:

The most important thing to notice is, of course the Samsung Galaxy S IV design, which is pretty similar to that of its predecessor. The back panel seems to be made of a different kind of plastic, though, and the smartphone seems to be slimmer overall (judging by size of the standard 3.5mm audio jack compared to the overall thickness).

A quick screenshot-based calculation points to a thickness of just under 8mm, which is a notable improvement over the 8.6mm of the Galaxy S III, but then again, the resolution of the video is a quite low so take this with a pinch of salt.

The video also shows us a confirmation of the Samsung Galaxy S IV removable back panel, hot-swappable microSD card slot and 2600 mAh battery. The loudspeaker has also been relocated from alongside the camera lens to the bottom left corner of the back panel.

Towards the end we also get a glimpse of the system info screen of the main menu, which shows the Android 4.2.1 platform that the Galaxy S IV will likely be running at launch.



Reader comments

  • sab

it is exactly like the s3, a bit plain on the design hope it'll have some cool new features or it'll be a total fail...well indeed the 8 core processor is very interesting..:D

  • someone

95% fake or must be the prototype. They are saying the thickness is under 8mm .. whereas in the video the phone looks like it is more than 9mm and definitely looks thicker than S3 .. it does look thick if u watch the video carefully.

  • mackuy

It is look like the same to samsung siii..