Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4

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  • Matandriuss

Hi. How does Samsung Xcover 4 work after upgrade to Android 9.0 (Pie)? Does it have batteru problems?

  • eEe

I have xcover 4s. For that price it is good phone. But about rugged... well mine has cracks next to earphone plug and volume button. And those defects isnt after Drop...

  • Anonymous

Jack, 18 Feb 2019Can this phone be used without a sim card??What you mean by that?

  • Andry

Harris Kusumaharja , 18 Feb 2020This phone support otg? yes it does.

tested using SanDisk Dual Drive

Xcover4 experience is good with me. But its internal memory makes problem. So i have

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offline version of internal memory fixer and it worked.

  • Harris Kusumaharja

This phone support otg?

  • jutakaiya

got one but was locked to android settings . it says on the screen, no support single SKU

  • dot

Still a great running phone in 2020 ✌️
It was never blazing fast to begin with but the battery life has only gotten better with updates, and the peformance has not gotten any slower.

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2019After upgrading phone to Pie it is more smoother. And I l... moreYes, absolutely. This update is fantastic. Love the smoothness of One UI. Tried manual update:

Glad to see Samsung is updating their old 2017 devices. Thanks to the OEM!

  • Anonymous

After upgrading phone to Pie it is more smoother.
And I like OneUI options to customize appearance without downloading other Launchers.

Not sure about battery life, need to test this.

  • Anonymous

My phone is doing fine with Pie
shorter batterylife !

  • Antipriest

Do NOT accept the pie update for this phone. It more than halved my battery life. If I can't find a way to downgrade, the phone is completely useless. (This post took 5% of my battery to enter)

  • Anonymous

Wow, this phone will get Android Pie (9)

  • XedHaven

Anonymous, 10 May 2019It's been just over two years now since the Xcover 4 has be... moreThis June, xcover 4s is being released

  • Anonymous

It's been just over two years now since the Xcover 4 has been released. Any news regarding a replacement (Xcover 5 or a new Active)?

  • Azam

One UI is coming to this phone.

  • Xcover-me

For the price you got lot of phone with plenty of features and even survive rain and flooding.
Have used it since May 17 and are very pleased in combination with my outdoor life.
Only two minor things is the camera is nothing brag about, and since summer 2018 the Gallery and editor have lost a lot of feature such simple flip of image.
Also the audio is not a winner, but it works. Additional headset helps.

  • Jack

Can this phone be used without a sim card??

  • Anonymous

Jack, 13 Feb 2019Do I need to to an sd card in this phone? it's the first ti... moreNo you don't. If it was dependent on a card, then on a SIM card. Maybe you have to unlock your SIM card?

  • Anonymous

kisyov, 20 Oct 2018I have Xcover 4 with Orio 8.1. When I make a call, the scre... moreMaybe clean your light sensor? It's located at the top on the right side of the ear speaker.