Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

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  • divenson
  • JcS
  • 29 Aug 2023

So. my sister has 1 of theese. its with a white colour and with wierd stickers

    the fact that this phone had literally PLASTIC instead of glass as the screen is so funny

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      • MisterKhera
      • X%7
      • 16 Jul 2023

      I bought this phone in 2013 & this was my first phone after school.

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        • OMJ
        • I@a
        • 07 Jun 2023

        It's my first Android phone ever ❤️
        Got this on Jan 2012, costs about 100$ at that time.

        I felt inlove with it, flashed Hyperion ROM to it which extended its battery life even more coz its original battery life sucks. This was the time I became enthusiastic about Android ROMs, rooting, flashing, adb, and so on.

        I even had my own modified custom ROM based of Hyperion, I called it "Hyperion XMod2" (unreleased) it was only 88.9MB just the essentials to make the phone lightning fast in its time.

        The best game I played in this phone was, Zombie Smasher 😁

        Sadly, all its glory days were short lived coz I lost this phone while travelling. It fell off my pocket.

        Fast forward today, I do miss this phone coz I wasn't able to enjoy it for a long time.

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          • Mombasa Kenya
          • Iby
          • 07 May 2023

          geodec29, 26 Oct 2022They can reflash it. There are plenty of tutorials in the i... moredude stop smoking meth man, at this point this phone is nothing more than a calculator, calendar, notepad, clock and FM radio

            • C
            • Chad
            • DxW
            • 25 Apr 2023

            JohnSalamii, 22 Feb 2023this was my first smartphone, ever. i can still hear the be... moreBro same, I first got this phone from my mother way back in 2015 and it dies so quickly especially when I play games on it

              • D
              • David dharma
              • rJ7
              • 21 Apr 2023


                this was my first smartphone, ever. i can still hear the beat plucker ringtone on my mind to this day.

                  If anyone wants chipset name: Broadcom Hummingbird
                  BCM21553 with VideoCore IV graphics

                  IT was single core CHIP clocked at 832 MHz. Probably 2nd only to Galaxy S II in Samsung's lineup back then, which had 1GHz chip. Those were the good days.

                    The processor is an ARM1136 @ 832MHz single core according to cpu z

                      • S
                      • Subham
                      • YQS
                      • 28 Nov 2022

                      This was my first Android smartphone. I remember this was really an awesome phone i used to play many games on this phone. Time flies..

                        • k
                        • kickstyle
                        • D02
                        • 13 Nov 2022

                        actually i have good memories with this phone, i played a lot of games like zombie roadkill, dr.driving, angry birds and more, still it's feels like yesterday. :)

                          law, 10 Oct 2022bro get a new phone, this phone is 11 years oldThey can reflash it. There are plenty of tutorials in the internet

                            • l
                            • law
                            • PBP
                            • 10 Oct 2022

                            Jaz, 27 Sep 2022Mine not booting up but chargingbro get a new phone, this phone is 11 years old

                              • B
                              • Bhaskar
                              • X{y
                              • 02 Oct 2022

                              It look lies you have to vpdate

                                • J
                                • Jaz
                                • UNA
                                • 27 Sep 2022

                                Mine not booting up but charging

                                  This was low end but so freaking cute :D

                                  Can be used for Custom ROM beginners

                                    i still have this phone today + the camera is broken :(

                                      It was a tough phone yet i was can't even played coc 😥

                                        • M
                                        • Mmmma
                                        • N6C
                                        • 05 Jul 2022

                                        Anonymous, 04 Apr 2022It is still my only smartphone, i have used it since 2012. ... moreMaybe it's time to upgrade
                                        You can't live with one phone forever