Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0 3G

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0 3G

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I am steel using this tab in 2018. Its bee 4 years, since i had bought it.

  • joshi

jio sim 4g is working this tab

  • cello

Its android 4.2.2 now

  • Anonymous

My battery is depleting very fast after usage of 18 months. Can service centres replace replace the battery .?

  • Lannig

Absolutely correct, my SM-111T takes a MICRO SIM card for 3G.

  • Anonymous

The Don, 08 Sep 2016You can use sim card on the model SM-T116 but not on SM-T111I use sim card on my model SM-T111 dude.

  • The Don

You can use sim card on the model SM-T116 but not on SM-T111

  • Anonymous

Best thing about tab 3 neo is its battery backup and it is reliable

  • Sim

woried, 16 Mar 2016i have a tab 3 lite but not happy with it because i can't insert... moreI think there is 3 different Tab 3 Lite 7.0, you must have bought the ones without sim card slot. The one you need is­e_7_0_3g-5975.php

  • woried

i have a tab 3 lite but not happy with it because i can't insert a sim and also make calls some one please help me.which tab type will i be able to insert a sim and make calls as well?

  • Cant be known

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2016Lousy camera Tell me about it...

  • Patty

Got 2 of the tab 3 lite for my children however how long does it usually take to charge.

  • Sunny

mammu, 07 Oct 2015its to bad there is on screen shoot option Tab the power button and same time tab the home key botton at a same time screen shot is ready for u

  • Anonymous

Lousy camera

  • Anonymous

Lousy camera

  • Mangyabhai

I own this tab 1.5 year back and still it work fine having good resolution.

  • Anna

My mom gave the tab3 lite to me..I have been use it for almost 1 year. I LOVE IT!! Its working
fine with me. What I did, is actually only keep 3 best games (games that i always play in the phone) so that it wont make the phone functionality works well and better. Plus, never do any browsing or even open the phone during charging..that way will extend the life of the phone loonger.

  • Bhanu partap

My samsung tab 3 have new problem ..when i play asphalt 8 game ..than its graphic not lookin good..its going full back in the game.

  • Ash

My device is not working with whom a option when my data plan is 31. What must be the problem, please guide me out

  • Anonymous

jazzy, 10 Aug 2015hi, i just want to know of it wont lag with the game clash of cl... moreIt will support all the games as well as Clash of Clans