Samsung Galaxy View2

Samsung Galaxy View2

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  • i8V
  • 23 Mar 2024

It only have a selfiecamera

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    • Anonymous
    • i8V
    • 23 Mar 2024

    This tablet is even bigger than the galaxy s9 ultra

      Itun, 16 Jul 2023Looks very nice Looks like a display of some sort Maybe i... moreMe too!

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        • Anonymous
        • uKe
        • 05 Nov 2023

        imacocohehe, 26 Sep 2023Why was this in the tablet section?Because its a 17.3 inch tablet !

          Why was this in the tablet section?

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            • Itun
            • Ib8
            • 16 Jul 2023

            Looks very nice
            Looks like a display of some sort
            Maybe it could be
            I want

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              • itzAndroid
              • aj$
              • 06 Jun 2023

              can you imagine rhythm on this thing?????
              i want it now

                "NO" MP with 1080p recording. I M P O S S I B L E

                  this will be considered as a phone in 2030

                    ManQu, 30 Dec 2021Without commenting on what your dislikes are and listing th... moreI'm pretty sure they are saying that the specs aren't good enough for such a large device, which sounds more like what an Android user would say than an Apple user.

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                      • ManQu
                      • n5b
                      • 30 Dec 2021

                      Mannu, 06 Dec 2021A ridiculous configuration for a device that bigWithout commenting on what your dislikes are and listing them , I wonder if its just, you only like Apple and nothing but Apple.

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                        • Mannu
                        • XZx
                        • 06 Dec 2021

                        A ridiculous configuration for a device that big

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                          • Shepp
                          • 0dj
                          • 25 Jan 2021

                          Think what Samsung is asking is how could we all improve the Galaxy View 2 for everyone to use and enjoy with ease and at an affordable price. I'm a newcomer who read about 57 reviews most of those did not seem help anyone. So please lets help each other. I think the Samsung Galaxy View 2 is a fine tablet great idea. Most of the draw backs will be updated in time,
                          however that 17.3 inch screen and sound system is a big seller for most seniors! My Aunty and Uncle know about this device they love it.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • d%f
                            • 28 Nov 2020

                            4K@30fps video recording??
                            that's not a mistake ?

                              Cyril, 02 Aug 2020I feel Samsung got this one all wrong, but I'm the &qu... moreI have this and I still consider this as an average consumer device, especially in 2020. Key uses:
                              1. Double press power button runs tablet in TV mode. I have changed the TV app to youtube and its nice to watch youtube instantly on big screen. My TV has youtube app too, but browsing and casting videos arent this fast. Our 1 year old baby watches her favorite YT channels multiple times a day. This way she doesnt want a smartphone all the time and I can watch my shows on TV
                              2. Due to COVID, most schools running virtually. A 17 inch screen with instant internet is a huge plus. If everyone "knew" its use, most people would buy this for their kids
                              3. I am studying an online course. Watching lectures and reading contents is much better than doing on a laptop and it holds charge for couple of days without looking for a charger.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • T10
                                • 16 Sep 2020

                                I would love it if you could share the battery voltage and watt-hours as well.

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                                  • Muh
                                  • rRU
                                  • 12 Aug 2020

                                  Omega, 10 Jun 2020Nope!!! People like Me Need it for Big Multimedia Device!!!... moreright on

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                                    • Cyril
                                    • Nu6
                                    • 02 Aug 2020

                                    I feel Samsung got this one all wrong, but I'm the "average" consumer...maybye there's actually a market for this.

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                                      • Omega
                                      • 6cf
                                      • 10 Jun 2020

                                      lolno, 01 May 2019What is this, I don't even XD Over 2kg for a tablet? Are... moreNope!!! People like Me Need it for Big Multimedia Device!!! Many People Buy this Tablet in Amazon & EBay incude Myself!!! I will Wait for the Next Generation too. This is for Big Screen Lover or Segmented Market. Because I Need Super Big Screen like this for Watching Movies, YouTube & Videos!!! I think this Device is not Targeting People like U, so Actually Galaxy View is Success not Failure

                                        Anonymous, 29 Jun 2019 Samsu... moreJust give it up already. You've acknowledged that they didn't copy a single thing because the original came out in 2015 when his bad video came out 2 years later.