Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 to be thinner than the iPad Air 2

16 February, 2015

Last week we told you that Samsung is allegedly busy working on a couple of successors for last year's Galaxy Tab S line of tablets with Super AMOLED touchscreens. And today we get a couple of details about them, revealed through a new rumor on the matter.

Apparently we should expect the new Tab S tablets to come in 8" and 9.7" options. Those are different screen size measurements compared to their predecessors, which are offered in 8.4" and 10.5" versions. The change has to do with Samsung using 4:3 aspect ratios for the Tab S2's displays, just like Apple always has, and like Google has with its Nexus 9 tablet.

Previously we'd heard about another duo of upcoming Samsung tablets with 4:3 aspect ratios, the Galaxy Tab A and A Plus. So now it seems that those weren't just a test case for the new aspect ratio - Samsung has already decided to use it for more devices.

Since the aspect ratio will change, the Tab S2 line will sport different resolutions compared to the original Tab S units. Exactly what those will be is unknown at this point.

But what we do know, according to the same rumor, is that both the Tab S2 8.0 and the Tab S2 9.7 will be thinner than the Apple iPad Air 2. That device's thickness comes in at just 6.1mm. Furthermore, the new tablets will employ metal frames, in order to make them have a premium feel.



Reader comments

  • AnonD-393866

This is a cool thing from Samsung, but they will have to beware, because Apple always have to beat Samsung to the punch.

  • AnonD-183154

iPad started 4:3, Android jumped in the market with 18:9 for movie watching, then realizing it a mistake and follow Apple again.

  • Anonymous

I think you missed that Google uses it on the Nexus 9 also. So why are you automatically assuming the Apple angle when it's just as likely Google