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  • Anonymous
  • rbd
  • 14 Feb 2024

you have to suffer, 21 Feb 2023removable battery sucks in terms of battery life though. d... moreI have worked in the cellular phone industry since its inception in the 1980's !!!
I have seen and used too many phones to list here.
My current phone is a Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro SM-G715A initially made to used on an AT&T GSM network with enterprise level software and security software as well.
In my professional opinion this is the Perfect everyday phone for using voice, sms mms email and social media.
The military specs keep you safe from the phone falling apart and or cracking or glass breaking etc.
I've put a SuperShield 9H tempered glass on for added piece of mind when I drop it or falls out of my pocket and have never had any problem with the screen.
My battery is of no consequence as it is simply replaceable just like any pice of electronics that uses a battery!!
I especially LOVE being able to pop off the back cover and put in a new LI-Ion battery just like putting in a new copper top or duracell that the one of the best features really.
I don't understand why people even discuss their issues with the battery life ??!!
This would be the same thing as saying a flashlight has poor battery life....why then don't you just pop in a new battery??? Don't get it???
If you want a phone to use for more than a year or two this is the best.
If you want the phone with the latest big storage and high ram and faster chips then just get the latest handsets and keep getting another every year that's what the phone industry has come too now.
Trust me I've lived it !!
Anyway I love this galaxy xcover pro it does everything I need and don't have to worry about anything as I have a back up battery and and backup handset for parts as well.
Thanks for this website I especially appreciate the handset comparison tool it is an awesome feature of your website for putting 2 or more handsets side by side side to compare!!!!

Peace Out

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    • PixelPoet
    • ybx
    • 05 Jan 2024

    From my experience using the international version for quite an extended period, this is one tough built-to-last phone. IP ratings and easy to swap battery certainly add to that. Probably its biggest weakness lies in the SOC, which can be overwhelmed quickly by multitasking. One can get a lot out of the package when using it as a work phone. Discretion advised when used for media, gaming consumption. I probably won't put a thick case over it neither during sessions of graphic intensive apps.

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      • Richard
      • gyg
      • 30 Sep 2023

      I have been using this phone for 3 years.
      Normally, I break my phone within weeks of usage considering my work and well... my clumsiness.

      I have a Spigen case on it. Makes it bulky, but it makes the phone indestructible. It has survived many falls, dusty environment... just wash it off with soap and water, good as new.

      After the years, the battery gave up on me, new one is like 30 euros original, easy to replace. No need to look for another phone.

      If you need a phone to call and text, send emails and you need it to withstand some damage, this is your solution.
      I don't usually write reviews, but this phone deserves it.

      Oh and by the way, it is still receiving regular android os updates!

        CAVBR, 21 Nov 2022Miraculously, Samsung launched the Galaxy XCover Pro in Bra... moreAlmost a year later, my brother's XCover Pro is still ok. The battery isn't great, but as he only uses it to access Twitter Lite, Facebook Lite and occasionally listen to music, with most of the time on standby, it managed 3 days without needing to charge. The only thing that failed during this period was Quick Share.
        It's a shame that it doesn't have two taps to turn on the screen, and the gesture to take screenshots.
        And during this period, a store here in Brazil was still selling new units of the XCover Pro, costing R$719 (+/- US$145), reinforcing its failure.

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          • MALANG
          • KIf
          • 23 Aug 2023

          I am also using its latest version Xcover 6 pro. But I'm of the opinion that Xcover Pro is better in shape, looks, weight & size. Though specs have improved.

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            • MALANG
            • KIf
            • 23 Aug 2023

            After use of one year, the phone is working good But the looks like this.
            Screen glass is broken
            Backcover locks are broken
            Battery sides are damaged.

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              • rice-of-the-roomba
              • yby
              • 09 Jun 2023

              935Baby, 17 May 2023He is my short review after one year of usage. Software ... morePoor battery might be due to usage by RAM Plus. Try toggling it off under Settings.

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                • 935Baby
                • pY3
                • 17 May 2023

                He is my short review after one year of usage.

