Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 might get DeX support

Yordan, 15 May 2023

Samsung DeX allows Galaxy phones and tablets to turn into desktop PCs. A number of flagship phones from the past five years support it with one major absence - the Flip series. According to SamMobile, this is about to change, and the upcoming Z Flip5 will finally have the feature, effectively making it the smallest device to support DeX.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 renders Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 renders
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 renders

The source does not reveal any details about the feature or whether older clamshell foldables will receive the feature through a software update. We can assume that it will work in all ways DeX operates with current devices: with a compatible HDMI cable or wirelessly with TVs and monitors that support Miracast. On PC you only need a USB cable, provided the OS is Windows 10 or Windows 11.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 renders Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 renders
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 renders

Another uncertainty is about the compatibility of the Dex Pad and Dex Station. While the current and probably future Flip phones can physically plug into the accessories’ USB-C port, they still need software support. Still, being able to use the Z Flip on a big screen for productivity apps would be one more way to make the foldable more attractive to a larger crowd.



Reader comments

They can actually put wireless DeX even on A-series, but they don't lol. Also, what I mean is we can say that wired DeX is actually slight better. Also what I mean is that I can assume that wired DeX is better than wireless DeX because wired DeX...

The only A series device to have supported DeX was the A90 5G. The reason other A series devices (and the flips) dont support DeX is because they use USB 2.0, which doesn't support display out.

If this is real, that'd be great news! Motorola and Huawei have no problem giving wired Ready For and EMUI Desktop support for RAZR 2022 and P50 Pocket, respectively.

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