Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Enterprise Edition appears on company website

Yordan, 11 February 2021

Samsung released the Galaxy Tab S7 series in August 2020, but its successors might arrive a bit early. The Galaxy Tab S8 name appeared on the Support page of the Samsung Ireland website.

According to the page, a device called Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Enterprise Edition supports microSD cards up to 1TB capacity and has room for a nano-SIM card.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Enterprise Edition
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Enterprise Edition

This could be a mistake, given the fact the list does not include a Galaxy Tab S7 Enterprise Edition, but then again, it has been half a year since the Tab S7’s arrival, and a new lineup could be just around the corner.

Samsung's Enterprise Edition devices are usually sold to partners through other distribution channels, but end customers can also purchase them for their small businesses. The difference from a regular version is an extended, 4-year security update schedule, one year of Samsung Knox, and enhanced support and protection - all of this at a slightly higher retail price.

Source | Via (in Romanian)


Reader comments

  • Sir William
  • 26 May 2021
  • qP{

I disagree with Jake's comment. If you want a tablet to watch videos, for example on YouTube or anywhere else, Samsung's galaxy tablets are much better because of its rectangular shape which gives it a better experience like watching tv or ...

  • Jake
  • 26 Feb 2021
  • ibH

I prefer the form factor of the Ipad more than the Samsung tablets, I don't hate Samsung tablets but their rectangular size makes it look like a huge phone. Whereas Ipad gives you the right fit for all angles being a square shape

  • Grace
  • 17 Feb 2021
  • Nue


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