Samsung Galaxy screen protectors offer S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra size comparison

Victor, 27 November 2021

Barring any further chip procurement and other industry complications, we are currently expecting the Galaxy S22 lineup to get unveiled some time in Q1 2022. February 8 is one date that has been tossed around. There is still plenty of mystery surrounding the upcoming flagship trio, but we have started to piece things together, especially in the design department. A new set of screen protectors for the trio offers what is probably one of the more reliable reference points in terms of scale yet.

Left to right: Galaxy S22 Ultra
Left to right: Galaxy S22 Ultra • S22+ • S22

Granted, the pieces of glass themselves don't really offer too much insight, but the extra-thin bezels are one thing that's hard to ignore. Also, we can clearly see selfie camera punch holes on all three models, further proving that not even the S22 Ultra will be going for an under-display camera solution. That's a piece of information most sources have already agreed on. Still, it's nice to get some visual re-affirmation. Same goes for the fact that the vanilla S22 and S22+ appear to have flat panels, just like their predecessors. In fact, this just offers further proof of the insider info that both models will follow the overall design language of the S21 family very closely.

Screen protectors for the Galaxy S22 family Screen protectors for the Galaxy S22 family Screen protectors for the Galaxy S22 family
Screen protectors for the Galaxy S22 family

Digging a bit further into the matter of design, this is actually not the first time alleged screen protectors for the S22 and S22+ have leaked. Last time around the source also provided Galaxy S21 and S21+ protectors alongside the new ones in an effort to provide some frame of reference. It seems that the S22 generation will be a bit wider and less "skinny and tall" than the current S21 one with slightly more rounded edges. Admittedly, that's very hard to judge without a proper side-by-side comparison. According to other sources, the Galaxy S22 is expected to arrive with a 6.06" OLED display of Full HD+ resolution, the smallest diagonal since the Galaxy S9. The S22+ will also "shrink" to 6.55" compared to 6.67" on the S21+. So that's something. From the backside, the Galaxy S22 and S22+ camera setup will probably retain its vertical layout, with the island stretching all the way to the rim.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (images: FPT) Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (images: FPT) Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (images: FPT) Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (images: FPT)
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (images: FPT)

As for the S22 Ultra - all signs continue to point towards a very Note-like design. Of course, the flatter sides and S Pen compartment are hardly a new revelation. Plus, most sources tend to converge on the idea of a new "waterdrop" rear camera design. What this new screen protector photo offers is further confirmation of the rumors that the display curvature on the S22 Ultra will be far less aggressive than that on the Galaxy Note20 Ultra. The overall boxier silhouette of the S22 Ultra, compared to its two S22 siblings is also very evident.

Of course, we should note that even if these screen protectors turn out to be the real deal they might not necessarily be designed to cover the entire front of the devices edge to edge, so display bezel judgement, among other things, might be a bit off.



Reader comments

  • Grey
  • 02 Dec 2021
  • EKA

Nope I don’t thin. They haven’t done sd in a bit

Actually it does have a punch-hole cut out, but it's quite hard to see.... I had to zoom in quite a bit to see it..

  • 30 Nov 2021
  • 6pu

There is a micro sd card?

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