Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 also passes by Geekbench

Michail, 15 June 2020

Just two days after the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ stopped by Geekbench, its more compact brother, the Tab S7 also stopped by the platform.

The slate was spotted bearing the SM-T870 model number and managed 4,509 points in the single-core test and 12,945 in the multi-core department. The single-core test is slightly above what the Tab S7+ managed while the multi-core performance is in turn slightly lower than that of the plus-sized version.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 CAD renders Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 CAD renders
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 CAD renders

As expected the Galaxy Tab S7 packs a Snapdragon 865 chipset paired with 6GB RAM and runs Android 10. It’s also believed to come with an 11-inch 120Hz AMOLED display, 5G support and 7,760 mAh battery.



Reader comments

  • Yomi

just hope they will add bigger battery than 7,000mah battery , 7000mah looks small for a 11 inch tablet. 11 inch should have 10,000mah and if theres a 12 inch version it should have 11k to 12000mah battery. Im hoping they would widen the display, 16...

  • Yomi

i just wished theres video editor on android like luma fusion on ios that is one time payment that has a lot of features for 20usd. Samsung needs to make fully featured video editor for youtube and high level editing.

This is really not fair. The S7 Plus has a higher Multi-Core score. And the tab S7 has a lower Multi-Core score and a higher Single Core score.

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