Samsung Galaxy Star S5280

Samsung Galaxy Star S5280

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  • TipzTeam

Anonymous, 05 May 2020Throw it away. send it to me i have a use lol

  • Anonymous

dev, 05 Mar 2020now this set is too much lacking. what should i do Throw it away.

  • dev

now this set is too much lacking. what should i do

  • sindy

chuck, 05 Dec 2013NO 3G....... WTF. what kind of phone has NO 3G? DO NOT BUYit is good its better than nothing you can download put games use whatsapp Facebook and even watch videos I think the people who made this phone did a good job .as for me I haven't faced these problems for the past 5 years using this phone . when you see your phone having problems it means that you are not taking good care of it . with this I thank the Samsung guys because they saw that this phone can be of help even if it is small . thank you

  • yeah

kusu mut, 21 Dec 2018hey guys pubg also not supportedhahahahaha

  • blewbots

s, 18 Oct 2015I initially bought this android phone because I had no money for... moreI totally agree with you I have the same problem and I now realize that the only sure option of satisfaction is the hammer........may the force be with you

  • kusu mut

Dinesh, 23 May 2013Galaxy star have no 3g .small size low pixel 2mp camera usless p... morehey guys pubg also not supported

  • Anonymous

litoy, 14 Jan 2018on samsung GT-S5282 model, anybody knows on how to reconnect mob... moreHere is the options i usually use.
1. Enable airplane mode. After enabled, disable it (i usually use this method for connection problem on android and symbian based phone)
2. Reboot your phone
3. Manually select provider.

  • litoy

on samsung GT-S5282 model, anybody knows on how to reconnect mobile network state? anss are all appreciate, thanks much.

  • jiade

well I used this phone for almost 4 years and honestly this is the worst phone in existence
the ram is so small,the screen is so small,the camera is rubbish,the storage is rubbish and no 3G.please don't buy this phone its a waste if money..just buy Samsung note 8

  • FoneLover12345

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2016wrost phone in the worldMan, this phone was introduced 4 years back. The it was a nice set to buy. it dont support high end heavy apps for new android versions running in that ild android version.

  • Anonymous

Best mobile .. world smallest android mobile from samsung all apps working fine like whatsapp fb youtube chrome..but battery drain fast

  • AnonD-702450

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2016I think, it is a great phone in this price range by samsung. Ye... moreSamsung galaxy star is a smart and fabulous & very small , cute phone.
This phone is performance in very had worked.
I am using this phone for 3.5 years.
But this phone better to do work till now.
I want to thanks who made this.
Thank you so much

  • srn

may it be good in start but it is now useless. I am saying this because it is still 2G for internet. The company is not modify it's features with updates. One more thing tomention is that it hadn't feature to disable apps without deleting updates. The RAM is only 512 mb but has given so many preloaded programs which can't be deleted due to which we can't enjoy games which closed due to lackoff memory.

  • Messi 10

I m using this phone for atleast 5 years .. Its awesome phone .. Its lagging sometimes now but overall its fabulos ... I rwcommend to all .. Awesome phone .. Battery is also good .. Design is fine... Overall ..A Paisa vasool phone.....


this is superb phone i got this in last 3 years.this is super phone i like it very much i play clash of clans on this phone it support to this .android 4.1.2 is give high performance

  • Anonymous

yes it support coc but can't read massages etc

  • Anonymous

does it support clash of clans?

  • AnonD-514873

Derian, 13 Jul 2016You're completely lying,this phone can't even watch 480p videos ... moreI have played 720p videos, though it lagged. 640p is Max you can play in this phone. :3

  • aswin

Ishan, 20 Apr 2016I am using this phone since 2 year. Sometime work fast and somet... morePlease reset it to have new speed