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  • Peace

Johnjohnthereviewer, 29 Jan 2021I don't know if anyone will read this but I am so plea... moreThank you.. just what I needed cos I saw so many negative remarks about it but this was just reassuring.

  • Horse

Slinty folded arms!

Personally, I have a very bad experience with the Z flip &st generation,

I bought a Z Flip since almost 15 months, and currently the screen is partially damaged at the flip joint location

I believe that Samsung needs to defend your patent of flipping technology

  • Anonymous

The screen cracks in the center just in the folding area. The Samsung customer services told me I have to pay for the repair because it have a little scratch on the back.

  • Eddie

It's a great phone but the battery sucks!!! i thought that is was worth it but, no!!

  • Abdul

Yogesh, 26 Aug 2021Unhappy customer- With deep regret and sadness i want to s... moreThanks for sharing your experience

  • BigNutzDaMessiah

No SD Card Slot, No Headphone Jack= No Way!!! Stay away from this phone.

  • Yogesh

Unhappy customer- With deep regret and sadness i want to share my grief in buying Samsung Z FLIP mobile. The mobile was bought keeping the Trust on 'SAMSUNG" brand. I have bought my Z flip with above code during Nov 2020, lately after a few months the mobile started developing a crease on the flip area. Since i was out of town when i came back and confidently went to your service center to give the phone to their Service center as the phone is under warranty. To my surprise the Service center took my phone saw something in front of me and straight away created the Service order reference which mentions Remarks as- Broken Screen with Dent to which when i oppose that it’s the crease on flip and not broken the representative told me - don't worry since the mobile is under warranty we will check and get back to you. Neither I have signed the service order nor he has insisted to sign acknowledging the remarks they have made on the service order. After few days when i have followed with service center on their contact number it gave me shock of my life while i was told ‘that in order to continue with your repair registration, please confirm your acceptance for the estimated repair’. I was like what??? First of all No one from their service center even have the courtesy to call me and inform me the status on the phone? Secondly, its me who followed for my phone status and then the representative gave me shock while letting me know on agreeing to repair cost of AED:2055?? i.e 80% cost of the mobile i bought for, Seriously?? to which i than raised the complaint explaining the whole scenario to other representative who was kind enough in registering the complaint and told me that someone will call in 48 hours. With another shocker one representative called me now and he is also giving me the same explanation that the phone is misuse it has dent and some unjustified explanation to which i just denied and told him the mobile has visible crease on the fold itself and there is no sign of breakage anywhere on the mobile. And my experience has been worst. Finally, he is asking me do i accept the repair cost of AED:2055 to which i certainly said NO. I need the clarification from your service center what is the definition of BROKEN (meaning in dictionary- BROKEN-having been broken) Screen and DENT-( dictionary meaning DENT-a slight hollow in a hard even surface made by a blow or pressure) and how differently SAMSUNG means those? Just to let you know my budget was allowing me to buy any other better brand product when i have selected to buy a Z flip putting that TRUST on SAMSUNG. And today i regret 1) No professional care from service center 2) Unprofessional and biased explanation from service center and lastly 3) making customer unhappy. Through, this channel my only request Please be aware when you are planning to by Samsung Z flip mobile. Kindly refer to Warranty T&C carefully before you put your hard earn money buying luxury mobile. The Z flip mobile which i bought 8 months back with one year warranty, it started developing the crease from the middle area where it folds and this do not cover under Samsung normal warranty of 1 year. As per their service center they will tell you its as 'MISUSE' and it does not cover under warranty and will tell you to get it repaired with charges . So please be warned and be cautious and spend your money where its more worth. When you raise such complaints and submit your phone to their service center make sure on the remarks that put by them and its signed and acknowledged by you and them both or else there is chance of getting trapped with the remarks they put. I am referring to only Z flip and sharing my personal experience.

  • PraBerd

Grace, 23 Jun 2021Had no issues with it until a few days ago. I have never dr... moreIn conclusion, just forget to own this phone and there is no benefit because if there is a problem, they are more prone to help.

