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Dustin0001, 17 Jan 2023the battery on this phone is awful, i rarely use it to talk... moreremovable battery sucks in terms of battery life though.
daily usage might not last long like oppo a37🤣🤣😭😭
i'd rather have long battery life in this, would be great.

    the battery on this phone is awful, i rarely use it to talk, and do basic stuff on the internet, like browsing reddit and social media, im lucky if the phone makes it past 2 hours doing these basic tasks,

    that's where the removable battery comes in though, this phone is still worth getting, just be prepared to invest in purchasing additional batteries, i can deal with the inconvenience of a shitty battery if ti means i will have a headphone jack, sd card slot, and removable battery in the same phone,

    another thing i have noticed with this phone is at times freezes, fortunately it's been a rare thing,

    sucks that my verizon version doesn't have the fm radio chip, i'm wondering if the new xcover pro phone has the fm radio chip inside,

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      • Wayne
      • uiI
      • 27 Nov 2022

      Never again would i buy this product and certainly do not recommend it , it has a known issue of locking up and screen freeze/jumping around , i truly feel ripped off DO NOT BUY IT ALTHO i must say it is extremely tough i have slammed it many many times in frustration

        Miraculously, Samsung launched the Galaxy XCover Pro in Brazil in October 2020, a country where Samsung has never launched a smartphone from the Galaxy XCover series before, and which, as a rugged smartphone, has only launched the Galaxy S4 Active previously (Brazilians were luckier with the Galaxy Tab Active).
        Interesting that we received the SM-G715U1, the same US edition.
        So much so that it only received Dual SIM support with Android 11.
        Two years later, it is possible to say that its launch was a failure. Launched at R$ 3100 (almost US$ 600), it quickly dropped to half price, and reached the lowest price of R$ 1250 (almost US$ 240) in July 2021, and returned to that price in November 2022, when I bought this smartphone for my brother who was replacing his Galaxy A10s.

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          • Anonymous
          • IuV
          • 12 Nov 2022

          Is there a list of variants and carriers that do have FM Radio enabled and supported? like Verizon for example

            Zakalwe, 10 Nov 2022European versions have it: moreSo I'm basically screwed in the usa like always 😢,

              Dustin0001, 10 Nov 2022Which version? I would like to purchase the one that has fm... moreEuropean versions have it:

              I got mine in Sweden, the FM radio works fine.

              As far as I know, the FM radio is part of its Exynos SoC, so technically it is probably built into all versions, but it may have been disabled for some markets or carriers.

                Zakalwe, 10 Nov 2022Some versions do have an FM radio.Which version? I would like to purchase the one that has fm radio, it's a really important feature I like having when im in the middle of nowhere,

                  [deleted post]Some versions do have an FM radio.

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                    • jape
                    • j%n
                    • 07 Nov 2022

                    no fm radio on sm-g715u1. finger print reader under the power button. finger print reader does not work well for me.

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                      • Bat21
                      • 7BP
                      • 01 Oct 2022

                      My phone seems to have been getting laggy and hangs in the last few months since the last two software updates. It hangs up and I have to turn off the screen and turn it on again to get out of the hiccups. I removed all my photos and deleted a lot of apps and basically storage is around 50%. So I do not know if it a virus or the phone, or a Samsung push you off the phone update bug, LOL....humm ..maybe
                      Anyway tired of the hang ups and missing the good telephoto lens from my previous phone ( A Note 4 that worked forever!!). I am trading this in for the Galaxy S22.
                      I will miss the changeable battery and the cheaper ear phones. Plus I used a Hangup blue tooth stereo speaker to listen to Spotify from it. Anyway the phone has been solid performer for me in the last 2.4 years when I used it navigating and doing my emails and net surfing or even games. Just no telephoto and pictures are average to me. So I would generally recommend the Xcover series to anyone.
                      I had bought a second one used as my original one dropped and had a small rock get past the Otterbox cover and crack the camera lens. Phone and camera still worked and took great pictures through the cracked lens. But I could not find anyone to replace the lens, or order the part in. So the support seems limited to this phone in some areas

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                        • Bat21
                        • 7BP
                        • 01 Oct 2022

