Samsung Galaxy Watch7 passes through the FCC alongside Galaxy Watch FE

Vlad, 18 May 2024

Samsung is expected to launch at least three versions of the Galaxy Watch7 at its next Unpacked event in July - the vanilla, the Classic, and the Pro. A cheaper Galaxy Watch FE may join it too, and although it may not be called that, we'll use that name for now, as it's easy to follow.

A bunch of Samsung smartwatches have been listed by the FCC, with model numbers SM-L300, SM-L305, SM-L310, SM-L315, and SM-R861. L300 and L310 could be the Wi-Fi-only versions of the two sizes for the vanilla Watch7, with L305 and L315 being their respective LTE-capable iterations.

Samsung Galaxy Watch7 passes through the FCC alongside Galaxy Watch FE

That leaves the SM-R861. This stands out doubly because it uses Samsung's old model number assignment scheme, but also because of the number it uses. The Galaxy Watch4 was SM-R860, and the Galaxy Watch FE has also been rumored to launch as the Galaxy Watch4 (2024). So, things do seem pretty obvious at this stage.

Now what's unclear is where the Classic and Pro Galaxy Watch7 models are at - or even the rumored rectangular one. Undoubtedly, the FCC will certify those as well. Or rather, as many as are actually real and not just rumors.

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biggest drawbacks of galaxy watch 6 were sensor accuracy and operation speed. 3 year old sensors have lots of metrics but, none are reliable for flagship level. besides, the watch is laggy sometimes. I hope watch 7 has a new generation sensor with mu...

Honestly i prefer the galaxy fit 3 i bought on amazon over my watch 6. Does everything i need for a watch and i prefer this square design and actually it runs snappier without wear os with the same design. Further the sensors work better oddly than t...

  • Anonymous
  • 19 May 2024
  • r31

Is the watch free

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