Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016)

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  • jaiden armas

bachi , 20 Oct 2019Noyes it is

  • Fari F

MladenJ, 14 Sep 2020Samsung galaxy tab A 2016 - problem Samsung Galaxy Tab ... moreAbout the battery issue, have you try to calculate how much your device battery health left?
Try instal app like AccuBattery, and let it run when you charge the device couple times.
Mobile battery has short lifecycle, even though nowdays is better since Li-Po era, but still 2 years usage is enough time to get the battery health drop, especially if you use it for gaming.
I just bought this old Tab A device (second hand), and the battery health is drop to around 80% already. But I only use it for reviewing documents so I'm okay with this.

Samsung galaxy tab A 2016 - problem

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016)

The tablet is 1.8 g old, so it is still under warranty until the end of 12.2020. it was an upgrade to Oreo 8.1 and another update so far I haven't had any problems other than its poor screen response from the start I have to press hard to react.

Let me mention that after upgrading to Oreo 8.1 I did a factory reset but I'm not sure I did it after the last minor update.

The problem arose a few months ago with a battery that was his strongest side and really great to use,
I charged it 100% and it stood so off for a few days I go to use it when I look at the battery 50% I charge it again and turn it off after 1 hour it drops to 80%, and the battery consumes a bit more than before.
I have repeated this several times the same thing happens in a few hours falling to 50%.

I made a backup tablet and did a factory reset a few times
on it are now only Samsung applications happens the same thing the battery charges much slower than before and you feel the heat on the display above the USB charging slot and it discharges faster in operation and I even noticed that it discharges much faster when the tablet is OFF. overnight 50%.

The tablet was still under warranty purchased at the Sancta Domenica store in Rijeka
the question is what to do now, there are still 3 months until the expiration of the guarantee to whom to advertise this case,
whether these in Samsung can deny that this problem is recognized as part of the warranty and what to expect and what to agree to along the way for these 1.8 months the tablet may have worked for a total of 2 months and
maybe this is not just a battery fault but also a motherboard that regulates battery charging
and did anyone have a problem with the battery in the tablet or cell phone and warranty recognition.

Thanks and please an urgent reply.

  • Anonymous

Demo, 05 Jun 2020Can this device play pubg a low specs?I think

  • Anonymous

Does it have 9.0 pie?

  • Anonymous

Android gamer 337, 17 Jul 2020Bought it this February, I bought it to play games like COD... moreDude tablet is from 2016,and it was budget. This isn't meant for gaming at all

Android gamer 337, 17 Jul 2020Bought it this February, I bought it to play games like COD... moreyou bought it "to play games" without any research and you complain.
- self explanatory.

Bought it this February, I bought it to play games like COD, PUBG, ROS and Clash Royale,what a waste of money. Here's why, most of these games on this devices are at medium framerate except Clash Royale thanks to that s*** Exynos processor they made , Even a budget 10.2 inch iPad with an A10 fusion which is a few years old can run over extreme framerate, If you want to buy it for surfing the web or watching videos,you can't go wrong,If you want to buy it for games ,Skip it. You can either get the Tab S Series maybe a little better or get an iPad for $329 and find it cheaper on Amazon, it performs better than this even though it's running with an A10 which is first appear in the iPhone 7 which is 4 years ago.I'm not trying to be an Apple sheep here, at least there software experience is more fluid than Samsung's.

  • COD gamer 89

If you want to buy a tablet for gaming, buy the $329 iPad instead, here's why
Playing games like Pubg, COD, ROS and others are a terrible experience, graphics are only on low and medium framerate

  • Goodfellow

Try flashing it & see if you can install Lineage OS or Saifish. If not then see some other alternate OS.

  • Pim

It used to be great but after the last security path battery drains quickly on standby... Samsung don't help at all with that problem... You've got to accept programmed obsolescence I guess

  • Sebastian

Demo, 05 Jun 2020Can this device play pubg a low specs?Yes, it runs perfectly fine. I tried it and it works

  • Anonymous

Demo, 05 Jun 2020Can this device play pubg a low specs?No

  • Anonymous

Demo, 05 Jun 2020Can this device play pubg a low specs?Yes

  • Demo

Can this device play pubg a low specs?

  • salman

itsgosho, 27 Apr 2020Now there is a new security update.what update plx tell me

  • Anonymous

Its an ok tablet really liking the split screen update BUT it really sucks that there arent any good styluses for this tablet other than the not so good one that doesnt even take pressure when drawing


The tablet is really fast

  • itsgosho

otnaaa2, 08 Apr 2020I agree. Tablet is great. But I don't need it for games so ... moreNow there is a new security update.

Today I received April security patch.