Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

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  • 7Xe
  • 02 Dec 2022

Mr. Confuse, 07 Oct 2022I'm confused which to buy as S7 FE 6/128 (Wifi) or S8 ... moreBetter get s7 ultra or s8+ for AMOLED screen

    Steve, 26 Nov 2022Went to best buy in Canada and this and the Lenovo p12 pro ... moreOf course the Lenovo screen is better. It has a 120hz OLED screen. While the Tab S7 FE has a 60hz LCD screen.

    The Lenovo P12 Pro competes with the Samsung Tab S8+. Not the Tab S7 FE. The Tab S8+ has a comparable screen and specs to the P12 Pro.

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      • Steve
      • keN
      • 26 Nov 2022

      Went to best buy in Canada and this and the Lenovo p12 pro were the same price.
      But trying them out side by side the Lenovo was far superior in screen quality.

        Piranhax85 , 11 Nov 2022Having a sd card slot doesn't matter/ make a differenc... moreI could just use cloud storage for extra storage. Since I have 1TB available with my One Drive. My Tab S7FE tablets are the 64GB versions. But I will never fill up that local storage. Since I don't play any games on tablets(or phones). And rarely take any pictures or video with my Tab S7 Fe tablets(although I might with the Tab S8 I just got since it has better quality). And any content I watch on them is only from streaming. From my Plex servers located at home or from streaming services. I never download a local copy.

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          • Piranhax85
          • kr5
          • 11 Nov 2022

          aaronwt, 31 Oct 2022Does it really matter? Samsung still puts an SD card slot i... moreHaving a sd card slot doesn't matter/ make a difference on Google Android based tablets, you cannot combine the storage and install apps on a ad card.. its only useful for video or photos .. so your better of getting the highest storage that comes on it.. esp if you have a kid that installs every single game ad when playing games on it lol

            This compared to the Ipad 9th Gen which was released the same year and is about the same price easily smashes the competition with Apple. Idk how someone could pay that much for something with such low specs.

              BklynMan, 30 Oct 2022This for all of Samsung Tabs (high end ones anyway.) I noti... moreDoes it really matter? Samsung still puts an SD card slot in theirs. So you can expand the storage capacity if you really want to. Personally, the 64GB Tab S7 FE tablets I have is way more than enough. I will never fill up that 64GB. Let alone the 128GB that comes with the Tab S8 I have coming later this week.

                This for all of Samsung Tabs (high end ones anyway.) I notice for their lte,5 g tabs etc.
                The most memory they come with is 128,while Apple with Ipads,come with anywhere from 16 gigs (older Ipads) to all the way up 2t memory come with lte,5g unlocked and carrier lock,while Samsung only does up 128 gigs carriers,and unlocked,the wifi only models only goes up to 512,does anyone knows why Samsung does this? Even the chinese tabs now that use sim card come with 256 gigs,but not Samsung. The only bad thing about the chinese tabs they will never get a update.

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                  • Dilip
                  • gNT
                  • 18 Oct 2022

                  Why gsmarena is not mentioned SM T735 samsung s7 FE ins description?

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                    • Mr. Confuse
                    • t7x
                    • 07 Oct 2022

                    I'm confused which to buy as S7 FE 6/128 (Wifi) or S8 8/256 (Wifi).

                    Use cases: Anime / TV series / Youtube watching, Torrent downloading, Manga reading, Internet browsing and some light gaming like Diablo Immort for 1-3 hrs daily.

                    Is S7 FE enough for my use case and long term use / software support or should I get S8 instead?
                    Which one has better screen (disregarding Refresh rate)?
                    Is 12.4 inch tab really heavy?

                      I just checked the Qualcomm website. They even list WiFi 6E for the Qualcomm SM7325 Snapdragon 778G. Which is the SoC for the WiFi version of the Tab S7 FE. gsmarena needs to change their spec page to reflect that it has WiFi 6E.

                      This will definitely push me to upgrade a third tablet to the Tab S7 FE. I just need to wait until the sale price is lower or a higher trade in. Right now it would cost me $230 out of pocket. After the $200 trade in for my Galaxy Tab A7 10.4. Since Samsung is giving at least $200 for the trade in of any Galaxy tablet.

                        I did not realize the Tab S7 FE was 6 Ghz wifi capable. I recently got a wifi 6E Access point and both my Tab S7 FE tablets connect to the 6Ghz wifi 6E radio. I get a 1.2 Gbps link connected to the 6Ghz wifi 6E.
                        The specs on GSMarena do not reflect this info.

                          Anonymous, 05 Sep 2022Don't buy this unless you can get one for cheapLike all of the Samsung Tablets, they are only a great deal with the generous trade in deals and sale prices. For the $192,(after taxes) each of my two S7 FE tablets cost me out of pocket? I have been very pleased with them. ( I traded in my two S6 lite tablets toward my two S7 FE tablets)

                          I'll be looking again during the holidays when they have even better sales. I'm hoping I can trade in my Tab A7 10.4 tablets then, for a similar out of pocket price, for a few more S7 FE tablets. The last sale the S7 FE would have cost me $230, out of pocket, before taxes. After trade in of a Tab A7. So I didn't pull the trigger.

                          But November and December is when they seem to have the best sales and trade in deals.

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                            • 7Xe
                            • 05 Sep 2022

                            Don't buy this unless you can get one for cheap

                              This literally is a big fail for the price. The specs would've been alright, if it wasn't that expensive! Even ipad air 5 costs cheaper.

                                Zu6oKrutz0, 17 Jun 2021Tab S7 Fe is a big disappointment! 🙈🙈🙈 Even the Tab S5e,... moreIt's not an optical fingerprint, it's a side mounted one, but I agree. Tab S5e is better. Unless you want better software support.

                                  JohnNy L, 27 Jun 2021This is an awesome deal!!In being the worst deal ever.

                                    Anonymous, 01 Sep 2021What refresh rate is the screen? 120hz?60hz.

                                      hi, 04 Oct 2021Guys plese help me I am planing to buy a tab i am on a bu... moreGet Huawei matepad 11 if u don't care about Google play services.
                                      Otherwise, iPad. Samsung Tab S7 FE is garbage.

                                        Anonymous, 17 Mar 2022Aww are you hurt by someone's personal choice? 😢😢😢They are.