                - phone get notably slow after one year of usage
                - after last update I have error in original "Samsung notes" aplication (icon "create new note" is on same layer as existing note behind. So instead of creating new note when I click, it opens existing note which is behind it. Note name is stupidly located below note instead of above - live it was in previous update)

                - brightness is really limiting even when sky is cloudy outside
                - not working auto adjust brightness function (as always for Xcover series...)
                - like I said in my messages previously, screen not compatible with some polarized

                - does not last long
                - the fact that user can replace used-old battery is after all useless. Because at moment when your battery dies, your phone will be too old and too slow. I point to fact, that at time this phone was introducted, his software and hardware was already few years behind evolution.

                So after all, it makes no sense to buy this phone. My next choice will be some standard range-performing Samsung and I put rugged rubber cover on it.

                Here is my message for Samsung:
                Please finally wake up! And start to produce Xcover phone which performing better.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • m5K
                  • 12 Apr 2023

                  you have to suffer, 21 Feb 2023removable battery sucks in terms of battery life though. d... moreReplacing battery in seconds means you can use on the go without worrying about battery life

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                    • Anonymous
                    • K8%
                    • 09 Apr 2023

                    Really a great phone that ticks all the boxes. All day to 1.5 day battery life which is rare considering this being a Samsung phone. I prefer LCD over OLED for its resistance to pixel level burn-in. Run everything pretty smoothly for someone like me who is not a gamer. Only catch is that photos taken by the camera tend to be on the soft side. The camera occasionally churns out good photos but don't expect anything eye popping. One final point is if you need FM radio, get the international or the EU version, as there is no way to install FM radio on all US variants.

                      Dustin0001, 17 Jan 2023the battery on this phone is awful, i rarely use it to talk... moreremovable battery sucks in terms of battery life though.
                      daily usage might not last long like oppo a37🤣🤣😭😭
                      i'd rather have long battery life in this, would be great.

                        the battery on this phone is awful, i rarely use it to talk, and do basic stuff on the internet, like browsing reddit and social media, im lucky if the phone makes it past 2 hours doing these basic tasks,

                        that's where the removable battery comes in though, this phone is still worth getting, just be prepared to invest in purchasing additional batteries, i can deal with the inconvenience of a shitty battery if ti means i will have a headphone jack, sd card slot, and removable battery in the same phone,

                        another thing i have noticed with this phone is at times freezes, fortunately it's been a rare thing,

                        sucks that my verizon version doesn't have the fm radio chip, i'm wondering if the new xcover pro phone has the fm radio chip inside,

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                          • Wayne
                          • uiI
                          • 27 Nov 2022

                          Never again would i buy this product and certainly do not recommend it , it has a known issue of locking up and screen freeze/jumping around , i truly feel ripped off DO NOT BUY IT ALTHO i must say it is extremely tough i have slammed it many many times in frustration

                            Miraculously, Samsung launched the Galaxy XCover Pro in Brazil in October 2020, a country where Samsung has never launched a smartphone from the Galaxy XCover series before, and which, as a rugged smartphone, has only launched the Galaxy S4 Active previously (Brazilians were luckier with the Galaxy Tab Active).
                            Interesting that we received the SM-G715U1, the same US edition.
                            So much so that it only received Dual SIM support with Android 11.
                            Two years later, it is possible to say that its launch was a failure. Launched at R$ 3100 (almost US$ 600), it quickly dropped to half price, and reached the lowest price of R$ 1250 (almost US$ 240) in July 2021, and returned to that price in November 2022, when I bought this smartphone for my brother who was replacing his Galaxy A10s.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • IuV
                              • 12 Nov 2022

                              Is there a list of variants and carriers that do have FM Radio enabled and supported? like Verizon for example

                                Zakalwe, 10 Nov 2022European versions have it: moreSo I'm basically screwed in the usa like always 😢,

                                  Dustin0001, 10 Nov 2022Which version? I would like to purchase the one that has fm... moreEuropean versions have it:

                                  I got mine in Sweden, the FM radio works fine.

                                  As far as I know, the FM radio is part of its Exynos SoC, so technically it is probably built into all versions, but it may have been disabled for some markets or carriers.

                                    Zakalwe, 10 Nov 2022Some versions do have an FM radio.Which version? I would like to purchase the one that has fm radio, it's a really important feature I like having when im in the middle of nowhere,

                                      [deleted post]Some versions do have an FM radio.

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                                        • jape
                                        • j%n
                                        • 07 Nov 2022

                                        no fm radio on sm-g715u1. finger print reader under the power button. finger print reader does not work well for me.