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  • Anonymous

How bright is it for indoors oy usage? As in peak brightness / nitts? Some reviews says not bright enough. Hmm....


Anonymous, 05 May 2021Sounds like you're sensitive to PWM. Some devices do i... moreBut this isn't oled display
Who would pwm occur

  • Anonymous

ANONYMOUS-, 22 Apr 2021When I set the brightness to lowest level and when I scroll... moreSounds like you're sensitive to PWM. Some devices do it at a low enough frequency for some people to notice it. There's nothing to do except to avoid using it at the brightness level where you can PWM flicker, or get a different device.

Archan, 11 Apr 2021It's not normal in typical devices, but since the chip... moreYes. I got a couple of the Tab S6 Lites last year. And paid a lot. After trade ins and sale prices they cost me close to $200 each. Then I got several of the Tab A7 models for only $65 to $80 after trade ins and sale prices. The A7 smokes my Tab S6 Lites. Much better battery life and louder speakers since there are four. But at the time I had no idea the Tab A7 models would be so inexpensive after the Samsung generous trade in offers.

The S6 Lite is great for the stylus. But that is one thing I never use. So I use my A7 tablets and S6 Lite tablets the same way. Only I need to charge my S6 Lite tablets twice as often as my S6 Lite tablets. Since the SoC in the Tab S6 Lite is less efficient than the SoC in the A7.

I still like both model tablets. And use all five of them daily. But for the price I paid for them, the A7 tablets were a much better deal for me.

Why does youtube not opens as it opens in mobile phone? When you start a video, you need to tap x to close screen which shows autoplay etc. So you can not just open a video and watch it. You need to close that screen first. Also, in phone screen goes on landscape mode if you tap on fullscreen icon even though auto rotate is off. Any ideas to solve?

When I set the brightness to lowest level and when I scroll through any app or Google i can see the screen shake little But when I set the britghness to a little more than lowest its normal. Pls help

Guys, help required
Anyone experience setting the screen to the lowest brightness and if u open an app or if u scroll the notification bar down, Do u see that the britghness reduces a little more (although brightness is lowest)
Only for the time u scroll down or up. Like it reduces if u scroll the notification panel downwards or if u scroll down through an app (end of page).
Is this common
Because I feel like if that's not the case, means the screen is shaking in low brightness

I got another security patch update of 305,10 MB in size. It is the March update so I think only the security patch and maybe some bugfixes.

  • Anonymous

Vysair, 14 Apr 2021Guys, please be careful because this tablet display can get... moreTFT burn in lmao. Maybe you're mistaking this page for the tab s6 (without lite)?

  • Anonymous

Vysair, 14 Apr 2021Guys, please be careful because this tablet display can get... moreAre you sure? TFT burn in? It could mean this tablet is not using ordinary TFT LCD like the cheaper one, it may use Quantum LCD maybe called QLED like samsung TV, because LG V20 also suffered this issue due to Quantum IPS LCD on V20 screen

  • Brainiac

ANONYMOUS-, 24 Mar 2021Which country? The spen button is at the right spot, maybe you need to change your grip of you are griping that down on the pen. Next, the screen problems can be fixed by turning off adaptive brightness and turning off lower power mode. The power button is really just a petty remark. Like you can't find the power button??!

  • Vysair

Guys, please be careful because this tablet display can get a burn-in temporarily. My advice is to use amoled theme and if the burn-in goes very slowly, don't use the screen for maybe 48 hours.

Also, the speaker is superb! Please turn on Dolby Atmos Movie for speaker, it made it like you are inside the same room as that sound, hard to describe and turn on Dolby Atmos music for earphone and it will made your music sound very good, you can feel the music and the 'air shake' .

[deleted post]I doubted between an iPad with Apple pencil and the Tab S6 lite last year when I got my tablet, but the price of the iPad including the stylus was higher than the S6 lite with stylus in box. I use the stylus often so I wanted to have it anyways, just like on my phone. Also the 4:3 ratio compared with the 5:3 on the S6 lite was a disadvantage since I mostly use my tablet for watching videos and series. But that was for me the reasons to get the Tab S6 lite over the iPad.

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2021Just got my s6 lite yesterday, ordered online. And I notice... moreIt should be smooth. My Tab S6 lite does have a hiccup now and then but not often. Have you checked your settings to optimize performance?

  • Aki

How to use Samsung Dex Wirelessly on this tab to cast on TV or Windows. Anybody knows? Please Explain...

  • Archan

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2021Just got my s6 lite yesterday, ordered online. And I notice... moreIt's not normal in typical devices, but since the chipset is weaker in this tab the performance gets a hit.

  • Anonymous

Just got my s6 lite yesterday, ordered online. And I noticed the screen animations (switching to next page, scrolling on the browser, swiping down the notification bar, etc.) Is not smooth. Is this normal?

  • Binko

I own an s6 Lite. I also own a base iPad of the latest generation. The two devices cost roughly the same.

The S6 Lite has incredibly weak graphics performance while the iPad happily powers through anything I want to play. This means I've stopped using the S6 Lite at all because I want to be able to switch between various apps and games at will and I can do it on the iPad but can't do it on the S6 Lite.

I've never much cared for Apple products and would prefer to say within the Samsung ecosystem. But in order to do so I would have to trade my poor performing S6 Lite in for an S7 which I can't afford to do right now.

Anonymous , 24 Mar 2021Received the ui 3 update yesterday on my tab 6 lite. Now ... moreHi. Usually, a factory reset followed by a full software update will resolve many software issues. Anyway, an updated application could have some new bugs etc, so all we have to do is either to remove the updates for that particular application, or to wait for the next update, patch etc