Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 (2016)

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  • Anonymous

Memory is not enough for such basic apps
Is there a way to merge an external memoy

Vishal, 29 Aug 2020i've beenot using this tab for a while, and i don'... morehola...did u ever read the title??
samsung galaxy tab a 7.0 (2016)

so what on earth, all the points that you ask for..
for example, poin no.3, did you realize that you really ask that question in year 2020?? 😂😂

and all the specs from this device, you judge its specs after 4years its launched?? 😂
dont u know, that specs sounds cool at that time(2016) for a tab of it price.
so, i suggest you to buy latest model(2020) of tab S series if you look for a best specs,

always remember,
you get what you pay..

  • Dr m s rahman

mooxoor, 06 Sep 2020Really,we have to sign petition to update this useless tab ... moreNeed to upgrade operating system immediately

Really,we have to sign petition to update this useless tab or we will bycott all Samsung shit,they didn't respect their customers.

  • Vishal

i've beenot using this tab for a while, and i don't recommend you to buy this piece of shit...

1) the ram! 1.5 gb ram! and only 500 mba ram is available all the time!
2) processor : an unknown processor which samsung did not mention!
3) compatibility! android 5? are you kidding me? which world are you in?
4) design : yeah, the same old design of samsung tab 3
5) battery, i don't know, some 100 mah?? say, samsung is lying! it's having a very low battery life!
6) overall, i give 0.1/5 rating!

so i'm moving to huawei mediapad t5... this crap? i don't know man!

  • Muji

Expendable up to limit

  • stien

Cyrus, 12 Jul 2020Pls tell me is this tablet have a sofware update to android... moreNope. No official update. You could try to root it and flash with an aftermarket rom, but your results may vary and you could brick the device.

  • Bongo

Cyrus, 12 Jul 2020Pls tell me is this tablet have a sofware update to android... moreNo update. Only lolpop 5.1.1

  • Shakes

I updated my tab software and after that the tab requires me to enter my previous Google account which I no longer recall and when I want to bypass it ,it say my request is been declined for security reasons and I want to know ,what to do

  • Cyrus

Pls tell me is this tablet have a sofware update to android 6 or 7 naogut?

  • Harshvaishnav

This tab is very good condition but this is not updates and not a 8 gb only 4 gb . Please I request company given next soon and give 2 gb ram on update please I request you.

  • Rakesh

Lukellomallu, 01 Jun 2019Charges very slow, RAM is not enough, only 4gb of the inter... moreUse a charger of a higher rating, should solve your issue.

  • Rakesh

The tablet is good, am using it to read ebooks, have installed Kindle e-reader.

  • Anonymous

All is well but Bad thing is storage 8GB 😕

  • Fatwee

This tablet is actually good, it has good screen, it has fm radio with recording capability. The downsides are the cpu is relatively sluggish, little ram, poor speaker, very low internal storage. And the speaker is often muffled because it is located at the back. The best thing about the tablet is the beautiful screen.

  • Anonymous

This tablet is fairly good, with a poor processor, storage and camera

2 years and a few months with the divice and everything on it it's amazing.
The storage capacity is the only thing you should worry about, but with a micro sd card everything can be fine.

  • Ericson

Can this tab be updated to android 7

  • Ruwan

I use this Tab for 6 months , Experiences is very satisfied . screen resolution ( PPI ) better than all the Budget tabs on market ( base on price ) & sharp screen. sound quality is satisfied & when its connects to Sound System very good quality sound input . Descent gaming experiences with basic games. all my music collection is with this Tab & with good quality pair of hands free its amazing experiences. ( i am very satisfied with updated Samsung music with dark mode )
Battery is long lasting & with lot of Web Browsing & youtube . this tab is very useful to me as my 2nd phone specially for view the mails & attachments ( now a days narrow screen phones is not good for mails & attachment view ) with wide screen its very pleasant to view mails & web browsing.
only complain is lack of storage ( 8 GB ) & its hassle to move all downloads to MSD card time to time also Apps need to move to MSD card always. also no Software Updates.

But base on price factory this is very productive & quality tab for general use & Business use as well.

  • Adrian Wee

Good tablet, happy with it. Weakness is only lack of internal memory space. Should be 32 gigs at least