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  • Anonymous
  • Rxt
  • 26 Apr 2024

Can I buy a motherboard for my Samsung View anywhere

    • Shal
    • KLR
    • 25 Mar 2024

    Anonymous, 23 Mar 2024A 18" screen is not small a bigger than 18" samsu... moreWe talked about The Galaxy Tab s8 ultra, which is 14.8 inch.
    The Original galaxy View Had an 18 inch , and the view2 had a 17.3 inch screen.
    I Complained about the Galaxy S8 ultra, Not this, So use your glasses again.

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      • Anonymous
      • i8V
      • 24 Mar 2024

      Why is the battery just 5700 mAh and the tablet is still very big the galaxy tab a8 even have a 7040 mAh battery but the galaxy tab a8 still smaller so why???

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        • Anonymous
        • i8V
        • 23 Mar 2024

        Opinion, 26 Oct 2015The screen needs a bit of improvement, 18.4inch in 1080...Yes your right a 10.5" screen can be 1080x1920

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          • Anonymous
          • i8V
          • 23 Mar 2024

          And why is the view 2 smaller than the original? Samsung could also make the view 2 a 19.3 " screen and the original should be made with a 16.7" screen

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            • Anonymous
            • i8V
            • 23 Mar 2024

            safin asa, 30 Dec 2022But the screen is too small, buy the view2 insteadA 18" screen is not small a bigger than 18" samsung tablet don't exist if you think that 18" is too small then buy a TV for 120" if 120" screen was too small than you have bad luck

              • A
              • Addy
              • sXp
              • 17 Mar 2023

              Can I download regular PlayStore apps like Muescore? I'm thinking of using it to read sheet music. Can I also access my Google drive on it?
              Is the touch screen responsive to light gestures or do you really have to push??

                Jm5654, 06 Dec 2022Buy Tab S8 Ultra. I have 256GB/12GB with book cover case ( ... moreBut the screen is too small, buy the view2 instead

                  Courageous, 10 Aug 2022I love this tablet. I read comics, so the large screen is a... moreBuy Tab S8 Ultra. I have 256GB/12GB with book cover case ( standard not keyboard). It's except.

                    • M
                    • Mohan
                    • D07
                    • 21 Oct 2022

                    Courageous, 10 Aug 2022I love this tablet. I read comics, so the large screen is a... moreBattery not good I want change is possible please reply

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                      • Courageous
                      • N%j
                      • 10 Aug 2022

                      I love this tablet. I read comics, so the large screen is a huge asset. However, the battery will no longer charge beyond 1%, and the tablet will shut off, even when plugged in.

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                        • Bill
                        • g$m
                        • 14 Jun 2021

                        Thats right, it is an all in one tv you can carry anywhere. It was costly but I bought one at $499. in 2016 and I still use it at almost 6 years later.
                        Sound is great and even better with external speakers. Later I bought a Samsung 4k tv for $525 and do not use the galaxy view as much, but I still am glad I bought it.
                        Last year I got a 65in q90t so you can tell I like Samsung!

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                          • Anonymous
                          • Iv0
                          • 12 Aug 2019

                          Racerx, 15 Dec 2018Are you all crazy I'm not a techie or do I play games this ... morebro i have it and its Sooo sweet

                            • R
                            • Racerx
                            • jxy
                            • 15 Dec 2018

                            Are you all crazy I'm not a techie or do I play games this is the biggest baddest tablet I have ever seen the picture quality is excellent battery life 5 times more than I expected do not like the fact it will not run the Uber driver app if that's a downfall I've let this thing sit 3 for 5 days off charge and still has top of the world battery power left the picture is awesome hook it up to your stereo and it is awesome that's the only drawback the sound on its own great as a second TV

                              If they didn't make it insanely expensive, I would for sure get one. It's basically an all in one portable TV. Lol.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • T3A
                                • 24 Aug 2018

                                There are romours about a new Galaxy View of 17 inch, but still with mediocre specs. 32GB and 3GB ram.

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                                  • Gregor
                                  • gx3
                                  • 22 Aug 2018

                                  I noticed that you list a main camera and no selfie camera but the only camera is a selfie camera as in facing the user looking at the screen.

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                                    • AnonD-733064
                                    • Y1n
                                    • 25 Jan 2018

                                    I've had similar issues regarding samsung tablet battery charging.
                                    Some of the drainage can be attributed to apps running in the background.
                                    Other contributers may include the following : too many appliances plugged in.
                                    History and cache should be cleaned out regularly. Usb charging cable
                                    Maybe defective or one of the leads is damaged. These tablets are notoriously
                                    Bad for running excessively hot. Room temperature can effect it as well.
                                    Then there the possibility of a faulty battery or usb port. I'm hoping for a
                                    Major update.

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                                      • Bruce
                                      • j2w
                                      • 18 Jan 2018

                                      I’m quite happy with this tablet. For the money, I think it is really quite good. I think it is slow for browsing, as I have a very fast modem, but pages just don’t seem to load very fast. This is the first Android device I have owned and it is a good platform. I hae Apple in the past, but I have to say, my Apple iPad Pro is much, much faster. I am not unhappy with the purchase of the Galaxy View, and it sits on my desk, but I can easily take it with me. Also, I connected a drive reader via USB, and I can easily read huge 4 TB drives, so there is no shortage of storage. Great device!

                                        • K
                                        • Katy
                                        • sHL
                                        • 03 Jan 2018

                                        Love this tablet however battery will not charge/hold charge? Have others experienced this problem? Unsure if battery or adaptor??? Will sometimes charge up to 28% but doesn't hold and powers down. Thoughts?