Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2022This tab is so laggy like literally it hangs up soo much an... moreIf you can root it, you can install TWRP, just search the google how to.root and how to flashing TWRP, custom rom? With 1GB ram and low class chipset, i would just turn that into Headunit Reloaded, since all old gadget is using slow eMMC which cause lag to come faster than expected

  • Anonymous

This tab is so laggy like literally it hangs up soo much and sometimes you have to force shut down the tab to be able to use it again (I don't know to others) but when I Disabled the Play Store, the google play service, and the other google apps it is somewhat responsible. I installed a Via and Opera browser and disabled the chrome cause the chrome doesn't operate properly cause the tablet is literally a years old. Browsing with this Tab is kinda inconvinient cause it doesn't support modern websites. I'm kinda impressed with this cause it still operates without any problem just the lag. Since I've disabled Google Play I am just downloading apk files using my main phone and then transfer it in the tab. I tried installing a twrp recovery in this but it doesn't appear on my tab but when I'm trying to search for a "software update" on the tab it says that I've installed it already so I am not eligable on a software update lol. Do anyone know how to install TWRP in this tab? And do this tab have any custom rom? I can't see some.

  • Tex

my tab 3 hangs when i turn on data mode it even shuts down frequently it cannot even install latest sofwares...may i request samsung to promote users of this kind of phones

  • dargam4r

noniji, 20 Jan 2021This device wiil shut down in 100% battery and some apps is... morebecause pub is a 2017 game and its not available on a 2013 tab its android can't be further updated that's why.

  • darkgam4r

I had this tab in 2014. My dad gave It to me when I was 9 yrs old. it was an awesome tab I still use it to this date and hangs rarely.

Mufs, 04 Mar 2021This tablet is the worst l have heard it for 5 years,in 201... moreMy guy that junk is 8 years old you should upgrade to something like a Galaxy Tab A

i just looking😂

  • Dimitri Fernando

Nick11, 20 Sep 2021I buy new since 2015 is very slow Sadly is not support Wha... moreDid you have the tab???

  • Nick11

I buy new since 2015 is very slow Sadly is not support WhatsApp since 2021

I'm bought this tablet since 2013, It still pretty good to daily normal use and watching YouTube and play some light games , But it slow and this normal after all this years

  • Johnny

Been using this for since 2013. It works well. But it does run slow at times.

  • Anonymous

Very slow

  • Anonymous

Thank god i have bought this tab on 2013 and im still using it but eperiencing only slowness

  • huda

im using this tablet from past 2 years and it is still working,,

Buy 2013,still work 2021 for daily use, like WA, office and some small game.

  • theapplefan

I didn’t have this, why?:I only like apple. But I did have a samsung galaxy s3! But it doesn’t work anymore😢. RIP samsung galaxy s3 2012-2021. Now I’m using my iPad Pro! 😃

this tab is too old but working stadily. required battery .

  • Sheyn benitez

Why my tablet not connected in wifi?

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2020I lost the charger. Can anyone tell me the amperage of the ... moreAll i know is that its a 5w charger if you have a small iphone charger like one for an iphone 8 you can use that or plug it in to you computer.

  • Mufs

This tablet is the worst l have heard it for 5 years,in 2013 the tablet was fine in 2021 this tablet is complete nonsense graphics not good,Android version very bad and l don't even want to talk about camera and storage l hate this tablet😠😠😠😠