Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

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  • Anonymous

iMvte, 13 Jun 2020Those who don't "OWN" one don't have the Right to Review? W... moreCan but agree with you phone looks amazing sometimes reviewers try to compare most android phones to apple phone. apple will not make a foldable phone they will just keep churning out the same type of phone but update the processor

  • RedRanger

Not a Samsung fan., 17 May 2020I give this phone 2 to 3 months before a permanent fold for... moreyes no wonder, that's the weakness of the amoled screen
which somehow always happens in this Samsung brand. Samsung which reduces the quality of the AMOLED screen, or the AMOLED screen of another brand of cellphone that is better than the one used by Samsung.
I have used Samsung from the days of Nokia, it was still successful, but now I am leaving it. because now there are many other choice brands besides Samsung and Apple. but if only given a choice of two brands I would prefer Samsung over Apple.

  • nick

Alex, 02 Aug 2020Does it have NFC?Yes, it has NFC

  • Alex

Does it have NFC?

  • nick

Nadzi, 18 Jul 2020Hi how much does your phone heat up while playing, such as... moreYes it gets heated up at one part... which is common in flip phone... The reason is the ultra thin glass is right above the battery and thats why you will feel it... Nothing to worry.. I play both COD and Pubg... Go for Spigen Tough Armour Case, it will absorb all the heat and you will feel it lesser

  • Samsung MASTER RACE

khantan, 03 Jun 2020Unbelievable! So much money for just 6.7 inches and 3300... moreThis is just the first of foldable's, as years go on it will become a lot better and probably move to their mid range but no other company are being innovated like Samsung are, so yes at first is its expensive but worth it as they are always coming up with new ideas and technology to expand their range of devices

  • Nadzi

how much does your phone heat up while playing, such as COD or Asphalt9? for me it heats up a lot for about 20 minutes according to the antute about 48 degrees. do you have the same

  • Mafiadog

It solves my issue of portability and size. I get best of both worlds , highly recommended for those who are in the same dilemma . This is one of the best phones I've owned , very practical and makes sense with the only advantage of a flip - which is why you will be buying this phone. Yes the tech is new and price is steep but for me it's worth every penny for it does what none other smartphones I've owned can do. You don't have to fold this phone all the time you can use and keep it like normal phones and only flip close when moving.

  • Nick

iMvte, 13 Jun 2020Those who don't "OWN" one don't have the Right to Review? W... moreVery well said....

  • iMvte

Those who don't "OWN" one don't have the Right to Review? Whereas I do own one, owner's can have the Choice to send it back to Samsung one received for a "Free Screen Protector Film" if wanted, Yes "JerryRigEverthing" did do a Durability test which is why I sent mine in for a screen quard, Yes He "DID" find a Layer of GLASS so it's still technically "FOLDABLE GLASS" with a Layer of plastic protecting it.

My opinion this Phone is an Awesome piece of Gear, yep Maybe same specifications of the GS10 but in reality how many Foldable screens do we see? This is innovating!!! My "SCREEN" is still in perfect condition after 2 month's of use Why cus it's closed the majority of time it drops it's landing on the shell, Yes it does feel like GLASS upon touch so don't let they make u hesitate purchase one.

It's a Foldable phone it's not an Apple product in which is the Same Expensive Junk at the same pricetag everyyear, Same Design Same Everything!!!

Don't Review Shi*** unless you've ever owned one!!!

  • Boboski

Anonymous, 10 Jun 2020its look like a game 3ds but smallSee forget about the size that phone is guuuuud, the way it is, just take a look at the "iPhone se" it's also a small but mighty phone kinda like the z flip

  • Nick4u


Go for this Phone ....

Ignore the comments of poor people who have written its not good as they CANT afford it :)

  • Anonymous

its look like a game 3ds but small

Now the only thing this is missing is an S pen

  • Thatpoorguy

Screen sucks

So much money for just 6.7 inches and 3300mAh?
I hope somebody else would come up with a much bigger folding phone with a larger battery.

  • Omaid

I am Samsung user from 1999 Samsung phone tell Note8, my opinion about new release would be to make a projector in newer models, and call recording opation like in some of the samsung have this opation.

the projector for movies, clips, self video making, is good demand nowadays for young generation and will affect the newer model of your phone. Thanks
From Afghanistan

  • Anonymous


Not a Samsung fan., 17 May 2020I give this phone 2 to 3 months before a permanent fold for... moreWow you sound like a Huawei Fan.

  • Anonymous

Note7 owner, 04 Mar 2020This phone will look great in a man purse. Yes. Also feels nice in the front pockets of pants while sitting down.