Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 gets certified in Thailand, Z Fold3's S Pen gets the okay in Indonesia

Peter, 26 July 2021

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) in Thailand also gave the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 its stamp of approval, not long after the FCC did the same. Meanwhile, the Indonesian wireless authority certified the S Pen Pro that will be supported by the Galaxy Fold3.

Thailand's NTBC certifies the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 (SM-F711B)
Thailand's NTBC certifies the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 (SM-F711B)

Thailand will be getting the SM-F711B version of the Z Flip3, which supports the local 5G bands. The third iteration of the clamshell foldable will be slightly more compact and will have the total battery capacity of 3,300 mAh (split between two cells, 2,300 + 900 mAh) as the Z Flip 5G. Unfortunately, it looks like it will retain its charging speed as well, just 15W. However, it will feature some upgrades over its predecessor, including a Snapdragon 888 chipset and IPX8 water resistance.

The S Pen Pro that will work with the Galaxy Z Fold3 was also certified The S Pen Pro that will work with the Galaxy Z Fold3 was also certified

As for the S Pen Pro (model number EJ-P5450), this appears to be a different model than the one that was unveiled earlier this year alongside the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It’s not clear how exactly these two differ, but the Pro stylus will be larger than the S Pens that come with Galaxy Note phones since it is not intended to sheath into the phone itself.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, Z Fold3 and more will be unveiled on August 11



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  • Anonymous

Really!? Rubbish! There are multiple videos on YT with users showing the OnePlus 9 phones overheating during normal usage. Funny how the issue disappeared when they prevented apps. from accessing the full capabilities of the SoC. In other words they ...

  • Anonymous

There's no overheating. The S888 is so powerful it drains battery like crazy. I have the S21ultra 16gb ram. Rooted overclocked cpu, Gpu and gained 20% more power and torque, with Custom Rom and kernels. And you nagging over overheating w...

  • Anonymous

I currently own a Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5H and am due an upgrade in less then 2 weeks but won't upgrade to any phone with a CPU that has a consistent track record of overheating no matter how much it costs! Please don't make incorrect assumpt...

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