                        Anonymous, 26 Jul 2022For those who whine about no available batteries: search &q... moreI had a spare battery for it and the original battery after 2.4 years of heavy use. Well actual in phone use is 1.9 year as I swapped in other batteries. The original battery is about at 70% capacity. So been pretty good for the ride. But trading it in for a better camera phone

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                          • Anonymous
                          • Lxm
                          • 26 Jul 2022

                          Zakalwe, 09 Mar 2022The first more solid rumors about a successor have emerged,... moreIf it didn't keep those features, it wouldn't be XCover.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • Lxm
                            • 26 Jul 2022

                            For those who whine about no available batteries: search "xcover pro battery part number"
                            B08TPLBRNF / maybe EB-BG715BBE
                            Buy it.

                              T-H, 09 Jul 2022Xcover moving a bit forwards, a bit backwards. The Xcove... moreI am a bit of an XCover-hoarder and I have both a Pro and a FieldPro (EU version gets Android 10); I think the Pro is the better phone in practice. Android is a touchscreen OS, there is not much you can do with the buttons alone, and you will be working with the screen on both phones most of the time. As such the physical buttons on the FieldPro offer little benefit, and most of the time they waste space. Both phones have approximately the same size, and it is a large size that I find rather clunky in the pocket, but at least the Pro does not waste so much of it on "dead" plastic.

                              (I would not mind a smaller phone with the screen size of the FieldPro, but the button-less layout of the Pro.)

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                                • T-H
                                • 8pJ
                                • 09 Jul 2022

                                Xcover moving a bit forwards, a bit backwards.

                                The Xcover brand has been a favorite among workmen and hikers alike: good battery life (and option to swap), sturdy design and fine specifications.

                                With the Xcover Pro Samsung has moved away from the physical buttons which is a shame, but makes some sense in terms of keeping water out. You can kind-of live with that, though the FieldPro would be a preferable phone if it a) was available b) could run on an Android version above 8.

                                Two things are really weird about the Xcover Pro:
                                - Samsung seems to think that hikers and/or workmen needs a phablet? 6.1'' is MASSIVE, and the big screen makes it rather... Unhandy?
                                - The camera (which is THE argument to buy the Xcover Pro over the Xcover 5 EE) has either poor software or hardware: It crashes occasionally. This is bad for hikers, as the photo moment may just disappear...

                                The build of the Xcover Pro is more like the Xcover 3, and how I wish they'd gone a more professional way and just upgraded the Xcover 3 frame with better chips, cameras, but kept the frame. That would have been the best Samsung phone ever for workmen and hikers.
                                What we got, however, is a very decent phone with swapable battery and mid-range specs. In use I find it really good and - perhaps due to my lack of photo skills - I am able to take better pictures with this, than my former phone, S10e, which on the camera part has WAY better specs...

                                  Zakalwe, 04 Jun 2022Good point. Though I must admit, if they really make the ne... moreGoing from 10 nm on the older chip to maybe 6 nm on the new, would imply a 30 % reduce in load.
                                  That will be fine for most.
                                  Just keep the pogo charging exactly the same, so we can use the KOAMTAC charger anew.
                                  No need to make the phone thicker except for better
                                  Use a more precise finger/ facial recognition chip would be good. 👍

                                    FenCPH, 04 Jun 2022Yes. Not only a battery, but a battery with the exact same ... moreGood point. Though I must admit, if they really make the new phone substantially bigger, then I kinda hope they give it a bigger battery as well.

                                      Bat21, 31 May 2022I agree with your comments, I am interested in the Xcover p... moreYes. Not only a battery, but a battery with the exact same specifications as the xcover pro 1.
                                      That way you can re-use your investment in the series.

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                                        • Bat21
                                        • 7BP
                                        • 31 May 2022

                                        exp1orer, 18 Apr 2022why do i have to care about the life of the battery of this... moreit takes 5 to 10 seconds to remove the cover and a a couple of seconds to change the battery and anther 5 to 10 seconds to replace the cover...where is the hassle. Unless its less hassle for you to shell out 100 plus Canadian dollars for a phone with an sealed battery.