Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0

Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0

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  • Anonymous
  • mFd
  • 19 Aug 2022

Nice but the problem is that the battery is not lasting even though it's 5000mAh

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    • Anonymous
    • fsV
    • 03 Dec 2021

    The phone itself makes sense,buh the camera quality is really bad

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      • Goe
      • RYQ
      • 03 Nov 2021

      Horrible performance plus crashing, bad camera quality

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        • Tim MTB
        • v}c
        • 15 Aug 2021

        Been using it for 4 Years until i switch to a phone it's quite durable threw it alot bite it alot (this was when i was 7-11)
        until... (Crack) the screen broke which was quite surprising
        i had spill coke all over it and survived all that but a bite was enough to break it

        Battery:Long Lasting 6-8 hours from the start after 4 years 3-5 hours


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          • Mj
          • Y1T
          • 21 Jun 2021

          Can you make a text and call on this tab?

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            • Chris
            • xPP
            • 07 May 2021

            Imran Gul, 13 Jan 2021Okay okay. It's better for light gaming,web browsing,e... moreCan you play mobile legend here sir?

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              • Anonymous
              • ftQ
              • 08 Mar 2021

              Imran Gul, 13 Jan 2021Okay okay. It's better for light gaming,web browsing,e... more4G??

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                • Imran Gul
                • XVM
                • 13 Jan 2021

                Okay okay. It's better for light gaming,web browsing,emailing and other small tasks.PUBG,PUBG LITE,Call of duty, don't work on this even if you have a good internet connection.Yeah but free fire will work properly.And often when you connect to wifi,it becomes choppy and begins to lag. Not so good!

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                  • hmmm
                  • 7XH
                  • 24 Nov 2020

                  i remember having this tablet since 2018, now it has a cracked display but still works fine

                    I got this tablet as a hand-me-down from my sister. This tablet is definitely not high-end in anyway but it can handle video playback, some web-browsing, email, and light gaming. If your buying this tablet used for anything other than what I said above I strongly advise that you look for something better. I mainly use this tablet to watch Netflix or crunchyroll.

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                      • Skilz1999
                      • 5Mb
                      • 21 Jan 2020

                      i find that this tablet is worthless piece of junk. can't compete with daily tasks like banking and browsing. Not worth ur money. Instead, get something after 2018. With better specs

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                        • Anonymous
                        • nx1
                        • 14 Dec 2019

                        AnonD-695723, 29 Aug 2017I made a separate user acct so my mother could use my table... moreIf you didn't have to do that, then your mother would have been able to see what apps you have installed on your main account. I see you don't understand the purpose of user accounts.

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                          • Alizeh
                          • g30
                          • 19 Jun 2019

                          hi im having a problem with mobile legends its lagging alot nd they saying all the time that low fp detected it shouldn't be a problem cuz its a high quality tab ryt but its lagging alot nd in my previous tab ml was fine its strted in this samsung tab its new for me please tell me how to fix it

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                            • wali
                            • XRE
                            • 15 Mar 2019

                            the wifi of my TAB E is not working, it seems to be hardware problem, is it repairable?

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                              • pogi
                              • s{K
                              • 12 Feb 2019

                              mr.Bronx, 27 Dec 2018dont even support game like mobile lagend and pubg,. laging mobile legends and pubg works fine 4 me though

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                                • Blackice
                                • k3B
                                • 29 Jan 2019

                                mr.Bronx, 27 Dec 2018dont even support game like mobile lagend and pubg,. laging Mr Bronx

                                Pubg is a heavy video graphic game. You should have looked into the Amazon fire or Lenovo tablets . I play pubg but my tablet is in for repair. Try plays great not as nice as pubg but still a great PvP on Android. I enjoy this tablet it is small and fun to use battery life is okay but when in airplane mode the battery last twice as long. It fast and handles most of my tasks well

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                                  • jaycee
                                  • PSv
                                  • 12 Jan 2019

                                  i cant open my tablet

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                                    • mr.Bronx
                                    • tZ0
                                    • 27 Dec 2018

                                    dont even support game like mobile lagend and pubg,. laging

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                                      • Arema
                                      • uct
                                      • 18 Sep 2018

                                      Hi there please tell me do i can use any other simcard for activated data to this tablet?
                                      Coz so manytimes im trying but fail., must use verizon simcard..,really drive me mad.,coz i have no wifi access???

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                                        • Acoonce
                                        • GA8
                                        • 20 Aug 2018

                                        Well I would & do love it other than a couple of things. 1. Keeps getting this lovely pop-up that says"Unfortunately, the process has stopped
                                        2. Uses a lot of memory real quick and you can't transfer alot of it to your SD card
                                        3. The sound isn't the greatest even with a booster.