Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2

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  • Anonymous
  • 5Nw
  • 18 Feb 2023

John Seeni, 17 Jun 2022Is there Samsung Dex installed in Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro SM... moreNo. Samsung dex is 2016 or later. this is from 2014

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    • John Seeni
    • IVN
    • 17 Jun 2022

    Is there Samsung Dex installed in Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro SM-T900?
    If yes how to activate it?

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      • Anonymous
      • p2q
      • 20 Mar 2021

      I bought a keyboard as well but battery died. I also bought a keyboard via amazon but again keyboard battery came dead as well.
      I need an advice to replace the battery

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        • Anonymous
        • Q{4
        • 20 Jan 2021

        AnonD-422202, 27 Jul 2015Disappointed that I can't change the battery. Gaming sucks ... moreYou can change the battery, I did after 6 years as it was overheating and now like new again. Buy it on Amazon.

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          • Rafael
          • g0y
          • 21 Jun 2020

          Got this tablet on November 2014 and is June 2020 and still running. I use it from 6 am to 10 pm every single day for everything(hey Google,Netflix,Amazon prime,emails,web browsing,printing documents,photos,etc.) including a few family videos on birthdays and weddings,still works like a champ. Love this tablet. Good job Samsung.

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            • Nikx
            • pXn
            • 19 May 2020

            Me olso use it till today and works great, just thinking to change battety and use it more, good device for internet surfing and more else.

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              • Juris
              • mp{
              • 11 May 2020

              I can only agree with those who love this product. I have had my one for 6 years now... Kids are using on a regular basis, even for school work during this crisis, for playing games etc.
              I does get overloaded at times and need some cleaning. But after that it works perfectly again. Cannot thank Samsung enough for this product. Really great one.

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                • Anonymous
                • Sux
                • 29 Jun 2019

                i hope that this kind of 12" android would come back to stores asap! :-/

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                  • AnonD-473688
                  • IsA
                  • 07 Dec 2015

                  A good solid tablet that works well enough I use as my primary Internet device. Camera quality is decent, not as good as my S6 Edge+ but passable. My only concern is whether or not it will get Marshmallow. Sammy pulls that off and I won't replace for quite some time.

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                    • rumi
                    • 7tZ
                    • 27 Nov 2015

                    Awesome tab i love my tab , since the time i am using tab pro i dnt care about my lappy and phone only thing that i dont like is there is no sim feature.......other than that good screen , can watch movies on big screen ,video call , can carry , it almost work as lappy.i suggest to buy but with sim feature .

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                      • AnonD-452891
                      • PvX
                      • 13 Oct 2015

                      Great Tablet.

                      Super fast, super big screen, high quality. Five Stars.

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                        • Fluffy
                        • nxg
                        • 26 Aug 2015

                        Disappointed that this model does not have an Spen. i have a Samsung Note 2 that includes an spen...wanted to use that on here just to find out the TAB PRO doesnt have it...its the NOTE PRO that has this feature.

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                          • AnonD-422202
                          • 4S@
                          • 27 Jul 2015

                          Disappointed that I can't change the battery. Gaming sucks up the battery and it gets hot. Bought a tablet cooler stand for it.


                            Kindly I want to have a good idea & details to help me in my decision between T900 & T800? I mean between Wi-Fi Tablet; Tab Pro 12.2 (T900) & Tab S 10.5 (T800)...

                            I need to know which is better for me?! Is it right that bigger is better?!
                            What about the quality of (sound) & (display)? and system upgrade?
                            What is the difference between LCD 12.2 & LED 10.5? is it a major difference for watching HD media?

                            Plz help me to make the right decision.

                            Thnx n advance

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                              • YONES
                              • EUC
                              • 12 Feb 2015

                              is the usb can accept a flash drive

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                                • lyquify
                                • nuT
                                • 08 Feb 2015

                                This thing is gorgeous runs everything. Audio video is great for skyping. I have my Phone for my sim i wouldnt even want to stick it in this tablet and then have to take it out. Highly recommneded got it for a steal on amazon also

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                                  • ndum ndai
                                  • NHL
                                  • 06 Jan 2015

                                  It is really an nice device,but a useless one since you can not insert a sim.

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                                    • AnonD-325119
                                    • 3IT
                                    • 28 Oct 2014

                                    Extraaaaa tablet

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                                      • Von
                                      • v0q
                                      • 22 Sep 2014

                                      I want to buy this Tab but How can I connect this Tab to my 40in LCD TV and play my downloaded 1080 HD Movie? If this Tab support MHL, can it really play and support 1080 HD movie TV out? My 40in LCD TV support One HDMI and One USB connector with NO support for Internet and MHL. Any comment??

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                                        • AnonD-183110
                                        • mi7
                                        • 29 May 2014

                                        [deleted post]absolutely perfect !