Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 LTE

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 LTE

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hi i have been having the tab for a capable years but unfortunately there is a message that keeps on appearing and i have tried the factory reset but still its there and i cant access my phone.Please can you help.

  • A2

Anonymous, 23 May 2020Madaki, I owned this device since 2014. Used it for a year... moreAliExpress has good priced parts.
just check feedback of other users.

i also imagine it will take weeks/months for delivery at the moment though

Anonymous, 23 May 2020Madaki, I owned this device since 2014. Used it for a year... moreJust order it online. If you cant find it in your local online store try overseas.
I recommend aliexpress, you can find any phone parts there.

  • Anonymous

I owned this device since 2014. Used it for a year, have broken screen and up till now I can't fix it. Can someone recommend were I can get replacement. Is a nice tablet. I stayed in Kaduna State, Nigeria.

  • Macioo

Anonymous, 04 Apr 2020Can we put sdcard 256gb in this tab? I've got 256 samsung evo card in this device :)

  • icegoaliepaul

macio, 17 Mar 2020I'm writing this comment using it till now with ultra fast ... moreSix years later I still get people who can't believe the size of my phone. I even own two of these so I have a backup. The only downside to these tablets are the two hardware flaws they have: The battery connector contacts crack over time and have to be resoldered and I think they used Y5V capacitors as they will glitch and crash when very cold. I wish someone would make an updated version of this tablet (as it it has an earpeice so you can hold it up to your face and use it like a regular phone)

  • Anonymous

Can we put sdcard 256gb in this tab?

  • Chuntaco

macio, 17 Mar 2020I'm writing this comment using it till now with ultra fast ... moreHello, can you please share with me the link, I want to install a stock ROM, greetings

I'm writing this comment using it till now with ultra fast LineageOS.

THE BEST TABLET EVER !! Best aspect ratios, pixel density, as well dimensions,

I've got it always with me, it is mega portable, using it as a phone!

  • Sam W

I have been using this tab since 2014 December. I really love the display and the portability of this device and lately it was lagging and having so many problems with the usability. Back then I was on lollipop and decided it was the time and rooted the device. It was fine for few months then the same happened infcat I accidentally wiped the OS as well. Just recently I flashed the latest available version, Android 6.0.1 and now the tablet runs smoothly! I didn't rooted this time as it has been a month and the tab performs really well for a 5 year old device! I watch/ stream FHD movies, music, play tons of games and use the tab on the go for my academics/ office works. Infacf I am typing this review using the tab and the book cover. Yes still the battery life is terrible and it would give me only few hours max time but it is okay for the age of this device. I am well aware of the flickering of the screen and restarting issue and mine happens when the battery drops below 40% and use heavy apps. Never bothered to replace the battery. For what it's worth, I am happy that I flashed this tab and the way it performs. Of course it's not all bells and whistles but an okay tablet even in today's standards. For others I would like to say not to root the tab if you want productivity. Instead flash the original latest OS.
Galaxy tab s 8.4 LTE✌

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2019Really Tab S 8.4 is very good but the main problem i met on... moreYou can use it as a phone using VoIP Apps. I still use my original Tab S purchased in May of 2015 and use/used it as my dedicated mobile cell device up until 2017. Once I found a cheap solution for an Android Dedicated cellphone number & plan that included 365 Days Airtime 1200 Min, 1200 Texts & 1.2GB of Data directly from a certified TracFone dealer off Ebay which cost $50 in 2017 & with TracFone being an MVNO that runs on all four major networks—Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. In my area mine runs off Verizon & gets decent 4G...... Anyway back to subject the way I used my TAB S as a cellphone was through the VoIP App Dingtone. Although it likely depends on the area code they give you a wide selection of numbers to choose from doesn't even have to be your area code. Although you could buy min they had little daily activities even a lottery you could enter to earn free credits/min. Anyways the biggest drawbacks I had when using my Tab S as a Cell was unless you want to talk in speakerphone every where you need to use at the very least the stock white headphones the Tab S came with. Also even though it looks kinda cool it's a very big device to carry everywhere. Anyways I'm sure there's better Apps out there. After not using for a while & App becoming increasingly invasive when it came to Privacy. I finally deleted my numbers & the App. Now I just have Google Voice installed which other than texting actual phone calls I rarely use.

  • Galaxy tab s

I am using Tab s 8.4 writing this comments still the best screen of all tablet

Still using this tab till now really amazing resolution but lately facing some lagging and low battery performance and cannot install Android 6

  • Anonymous

Really Tab S 8.4 is very good but the main problem i met on it that it can,t be used as phone call why
thanks alot

  • pickyourberry

Been using this since 2014 and the only let down is the battery. Good performances for light productivity, gaming is stil tolerable, perfect screen size to browse and read articles - books, and nice resolution for watching videos. Been thinking to switch into the newest Galaxy Tab but the 10 inch screen size always hold me back, and the A series dont have comparable resolution quality with this tablet...

  • Professor L

Best tablet ever. Have it since 2014. They don't make them like they used to. Gorgeous screen, I blaster, SD card up to 256GB I do wish the battery lasted longer, I have replaced it, but none oof the replacements were as good as the old original. I ended up putting it back.

  • vijay shankar

i have this tablet. the display of this tablet is broken. i contacted to various service centre of samsung but got disappointment. this tablet is really very nice. please help me how can i receive it.

  • Anonymous

Alen, 09 Mar 2019I have this tablet from 2015,4 years and I can tell that is... moreOpen the tablet, take out the battery and put it back again. Secure the position of the battery with some standard electrical tape. Enjoy your working battery, this is usually sufficient ;) Optional: clean the battery contacts with an electrical contact cleaner if you have it.

The above method usually works, but if the battery still has issues, just replace it.

  • Alen

I have this tablet from 2015,4 years and I can tell that is the best tablet in the world except battery. Baterry is problem, 4 years, my Baterry work 3,5 hours in 100%.But, 4 years, and tablet work fast, good, this is unveiable.

  • woody3466

Bought it used 1 1/2 years ago, battery life stinks. I bought a NEW Samsung battery and almost NO difference. Would not recommend, doesn't last 5 hours on a dim screen? Someone mentioned 10 hours easy, must have been AT&T or Samsung.