Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 3G

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 3G

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  • Anonymous

Not so great in today's time. It hangs a lot and is pretty slow. Can't put my Gmail in. Cameras not good. Very less storage we can USE (~3GB). So yea, not that great in these days.

  • Pcyshe3

For today's fast-paced tech, it is pretty outdated, but when it comes to being low-maintenance and being sturdy, i still have mine after 6 years and i am not very careful in handling. So far this is my longest-living Samsung. I like that it was my only tab that can have a sim at the same time. I still use it for streaming, email, text messages, facebook, youtube and even netflix.

  • Nithish

nick tional, 22 May 2020Stil have mine. Perfectly working. Hope there's new system... moreThere won't be any, but if you want you can flash your device and stuff in CyanogenMod. Plus it supports my 4G WiFi at home. I use that thing as my YouTube pad and planning to install it to my car and use it as a Android head unit

  • Anonymous

It's not suitable for modern technology. I can't send any video throughout 'whats app'. OTG cable never support.

  • nick tional

Stil have mine. Perfectly working. Hope there's new system upgrade...

  • Wolfman

Youtube just doesn't work and now chrome aswell.

from the last 3 years, I'm using it for Video Streaming. The quality degraded but it works fine. only a bit of lag(buffering) when watching HD videos.

  • Wolfman

Anonymous, 15 Nov 2018Need assistant here... im unable to install whatsapp app. A... moreUse ur phone download shareit app. And also on the tab and share the whatsapp application to it. easy

  • Anonymous

Need assistant here... im unable to install whatsapp app. Android version 4.4.2. Samsung Tab 4 SMT231. Please revert. Tq

  • enzo

Zoom, 21 Jul 2017Tab 4 7.0 won't be getting lollipop Although 8 n 10.1 inch... morei making a rom for this tab it called pixel experience it has almost similar look like pixel and performance is awsome look at xda forum tab 4 sm-t231 look my rom post aqeelmessi10.. thats my rom still in beta... next i will release the pixel experience rom

  • Anonymous

Does it have a mediatek chipset

  • sabuz

its a great tab...specially battery backup is awsam :)

  • AnonD-688136

Such a nice Tab has been made by SAMSUNG is TAB 4 "T-231" perfect

  • Zoom

Tab 4 7.0 won't be getting lollipop
Although 8 n 10.1 inch tab 4 got updates

  • how to update

how to update lolipop

  • AnonD-151495

Will this ever get an os update?

  • how to update

android kitkat how to change lolipop

  • Anonymous

Best tablet within 200$ range

  • oiram

Eddy, 01 Dec 2016Bro just get it rooted and flash custom rom. This device wo... moresir, just want to know how did you root your tab 4? my phone is always experiencing force close apps and sometimes it restarts on its own while your playing or watching.... :D

  • AnonD-647218

Best Tablet u can find it out at the market for 200$ Buckets/1.5 GB of RAM/8-16GB of Storage + a 7" Inch Screen & Its Weights Only 1.10 KG which is light But the difference is that OTG & SIM Card is N/A out there :) :)