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Hmm, 04 Sep 2021I've had horrible experiences with Samsung tablets and... moreMy experience has been the opposite. Samsung has been on a roll. My two Tab S6 Lite Samsung Tablets are working great. My Galaxy S21 is working great. My three tab A7 tablets are working great. My Galaxy watch Active is working great. And my Galaxy Fit still works great.

Heck I was almost going to purchase the Samsung QN90A TV because I have been so pleased with Samsung. I used to purchase their DLP HD sets in the old days. But I decided to go with the Hisense U8G UHD TV instead. Since the price I paid was $800 less than the QN90A would have been. Plus Samsung only had one HDMI 2.1 input and no Dolby Vision on their UHD TVs.

I still hope Samsung embraces Dolby Vision one day. For their TVs, cell phones, and tablets. Instead of just HDR10+.

  • Gabriel

Stopped reading my SD card after the last update. Every time there's an update in any of my Samsung devices, the SD cards stop working in this particular device. On my older phones they just work fine, but on the newer devices everything seems to be lost.

This will be my last Samsung Android device ever.

2000, 12 Aug 2021It's been 2 months since I bought the Samsung Galaxy T... moreI've had horrible experiences with Samsung tablets and phones recently.

I bought two of these last November as well. One from Best Buy and the other from Microsoft. The latter packaging looked as it was used, I had issues immediately with 5G wifi and abysmal speeds. The tablet often rebooted. Samsung warrant support was poor. The S6 Lite is cheaply made. A few months later I had the same issues with the Best Buy one too

  • Anonymous

ketchupchip, 28 Aug 2021i am willing on buying this tablet and i am kinda into gami... moreIt's playable on low, but not fantastic. It has a fairly old midrange chip.

  • Anonymous

ketchupchip, 28 Aug 2021i am willing on buying this tablet and i am kinda into gami... moreyes and its great , however it also depends on ur network connection plus genshin is a big game so get the 128 one

  • Anonymous

ketchupchip, 28 Aug 2021i am willing on buying this tablet and i am kinda into gami... moreUnfortunately, no. You can get by with low settings but it's not a great experience.

i am willing on buying this tablet and i am kinda into gaming. so i wandering if anyone who has it could answer me. Is *Genshin Impact* workable in this device or not?
thank you on advance.

2000, 12 Aug 2021It's been 2 months since I bought the Samsung Galaxy T... moreThe Samsung Tablets have a one year warranty. If it is only two months old then it should still be covered under the factory warranty.

Fortunately, I have yet to run into any issues with my two S6 Lite tablets. That I got in November 2020.

  • Adam

Andrei , 18 Aug 2021It have dex!! Yes

  • Andrei

It have dex!!

It's been 2 months since I bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite. The device was low on power so I put to charge and the next day the device is black screened. I am unable to safe boot or boot it at all. The device is completely turned off as if it has zero power despite charging, no logo nothing. I've only used the Samsung charger and used it mainly for studying and some games. I have tested the charger on my phone and it's charging my phone perfectly.

I have tried holding down the power button + volume down button to restart. It has not work. Tried power button, it has not worked. Tried power button plus volume up button it has not worked.

Visited Samsung site only to discover than other people have exactly the same problem with Samsung Galaxy tab s6 lite. Samsung has since stopped responding to the complains and has shot down the thread with a warning that if anybody else complains about the same issue, it would be deleted to preserve the integrity of the product. They have been silent on the cause of the problem.

I think this is unfair because people bought this product with money. If there is a manufacturer's error/fault, they should come clean on this and provide immediate solution. Important stuffs are stored in the tab and I need to retrieve them

The only option left is to visit a service centre to repair a 2 month old tablet which never had crack screen or fell from my hand.

This is the second Samsung tablet I bought and it crashed unexpectedly. This may be the last Samsung tablet I will buy. I have since stopped using Samsung phones and I have peace of mind now with my Nokia 5.3.

  • MS

A higher Ram is better. Thus, my choice is S6 better than A7.

I got the July patch about 140MB. I'm not sure if there any added features but I think it's just the security patch. Still performing very well after more than 1 year.

  • Mrt B-LeY

I have mine since 8 months and theres a safety mode to charge battery without exceeding
80% in the option , so battery isnt draining very much when this is activated im using it at the moment for more than 1hour with music and screen on and its still at 82% not draining that much , it come with normal charger btw but support a Fast charger Q3 very well ... I have found a military grade protected case on amazon for abour 30$ Can and its a very good case well made its definetly the best of the Tabs i have in my life for now very good performance with processor and nice sound quality very loud and heavy sound 😅

  • Ahmed fathy

I purchased tab galaxy so lite but it comes without cover and its charger is 7.8w not 15 w???

  • mahdy

the device battery Get drained very quickly

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2021this is an issue with the screens themselves probably nothi... moreThe same as my other Samsung devices. Press the power button and volume down at the same time to take a screen shot.

Plus there are other ways like with the palm of your hand or with the S-Pen.

  • Ming

I would like to ask, how did this tablet do screenshots?

Thank You