Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2017)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2017)

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  • Anonymous

Just bought this tablet second hand in good condition in 2020, and it does all I want it to. It has Android 9 on it, and it's working well, performance OK.
I'm not a fan of the hardware nav buttons, and I like to have them in the position that every other manufacturer does, but that's solved with a software nav button solution.
I have the LTE version and phone calls are very clear at both ends.
On the wish list side of things:
1) Notification light. It doesn't have one
2) More RAM. 3GB would have been nice, but in looking for a tablet, I notice most tabs at this price point were 1.5 to 2gb anyway.
3) More storage. 16gb is a bit on the small side. 32GB would have been nice. Although it does have microSDXC storage capability.
All in all though, very good tablet for the money I paid, which at the time of this writing was US $100 (AU$160). This tab will serve me a few more years yet.

Can i comnect to a TV using Type C to HDMI cable

  • Ng

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2020What kind of otg are you using to test this? Im also from malysiaOnline buy a cheap convertor
About RM10
Can use mouse, use drive, sorry HDD cannot, as not enough power to run it

  • Anonymous

Ng, 04 Sep 2019Yes, USB drive, mouse workWhat kind of otg are you using to test this? Im also from malysia

  • Ng

Ok, this section become my update log.
Just received 3rd update after Pie, oddly does not bring any new nor security patch,
Still on sept 2019 after update, 98.86MB.

  • dyna

can i move installed app to memory card in android 7.1 of this tablet?

  • Ng

After Pie sometime will not fully charge, stuck at 90%

  • Rohit kadam

Jma, 08 Oct 2019Can this device support wireless (Qi) charging?NO

  • Jma

Can this device support wireless (Qi) charging?

  • Ng

Dolby atmos support!, 09 Sep 2019This device supports dolby atmos! So please update it in specificationOnly if after update to Pie

  • Dolby atmos support!

This device supports dolby atmos! So please update it in specification

  • Ng

J1990, 03 Sep 2019Does this OTG supported?Yes, USB drive, mouse work

  • J1990

Does this OTG supported?

  • Ng

new update after Pie
camera improved
still june patch

  • 高&#33

just get android pie 9.0 update today with One UI. security patch 1 June 2019.

  • Ng

Just get Pie update on XME, 1241MB
Security patch 1 june 2019

  • Quibid

Not too bad. Still has the same Samsung structure where specifications do not divulge such as capacity for USB attached storage devices etc. Appears to focused on selling than actually providing honest and logical information. Probably directing too mcuh toward Apple comparison than fulfilling user knowledge and ability to get the best from their devices.

  • Ng

On April received April patch update
Today received May patch update
Next waiting Pie update

it's usb-c

  • Winters

Isaac, 19 Mar 2019Hello have lost my Samsung galaxy Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2017) sim ca... moreYep. It is really hard to find 1. I lost mine 2. That's why I ordered a similar tray from Galaxy A3 A5 A7 (2016) phone models. It does not fit 100% but I scratched it a bit with a rasp and now both my cards, SD and SIM are working! It is not an original tray and looks a bit weird but at least it is working. Just scratch it so it goes more deeply inside.­-A5-A7-2016-OEM-SIM-Micro-SD/32676154978.html?sp­m=a2g0v.search0302.3.66.266a7a97CismN1&ws_ab­_test=searchweb0_0%2Csearchweb201602_0_10084_100­83_10887_10307_321_453_322_454_10902_10618_536_1­0065_317_537_10068_319_10059_10103_10884_10696%2­Csearchweb201603_0%2CppcSwitch_0&algo_pvid=6­16e9a9b-c48b-4c88-a586-9fa4e318649c&algo_exp­id=616e9a9b-c48b-4c88-a586-9fa4e318649c-8