Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5110

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5110

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  • Anonymous

Bought this for my daughter yesterday, it's cheap and good value for the money and does not come with pre installed crap to slow it down. Screen is good, better than expected. Performance is Ok but of course not great, I want expecting Note II speeds at half the price. 16590 phil pesos.

  • jasmine

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2012I bought this and feeling totally doomed... pathetic camera qual... morey do u want to use sim card in it when u can use wifi...i mean u people want only wifi contection all the time so y the fuss about sim card slot..grow up and use wifi and if u dont know how to use it get help

  • Anonymous

My opinion is that tablet is the most valuable for its price amazing for internet and navigation
i cans say something about games because i don play anything
the only think that is missing from this is the option to read ntfs formats to use with external
the solution on this problem is to do a simple vey easy root on device and use an app called ntfs mounter
i have done it in mine and running in the stock rom without any problem after that reads everything

the gps and glonass antena can fix the location in less than 8 sec cold start
batery life about 7 hrs youtube-internet and about 9 hrs video player

nothing to jellus against his main opponent exept screen resolution if you care about it
but compared to a nornal 12 inch laptop it has the same resolution and better ppi

  • ajan

since the expectation of galaxay tablet 10.1( model GT 5110 ps)is a bit low compared to which i had expected.
if the company tries to increase its RAM memory, the quality of camera. Then no any competitors product can math to it.
So, plz make do some renovation on it.

  • Anonymous

I bought this and feeling totally doomed... pathetic camera quality.. no flash ... no sim slot.. just a space occupying charm

  • Anonymous

Radiologist, 23 Aug 2012I paid 280 euro for this, definetely worth them to the last cen... morePls where did u buy it?

  • Tim

This is a dependable tablet. But not for gaming. Casual and some HD games will do. I am using this tablet and I think its good for multimedia and office apps.

  • dAVo

Hello guys, i like this tablet but i wanna know how much is it? como on give me some prices... thanks.

  • Anonymous

Is this tablet good for gaming because i am planning to buy this tablet

  • hisham KSA

Egyptian Man, 05 Sep 2012Hi, I am wondering if this price is fair, I bought the device he... moreit cost about 1700 SAR dual core and 2400 SAR for quad core

  • NC

archjsun, 31 Jul 2012Bought my galaxy tab 2 10.1 last month. I like the tablet since ... moreThe sound problem you've mentioned you would solve as following : Click down the upper panel, click and activate NOTIFICATIONS...

  • Egyptian Man

Hi, I am wondering if this price is fair, I bought the device here in Egypt for about 380$, is it its price or a higher? Thanks

  • Said

I really loved it i just updated it yesterday and it was a touchwiz update the android version is still v4.0.4 but lots of stuffs got changed

  • Ice

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2012no Yes it does have a sim card slot!!!

  • Radiologist

I paid 280 euro for this, definetely worth them to the last cent. HD movies, games, and since im doing online trading on forex and stocks im always in the action!

  • Anonymous

its a awesome tab most of the application like twikkle,whether report TOO bad ot use No bashing - deliberately and repeatedly bashing the same brand

  • archjsun

Bought my galaxy tab 2 10.1 last month. I like the tablet since it caters to most of my needs. The battery life is more than what I need and the screen is bright enough to read outside during the day. There are just a few things that I think that people should know.

Most of the games I installed runs smoothly. There are just some instances when some of the games hangs in the middle of the game. Whenever I play temple run the tab will just suddenly lag which is annoying.

The home screen also sometimes lags when there are a lot of widgets on the home screen. The calendar and news widget, and weather widget tends to lag the home screen. I am not sure what is the cause of this, maybe it is because my tablet is already filled with ebooks and music.

Another problem I encountered with my unit is the problem with the message notification. My tablet has no sound on the message notification. I've adjusted a lot of settings and tinkered on the volume and sound and nothing happens.

I will be resetting my unit to factory setting after I backup my files. I just hope resetting to factory settings will restore this.

Asides from these two issues I am happy with my purchase of the tablet.

  • anonymus

awesome i loved it it is very cool i really loved it

  • Dean

Got my Gtab 2 last week and I LOVE IT! The screen is stunning, the ui is fast and smooth and the battery life is fantastic. I can watch full HD films on it, play 3D games (Dead trigger looks incredible on it) netflix on this machine is a dream come true.

It DOES have hdmi out, you just need the adapter cable.

  • AnonD-324

People pls dont buy this, just wait for the new Note.