Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5 (2021)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5 (2021)

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  • LuxBik
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  • 7 hours ago

I don't need fancy stuff. I planning to buy a 4gb ram 64gb version. Is it good for watching youtube, movies? Surfing the web? And for lighter games? Gta LCS and Chinatown wars would be most impressive games. Maybe I also would download some emulators: NES, SNES, GBA and maybe PSp. So. Is it good for that stuff??

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    • Anonymous
    • NwU
    • 15 Mar 2023

    Anonymous, 27 Jan 2023Does this tablet have a sim card slot?Yes

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      • Golu
      • 7kj
      • 14 Mar 2023

      Sage, 21 Jan 2023Sluggish on day 1. Uncomfortable to hold. Who decided to p... moreWhat do you prefer than?
      Which is the good tablet under 20000 in india?

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        • Dalge
        • 0xC
        • 13 Mar 2023

        If you bying it you know why and oposit. I am happy to have my first tab for 156 euros. It is not for games or fotos it's for having options that works:
        1- wifi and LTE- works
        2- scroling and watching internet tv- works
        3- some random duties then main computer is off or i am out of the home-works.

        No complains at all. i needed cheep working tab- i have it. everithing is working for those 156 euros. no complains no trash at all. want lightning TAB- spend 1560 euros i am happy with taht one

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          • Anonymous
          • utk
          • 07 Mar 2023

          Horrible trash terrible piece of junk always registers accidental touches horrible camera full of bugs do not buy

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            • John
            • kp$
            • 06 Mar 2023

            pchclx, 10 Feb 2023I just got this tablet (Feb 2023) and it had at least 4+ ma... moreWish I read this post sooner, yes it makes sense to just get through all the updates before signing in or customizing. I would say I spent a good couple hour updating the apps, OS, and such before ever getting to signing in.

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              • JohnIL
              • kp$
              • 06 Mar 2023

              First Android tablet for me, can't say I am impressed even for a budget tablet especially from Samsung. It's basic at its best I guess but does not excel at anything. Cameras suck of course which isn't news, but the processor definitely is not the best for even the very simple tasks. 3Gb which I have along with 32 Gb storage pretty much makes it a short use second or third device type. I would not want to use it for hours and the screen doesn't impress for watching content either. I bought mine for $149 so no big regrets on what I spent for it.

                Pfffft, 03 Mar 2023Hot garbage. Camera is absolute crap in all conditions. I ... moreThis tablet is not meant for taking high quality pictures.

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                  • Pfffft
                  • pI%
                  • 03 Mar 2023

                  Hot garbage.
                  Camera is absolute crap in all conditions. I would actually prefer it not be there. Just makes it wonky on a table and buying a case for this sh't is just a further waste of money.
                  It's no wonder they didn't bother to include A GODDAMN FLASHLIGHT!

                    For sure this is better than a older used ipad. However its worth stretching to a 8th or 9th gen ipad for 2x++ performance. All those complaining about battery, turn off all the things you don't need like location, find my device etc. Wifi is too variable on this so keep it at home on a router that its happy wit.

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                      • rucaxp
                      • n$4
                      • 11 Feb 2023

                      Best money/hardware ratio on the market!!!!! It's not very fast for decoding video.

                        I just got this tablet (Feb 2023) and it had at least 4+ major OS updates pending; my advice: skip/decline through all the setup, don't sign into anything, just get to the system settings and update it all the way, then set it up fresh from there. Probably save yourself a ton of time and potentially start with a cleaner slate.

                        TBC on overall opinion but the price is definitely right, and was even able to trade-in a pretty ancient Samsung device for some credit towards it as well.

                          Anonymous, 18 Jul 2022Midrange? This feak is lower than entry level, do not info... moreI have one. It's not THAT bad. It's pretty good for the price.

                            V, 26 Sep 2022Its a nice tab to have for a user like me. I need a tablet ... moreExactly! These ppl expecting a gaming tablet with 8 gigs of ram and a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1for $220 are out of their minds.

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                              • kingarthur
                              • IbI
                              • 07 Feb 2023

                              Anonymous, 22 Jan 2023I have the A8, and I play relatively basic games on it ok e... moreI had a terrible time with the Wi-Fi for my first month with it. It kept dropping internet or going really slow. It was almost unusable. I tried two different Wi-Fi and one hotspot and it was still garbage. I finally got a new phone service with hotspot that actually worked on the tablet. I have read others with the same complaints. Why Samsung hasn't fixed this Wi-Fi issue, I don't know. I will just be using it on the new hotspot for now.

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                                • Neo
                                • L1n
                                • 06 Feb 2023

                                Anonymous, 04 Oct 2022Another landfill product. Governments should start char... morewell my iPad pro runs completly great with 4gb ram even games like call of duty maxed out runs great soo it depends on manifacturer

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                                  • Behrooz
                                  • a30
                                  • 06 Feb 2023

                                  Is this tablet worth trading?

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                                    • Erkut
                                    • Lek
                                    • 05 Feb 2023

                                    Buy this tablet only if you are looking for something to watch youtube, movie surfing internet, instagram, facebook etc. and light gaming such as 2,5D games, point and click games etc. Tripple A games will run but, due to ram and CPU limitations, even though GPU is ok, it's not gonna be smooth. Another thing is, the UI and Launcher is not so smooth with A13 update. Sometimes you wait couple of seconds to see apps in main screen after you open the screen lock. Not great, not terrible.

                                      TANANA, 26 Jan 2023QUESTION ~~ I'm waiting for mine to come on February 4... moreYea, if you only browse the web and email and stuff the low end processor and low storage probably won’t bother you.

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                                        • RandomGuy
                                        • pE8
                                        • 27 Jan 2023

                                        Anonymous, 27 Jan 2023Does this tablet have a sim card slot?Yes