Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102

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This is the phone that has a very sensitive screen sensor that even just a single hair touches the screen it will automatically respond lol

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Dec 2019this is the best android device ever.It is indestructible ,... moreIf you say this phone is indestructible well my phone's power button sank thats a totally suprise comparing to the galaxy s that thing is tougher than the 3310

  • Shepherd

I ask my dad to buy this phone and is used to run Pou Game. My younger sister is still using this phone

This phone is Kinda cute tho😂

  • Anonymous

this phone is great

  • Anonymous

this is the best android device ever.It is indestructible ,water proof and very beautiful .i love it very much.

  • Paschal.gr76

I bought it in 2012. Since then thousand of times my 2 children threw it down and nothing has happened at all. I don't think there is a more strong mobile like this. I'm curious as to how much it can still work.

  • Devendra Pingolia

Using this phone since December 2012. I have bought several phone since than but only this phone is still working very well. A great phone.

  • dammy

Remove ur SD card and go to play store and type download watsapp and after that then u install and put ur memory back

  • AnonD-431012

One of the best phones of its time! But outdated in 2017.

  • VicodinER

tri, 21 Dec 2016is there any chance to version change from 2.3.6 to 4Yes, you can get Android 4.0, or even 4.2.2 trough Cyanogen Mod you download the ROM firmware from xda developers.

  • AnonD-696693

Do you have an Android version?

  • chibest

nice phone but it does not have enough ram memory

  • neel

great phone

  • Kk

Memory card storage option is disappear. Where it is in phone

  • Masum Ahmed

I'm using this phone since February 2013. It is a great phone. It's performance very strong. I'm satisfied with this phone

  • Jerome S

Bought mine in may 2012. Still working. In tough condition. Been using everyday since 2012. Never been repaired nor broken. Brilliant phone indeed.

  • AnonD-664094

Best for ever for its time .... using it since 2012 and never repaired it u Samsung

  • AB

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2017my version 2.3.6 is change to high version please help.can'... moreFor games, you need bigger processor&RAM.
For apps you need more internal memory.
l have this phone

  • Anonymous

Rohan, 13 Dec 2016i want to update my gt s6102. 2.3.6 to 4.4.4 plz help meHow to connect whatsapp account

  • esubest

my mobiles samsung young duos canit work much games how can i insile