Samsung Galaxy Y Pro B5510

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro B5510

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  • Anonymous
  • C9a
  • 19 Mar 2024

is this upgradeable to andorid jellybean?

    • k
    • kuz
    • fuf
    • 11 Jul 2020

    watsup app stoped and it can not be downloaded from play store

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      • poplap
      • frk
      • 09 Oct 2019

      how do you switch on your data on this phone and can you whatsapp from this phone

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        • Anonymous
        • XBh
        • 09 Dec 2018

        babu, 22 Jan 2017my phone's comera is not working .what should i do??Reflesh

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          • vickey
          • gNR
          • 20 Apr 2017

          screen torch

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            • Anonymous
            • yp1
            • 30 Mar 2017

            miss s, 13 Aug 2013great phone but very little space. you can only have a smal... moreDawnlod

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              • AnonD-654009
              • aj%
              • 19 Mar 2017

              babu, 22 Jan 2017my phone's comera is not working .what should i do??Insert a memory card up to 32GB .

                • K
                • Kolando
                • fsT
                • 10 Mar 2017

                No sound out when i'm playing music or video,so what should i do?

                  • k
                  • kayizzi ali
                  • fuf
                  • 25 Feb 2017

                  babu, 22 Jan 2017my phone's comera is not working .what should i do??First handle message

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                    • babu
                    • Nv$
                    • 22 Jan 2017

                    my phone's comera is not working .what should i do??

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                      • Ahmad
                      • RdL
                      • 30 Aug 2016

                      - The main problem in this model is its very low internal memory (160 MB) which doesn't allow you to install many applications (only 3-7 lite apps) despite I have rooted it by a specialist service shop.
                      - WhatsApp / Viber / Skype work good in it, but you have to search a lot for app version 2.3.6 which is old and rare in market. WhatsApp call quality voice starts cutting after 10 sec of the call due to low space in memory. the date traffic of WhatsApp increases crazily in the internal memory memory, and occupy the whole available remaining space in the memory.
                      - the device rejects to receive SMS / MMS once the internal memory is low.
                      - the Market app needs to be updated regularly which is not possible due to low internal memory.
                      if anyone knows how to fix the low internal memory permanently, please reply:

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                        • anona
                        • NmZ
                        • 22 Jul 2016

                        Samsung Y pro 5510 ,is a very good phone with many option ,but i have one problem how to update my play store because that application stop working in my phone,i have try to update but it didn't work please i need help

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                          • Anonymous
                          • I0B
                          • 19 Jun 2016

                          jibran, 26 Nov 2015My phone become stucked at point on which SAMSUNG is writt... moreIt needs a new battery. I had the same problem

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                            • Anonymous
                            • Gfv
                            • 09 Apr 2016

                            My phone is locked on screen pliz need your help.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • nxa
                              • 30 Mar 2016

                              The samsung galaxy y pro is not bad for a first phone and the camera is surprisingly good. The keyboard is pretty good, however the keys being small may prove to be a problem for some. The fact that there is so little internal storage became a big problem. The phone was refusing to receive text messages because there was no storage despite the fact that all I had on the phone was a few songs and pictures.

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                                • J.B
                                • rsx
                                • 15 Mar 2016

                                MY Samsung on screen is locked,i tried to use my password but is not responding.Please can you help me to restart it?

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                                  • AnonD-94903
                                  • 0v8
                                  • 10 Feb 2016

                                  this is one of the worst phones i have ever seen! first off is low internal storage, then low camera quality and third, it's so laggy! Even the HTC Chacha is better than it!

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                                    • Alan
                                    • 9xJ
                                    • 30 Dec 2015

                                    Weather this phone have status bar or not.

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                                      • LioApa
                                      • iEs
                                      • 22 Dec 2015

                                      I like my Samsung Galaxy Pro Young- GT-B5512 duos. But I dislike the fact that the internal memory is so poor (160 Mo!) and does not allow to download a lot of useful applications. I like the integrated azerty tab.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • NwE
                                        • 22 Dec 2015

                                        dean, 03 Dec 2015My password dont want to workForgotten