  • Grace

Had no issues with it until a few days ago. I have never dropped, hit, or misused my phone. Just a few days ago, I left it flip-opened charging and when it was done, I flip-closed the phone and at the same time, the screen just cracked along the fold line and I even heard the cracking sound. Took it to Melbourne Chadstone Samsung Service Centre and was told by the staff that the phone screen is "lifted". When I asked how is it "lifted", she just looked at the phone again then walked away without providing an explanation. A second store staff then came over, but was impatient &I mpolite and also did not provide a proper explanation when asked. She then took some photos of my phone & my info for a service request report which she was "not allowed" to share with me/the consumer and told me to wait to be contacted, and if their technician decides that there is damage to the phone I will need to pay for the repair. I then ask her to show me a comparison with an unbroken phone and explain exactly where is the screen "lifted", she then said "the screen is not lifted", and that they are not actually qualified to make any judgement. A few days later, the technician from the "premier repair service" called and simply just left a VM saying there is a dent/physical damage on the phone and requires $220 to fix it. I called back and was told that I cannot speak to the technician and when I requested a copy of the service report, the answer was again "NO, WE CAN'T SHARE THAT WITH YOU", so I escalated the case to their case manager. Few days later, again, no phone call, just a simple text message telling me the same thing that there is a dent and repair payment is required. There was no transparency of the overall assessment and absolutely no explanation to where and what they mean by "there is a dent". I then called to speak to the case manager and simply to find out that she isn't even a "manager", just a "reviewer". When I asked her to send me my assessment report, the answer was again "NO, WE CAN'T". I then asked, at least tell me clearly what you mean by "there is a dent?". Her answer was ridiculous: "oh, that involves Samsung intellectual property!" I then asked, how does Samsung take in the customer side's information when reviewing the case? She was unable to answer, and she just said that since the technician's comment reads that "there is dent on the screen", so her review result is that they will ask me to pay for the repair as the technician has written. It appears that those so-called "case managers (in reality, just case reviewers)" simply just takes reports from the technician and didn't even bother assessing the phone and simply repeated the technician's report conclusion and messaged me/the consumer. We then asked, how can customers get an unbiased, transparent assessment from a thrid party? She answered, "I don't know. No one has ever asked for one". A VERY DISHONEST seller who simply just wants to walk away from TAKING RESPONSIBILITY of the MANUFACTURING ERROR and force the customer to pay for product defects. How Samsung handles discrepancy: 1) pushing all responsibilities to consumers and 2) using "we can't release that information because it involves Samsung intellectual properties" to any questions they can't/ don't want to/ don't know how to answer.

  • g l o r I o u z

Anonymous, 16 May 2021Use your foldable phone carefully, I got one in gold and it... moreWhat talking you? What’s your point?

  • Anonymous

No IP rating hihihihi

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2020No reverse wireless charging?It is reverseble wireless charging.

Despite this being an old phone, it's still very expensive. Weird!

  • SRE

Quintin, 23 Nov 2020Had the phone 2 days. Just died while charging, no response... moreDid u get it repaired or replaced.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 May 2021I have this phone for 4 months. The phone is beautiful and ... moreUse your foldable phone carefully, I got one in gold and it took my credit card money and I only have 29$ in my online account, I used it very early for almost a year, and it was done perfectly until the gaming experience stops.

  • Shady

Aica, 08 Jan 2021To be honest, this is by far the best smartphone i ever o... moreYou cannot void the wareanty by using screen protector mate

  • crimi

Anonymous, 05 May 2021I have this phone for 4 months. The phone is beautiful and ... moreJust use your warranty and get a replacement.

  • Anonymous

I have this phone for 4 months. The phone is beautiful and I had no problems. For some reason, 4 pixels broke, but I didn't pay that much attention. Tonight, when I wanted to fold it as usual, I heard a crackling sound and when I opened it, the glass was broken at the line of overlap. I do not know what to do.

  • RealUser

Guys pls

Can anyone confirm if there's a model of the galaxy z flip that actually supports 2 physical nano SIM cards.

I'm aware of the nano and esim combo BUT I'm actually interested in a dual nano SIM card version.

Would appreciate any help with the clarification, thanks