Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3

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  • tHe NiGhTmArE

Metal, 09 Jan 2020Can the Xcover 3 could update to android 6Not this but the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 G389F

  • tHe NiGhTmArE

Ijjy, 10 Feb 2020No it only goes up to the latest Android 5Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 G389F

  • Anonymous

Maiha, 25 Nov 2020Pls, I dont' want to loose my phone.I need your Help.b... moremaybe get a new digitizer

  • Maiha

Pls, I dont' want to loose my phone.I need your Help.because I am enjoying it.

  • Maiha

My sensor have been do I get it?

  • Emils .Latvia.

Had it for about 5 years (250 euro) and dropped it every second day (literally) and it still works perfectly, 8gb has always been its disadvantage, but the screen is perfect and withstood a drop of 3m onto concrete. I broke it very recently by dropping it on a tiny little screwhead from 50cm, it was a very big surprise, but I guess 5 years is VERY GOOD for a 2015 smartphone.(I'm buying a new phone DOOGEE S88 Pro, it looks solid enough)

  • mizai

Ijjy, 10 Feb 2020No it only goes up to the latest Android 5mine has android 6.0

  • Manoova

Had this for 5 years. Replaced the screen a couple of years ago - easy to do, and they only cost about a tenner - just broke it again recently - but I have a spare screen and LCD panel, so I might fix it again. Though it's getting a bit long in the tooth. It's struggling to handle updated apps. I think Google Maps must be a bit fatter recently because it can't handle it any more. And the limited storage means I can have hardly any apps on the phone anyway. Time to update. Something cheap and ruggedly cheerful that can handle today's apps and keep the XCover as a back up.

  • Gman

Got this phone for over 5years now, payed 210euro back then, still solid. Dropped it countless times, even for demonstration purpose trowing it several meters. Typical micro usb bad connection so charging is annoying. looks like new, and yes i didn't treated it nice, construction sites mud sand dust cement oil.
Looking for a replacement because of the micro usb problem, memory and cpu is getting a problem but it keeps working so not sure what to take next. pretty sure when a buy a new one i will break it in the first 2weeks.

  • Ijjy

Metal, 09 Jan 2020Can the Xcover 3 could update to android 6No it only goes up to the latest Android 5

  • Metal

Can the Xcover 3 could update to android 6

  • memebigboy

sorry about the last comment, the phone is actually good, beat my wife with it, it packs a punch.
7/10 would buy

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2016Has anyone tried to install Android Marshmallow update list... moreNot sure this will work, as GSMARENA tells you in the comparison that the chipset and CPU differ.

  • Anonymous

Android 5.1.1, 14 May 2017Will the 2015 Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 G388F update to Andro... moreYes. Mine has this update since quite some time already. There's even the SM-G389F model which is newer and get's 6.0

  • M

You may want to change the specifications: it does get Android 5.1.1, so it's no longer 5.0 upgrade planned.

  • longgo

Own it for 2.3years.Right after the shop it come with 5.1.1 but I downgrade it to 4.4.4 to root it. Work really well, drop it many times, and have been test it with countless apps. Not loosing speed or so. Battery last well, but all depend what you doing on or with it device.
Thanks to the link2sd and big SD card space was never issue. Still not gamer so have no idea if you try downloading the market.
Really happy that the USB can work with IR, TV dongles, USB Flash drive are easy to read..
NFC, WIFI, 4G just great.
The low end - it`s not that rugged as it claims. That water proof seal inside is shit. Also without covers water in the USB port make it to act strange. The screen after 2 years start to loose it sealed state around the bezel but well, never trust the adds.
If you`re practical man or engineer that is your device(i bought second one just in case because like it). Good phone for the price.. what i think was overpriced when come on the market.

  • Robocop78

I like this phone this phone is great in any weather its a tough phone I've dropped it more than once and it still of the best features is its flashlight one day all the electricity went out in my house.and we didn't have a torch but we used the phones flashlight.if you want a great tough phone I'd highly reccomend it

  • Alaric

Android 5.1.1, 14 May 2017Will the 2015 Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 G388F update to Andro... moreI managed to update my phone. Although i had problems during install with phone saying that i dont have enough space... and then it failed to boot after that. Nothing helped. After some Odin ROM flashing i succeeded and went straight to 5.1.1

  • Android 5.1.1

Will the 2015 Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 G388F update to Android 5.1.1?

  • Rigo

I have this phone from austria , and lock to european network. this time i used it, but need to fully root here in philippines. sometime get hang and need to wipe catche partition and then good to go. always! wipe catche partion if not reboot.